15 Best Ceiling Fan Alternatives For Your House That Really Work

There are many ceiling fan alternatives that will not only save you money on electricity but also provide better air circulation than a regular old ceiling fan.

So, if you’re looking for a ceiling fan alternative to keep your living space cool, then there are many options that you can explore. It all depends on your needs and your budget.

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best ceiling fan alternatives for your house

Why should you consider alternatives to ceiling fans?

A ceiling fan is a great way to cool your home, but it can be expensive to maintain and operate. Many people have switched from a ceiling fan to an alternative cooling method because it’s cheaper, quieter, and more energy-efficient. 

Here are the ceiling fan alternatives that can help you cool your home:

1. Air Conditioner Unit

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An air conditioner unit is a traditional method to beat the heat. It’s a great cooling solution and can lower your energy costs by more than 50 percent over an air conditioner alone.

If you have a larger home, installing floor or wall units will help you keep cool without breaking the bank.

If going this route, be sure to choose an ENERGY STAR rated model. It’ll cut down on energy consumption and run costs.

This type of fan is used in private and commercial buildings. It doesn’t only cool the air, but it also humidifies and purifies indoor air to prevent bacteria growth.

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2. Window AC Units

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These smaller air conditioner units are designed to sit in windows. So, if you only have one room to cool, then this is a good choice. It’s also an affordable option for cooling smaller areas of the home, and it won’t take up much space.

If AC units are considered too dangerous or harmful to your environment, you can use this window unit solar panel system.

But before installing them, ensure your room has enough airflow and proper ventilation. This is because if you install in a poorly ventilated room, your room will end up heating instead of cooling. They’re less expensive to run than a full AC unit because they don’t require any installation cost.

3. Central Air Conditioning Systems

central air conditioning systems

Still, on air conditioning systems, there’s central air conditioning. This ceiling fan alternative will pump cool air into your room with the help of an AC unit.

It’s efficient and very effective in cooling a room. You place this contraption on your ceiling with its blades facing downwards, and it pumps cool air into your room from vents at the top of the machine.

On the downside, they’re the most expensive of the lot and are also very difficult to install. But if you install them in your home, they will provide constant cooling to every room instead of only one area where they’re installed.

This makes them not the right choice for everyone, though they provide excellent air quality.

4. Tower Fans

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These are amazing ceiling fan alternatives since they don’t occupy the space that a conventional fan does. In fact, most of them are cylindrical and can fit in tight corners as well, allowing their placement virtually everywhere in your home.

You could place one there if you have a child’s room since they tend to be safer than pedestal fans or box fans.

Their swaying nature ensures everybody in the room feels it, regardless of where they’re standing. This makes them perfect for those who tend to feel cold easily and would like to enjoy fresh air without a fan blowing directly on top of them.

They also come with many options that allow you to decide how intense you want the airflow and how much noise you’re willing to put up with.

Tower fans also come with ionization capabilities that give your living room cool and fresh outdoor quality air. Some of them can also let you pour water to get that cool air during the hot periods.

5. Pedestal Fans

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These types of ceiling fans might look outdated, but they can bring the industrial-chic decor vibe to your home. They are also perfect for big spaces as they are made to accommodate large rooms.

These ceiling fans have a powerful airflow that will surely make you feel like it’s summer all year round, even during the cold seasons.

The blades of pedestal fans can give you a lot of space to move about while the fan is still on.

These fans are also perfect for placing in front of your window to let you enjoy the fresh outdoor air and breeze without even leaving your seat. They can also double up as a dryer when you need to dry your wet clothes quickly.

They also sway and come with a range of settings to help you control your desired setting. Whether speed, intensity, and even the direction of the airflow. Pedestal fans are also quieter than ceiling and tower fans.

They can stand alone and are easy to move around in different rooms. They also come with a range of features that will suit your needs with no problem.

Some even have multiple features, such as oscillating, tilting, and height adjustments, among others. Their adjustable height features make them excellent options for houses with low ceilings.

You can also move them from one spot to another, as some of them come with wheels to enhance portability. On the downside, they can raise safety concerns, especially if you have kids around because of their large and exposed blades.

6. Desktop Fan

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The desktop fan is the smallest of all fans. They are also known as table-top fans, and they normally come with a base with three or more adjustable height settings.

The most common types have oscillating heads, so you can move them around to cover your whole room.

Their selling points include their small size, portability, and low price. However, they have a short power cord, so you might want to get an extension wire if there’s a socket far from where you want to place it.

They also lack remote controls, and most of them also have very low power levels (under 45 watts).

7. Bladeless Fan

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These are simply look-alike fans that have a modern and sophisticated design. Some of them are so intricately designed that you might mistake them for pieces of art.

They are also caseless like pedestal fans, but their base is composed of a metal stand to show the fan’s artistic design.

Bladeless fans have a similar power range as the pedestal type (under 45 watts). They use their base to suck air, then blow it through a thin tube traveling through the surface of the circle.

The high velocity with thin bursts of air moves makes it cool the air quickly. They’re a super cool ceiling alternative and fashionable as well. But you’ll have to break the bank when buying one because they are pricey.

It’s true that each type of fan has its unique highlights, and it also depends on the areas it’s coming from. For this reason, the bladeless fan is convenient and remotely controlled. You can also regulate its speed.

They are more suitable for large rooms, saving you from the hot summer season and giving you a relaxing sleep at night.

8. Attic fan

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You can mount attic fans on your roof or gables. This makes them a darling to many homeowners as they tend to be a more convenient option.

They work by expelling hot air from inside your home to the outside. This makes them perform just like exhaust fans.

They’re among the cheapest and cost-effective ceiling fan alternatives. They’re also easy to install as you only need a few screws, an electric drill, and a straight ladder for installation.

Of course, you’ll have to spend on maintenance and repair costs from time to time. This is because they are located outside your home.

Beyond blowing hot air from your home, it can also keep out the moisture and reduce mold and mildew growth from inside your home.

Therefore, if you have them around, you don’t have to worry about damp spots in your room. As they keep air constantly flowing inside and outside of your home, they also help control dirt and dust.

9. Box fan

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These are some of the most recognizable fans available. They come in a box-shaped frame, just as the name suggests. They’re generally large with a grill and cross-section to improve airflow. Just place them on your window and wait for it to work wonders.

The window is a strategic point to place them to draw cool air from outside and circulate it throughout the room. They are a good ventilation system that helps fight dirt and control dust. Their large and powerful nature enables them to cool the entire room by themselves.

In addition, they’re light, which means that you can easily transport them from one room to another or even your balcony. They come with an easy-to-use remote that you can use to control the speed and direction of the fan.

However, you need to choose a suitable place for them because they’re usually heavy. Also, installation requires special care since some parts might pose a danger if mishandled or installed incorrectly.

When choosing a box fan, consider what size you’ll need and the controls you’ll use because they also come with a range of settings for speed and intensity. They don’t sway either, so you can only enjoy a direct stream of air.

10. Portable Air Conditioner

If you’re looking for an appliance that can keep up with your cooling needs during summer, then this is the perfect solution. They come with a hose that has a fan installed at the end of it.

The hose has to be attached to the window to direct the cool air inside your house, while the other end of it has another fan directed outside of the window to reduce humidity and heat outside.

This cooling appliance is also an excellent option in smaller spaces. Thanks to their portability feature, since they can be set up on the floor or on a table, you can enjoy cool air in places where other appliances cannot reach.

The only downside with this type of fan is that it’s not powerful and effective enough to cool down a big space.

So, if your place requires serious cooling, then this might not be your best bet. But if you need to eliminate heat during those hot periods when your window is not working, then this is the solution.

11. Humidifier Combo

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A better alternative than an air conditioner, this appliance sucks up water vapour in the air by making use of a refrigerant gas that’s cooled until it condenses.

They are useful if you’re living in a region where the climate can get humid even during the summer and if your window is not working to keep you cool.

A dehumidifier works best in an enclosed space, so it’s recommended that you use it in a room or somewhere where the heat builds up.

This will give you the comfort of having no humidity in the surrounding air. It is also functional in removing odor and airborne contaminants in the room.

This is a great option if you have a large area that needs air conditioning and there’s no use in humidifying it. This appliance has two functional modes: dehumidifying and cooling.

If you’re living in a hot and humid climate, it might be best to make use of it as a dehumidifier instead. That way, you can benefit from its cooling and air purifying functions at the same time, with just one appliance.

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12. Evaporative Cooler

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Another great appliance for humid climates, the evaporative cooler, can reduce humidity and temperature in a room. It creates cool air by causing water to evaporate into the surrounding room.

This is why it’s very important to keep your unit clean, as having built-up limescale will block the water drainage and decrease its efficiency. It requires low maintenance.

You can combine an evaporative cooler and a humidifier, especially if you want to save some space at home. This is because they both use water to make your home feel comfortable.

You can also control them using one remote, making them an excellent option for people who don’t love complicated systems.

You also don’t have to worry about the maintenance cost because the filters don’t need to be changed regularly, only when worn out.

Plus, they are both well-suited for homes with mold or bacteria issues. The evaporative cooler and humidifier combo will also help you save money since their energy usage is very low.

13. Pinnacle Fans

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Of course, a new cooling system won’t be complete without the right type of fan. This is because you’ll need some air circulation to ensure that your home feels comfortable even if all windows and doors are closed.

In such a case, we can recommend Pinnacle fans, which come with reversible motors for better ventilation in any direction. 

These fans are capable of influencing a fixed base by up to 30%. This allows the fan to move air to maximum coverage and thus makes the house feel more comfortable.

They are also easy to install as they only require a standard electrical connection. Most pinnacle fans offer air ionization, providing a perfect cool trend.

They’re also able to sway, which makes them disperse air into an entire room. This means that if you’re cooling a medium to small space, then you can set your fan on the actual drive components.

14. Stand Fan

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They do not have an enclosed stand but rather a stationary rod that supports the fan. At times they also have a short pedestal, which can be used to increase stability. Since it is a high-performance fan type, this cooling equipment does not need much space for installation.

The most significant advantage of a standing fan is its portability. They can be moved around very easily, and they can even be used at the office. They save space because you can place them in room corners and out-of-way areas.

They also come with remote controls that increase their value and usefulness. You can use them in several places without having to move them constantly. With all this convenience, they are a very practical option for both homes and businesses.

In terms of functionality, not much has changed since the first standing fans came out on the market. They continue to work by using an oscillating fan head that draws air to its slatted side vents and pushes it out through the fan blades. 

15. Misting Fan

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If you’re looking to cool your home with dry air, the misting fan is the best option. This type of fan sprays a fine mist while distributing air at the same time. The mist gets rid of moisture in the air and helps cool it down. This leaves your home more comfortable than usual.


If you’re looking for the best ceiling fan alternatives, then there you have them. There are so many, depending on your requirements and how deep your pocket is.

Don’t let summer heat drain you down. Instead, get yourself one of these ceiling fan alternatives, which will give you an edge to survive the summer without breaking a sweat.