23+ Minimalist Dresser Alternatives For Your Bedroom (Photos)

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A lot of people don’t have space in their bedroom. If you’re one of them, it can be hard to find a storage solution that works for your room. There are many great storage solutions available if you want to avoid bulky furniture like a dresser.

The key is to use the space smartly so that you can store everything while still having enough room in your bedroom.

Here are some alternatives to a dresser that will help keep things organized without taking up too much space in your bedroom. You could also look into other small-space organization ideas for even more inspiration.

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space saving dresser alternatives

Why Should You Choose a Dresser Alternative?

A dresser takes up a lot of space in your bedroom. That’s why it’s important to look for a dresser alternative. Dresser tops trap dust and debris, which leaves you with a disorganized space and a cluttered dresser.

Also, the dresser drawers may get filled with clothes if not appropriately managed. This makes it hard to open and close them if the clothes are stacked too high.

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If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional dresser, here are some suggestions:

1. Wall-Mounted Open Shelves

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This is a great way to store clothes and keep them off the floor, which will free up even more space for your bed in a small room. They will not only save you space but will make your small room look more organized.

You can add these open shelves in your wardrobe as extra storage or even use them as part of the room’s wall décor. Use your walk-in closet to hang as many shelves as you can.

2. A Closet Organizer

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A closet organizer is a great way to add storage space without taking up extra floor area in your small bedroom. You can choose from different types, including hanging and folding organizers, which all come with multiple shelves, racks, and drawers.

This is an excellent alternative to a dresser since it’s great for saving space. Its aesthetic look makes it pleasing in any bedroom. When choosing, go for the one that fits your bedroom and complements the rest of your furniture.

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3. Decorative Baskets and Bins

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Organizing is a lot easier with the help of decorative baskets and bins, particularly when you want to store items that are out of season or expensive tools such as drills or gardening equipment in order to prevent them from getting rusty or damaged.

Use fabric baskets and bins. Clear plastic can give a rather cluttered look. You can also place bags for storage, or you may opt for boxes and crates too.

4. Mirrors

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Decorative mirrors are an excellent way of creating the illusion of space, and they have been used in this manner for ages. A mirror reflects light that illuminates the room.

The light also enhances the contrast of colors making the room more appealing. You can place a mirror in any part of the house, but it is better to put them in areas hard to reach and places with poor lighting.

3. Multi-purpose Shelves

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Put a shelf in the corner of your bedroom, and you will be surprised at how useful it can be. This is perfect as part of your bedroom décor or to hold items used daily, such as clothing, books, magazines, toiletries, bags, and hats.

If you are bored of looking at your shelves, you can always paint or decorate them in a new way to refresh your bedroom.

4. Bedside table with more storage

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Bedside tables are good for placing items you use before going to bed, such as books, alarm clocks, lamps, and water glasses. If the surface is big enough, it will also be good for placing your mobile phone, keys, and wallets.

You can personalize the bedside table by using a different type of container, such as one with a lid to hold small items or a box to place your jewelry.

There are versions with two drawers, so you will be able to store more items. You can choose the one with a lot of drawers and a pull-out surface to store your magazines and other items.

You can buy one of these with two or three drawers, even if it is more expensive, the result will be very practical.

5. Floating Shelf

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Another way to make the most out of your small room is by using floating shelves for storage. It makes it easier to store things on different levels because it doesn’t require a lot of space and allows you to store some things on the floor.

The advantage of using floating shelves is that you can choose the ones with storage drawers if you prefer and those without, so there is more room for your other items.

6. Under-Bed Storage as Alternatives to Dresser

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If you have a small bedroom, then every space in your room counts. That means that in order to store some of your clothes, you might want to consider using under-bed storage containers.

This is a great alternative because it will free up space in your room and closet and provide you with extra storage for your stuff under the bed.

Built-in-under bed drawers help to eliminate the need to purchase a separate dresser. Designed to precisely fit under most beds, they offer extra storage for clothes and other items.

They can be bought in a standard size or custom-made to fit the dimensions of your bed precisely.

7. Above Bed Shelving

above floating shelf

If you have an ample wall in your bedroom, you can use it to store your stuff as well. Just build some shelving and attach it to the wall, then put your books and other knick-knacks there.

Above the bed, shelving can serve as a clothing storage solution and create a beautiful focal point in your bedroom. These shelving units can leave your room decluttered and organized. This makes it a great alternative to a dresser that can cramp your room.

8. Nesting/Stacking Drawers

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Nesting and stacking drawers offer a simple yet efficient storage solution that does not require much space of its own but can accommodate plenty of clothes upon opening up the individual drawers.

You can even use something as simple as stacked cinder blocks to create this type of storage. They are great for maximizing space without sacrificing style or quality.

9. Wicker Laundry Baskets as Alternatives to Dresser

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Laundry baskets are not just for dirty laundry. They offer a practical space-saving alternative to dressers. These baskets can be stacked on top of or next to each other, depending upon your preference and the dimensions of your room.

You can choose a design that offers two smaller baskets nested in one larger basket or a large basket with slatted sides. Wicker laundry baskets are basic, functional, and cheap dresser alternatives.

10. Chalkboard as a Backdrop for Photos

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A simple and stylish way to store, display and organize photos is using a chalkboard wall. Framed pictures can be hung on the wall with pushpins or Velcro strips, while larger unframed photos can be propped against the wall using mini clothespins.

11. Use Cubicles as Dresser Alternatives

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Put boxes and baskets inside your cubicles to store your clothes. It doesn’t only save space, but it’s also easy to access.

They also add character to your bedroom. Cubicles are also easy to use as you only need to pull out the baskets to retrieve something from them.

12. Use Headboards as a Closet Alternative

Use headboards to store clothes, shoes, and bags. It adds storage space in your bedroom and creates a better look on your bedding set.

Headboards are usually long enough to allow you to store multiple baskets for shoes and a hanging rack for clothes.

13. Use the Back of Your Door as a Dresser Alternative

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For those who lack space in their bedrooms, you can use the back of the door as storage space.

You can hang clothes and bags on it. Moreover, this storage trick will save your bedroom from clutter and create the illusion that your bedroom is large.

12. Use Hangers to Store Scarves

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Hanging scarves on hangers is a more organized and space-saving way of storing them compared to stuffing them inside a drawer or your dresser. You can use both plastic and wooden hangers, which are more available.

If you have a closet in your small room, then consider no-dresser options like hanging racks. They offer plenty of storage space and can be concealed easily. So, instead of damaging your walls by mounting shelves, you can consider this dresser alternative.

13. Get Trunks and Chests as Dresser Alternatives

Now, what if you have dressers but no space for them? Well, then consider buying storage boxes and chests as an alternative.

These can be easily placed in the corners of your room, and they don’t require much space. Also, if you want to declutter your room, consider stocking these under-bed boxes with random stuff like old clothes, toys, etc.

Trunks are also built for travel which makes them easy to move compared to other storage solutions.

The wooden trunks can also serve as pieces of decor to beautify your space. Chests are also a great dresser alternative since they’re more appealing. They can also double as seats in odd numbers.

14. Armoire

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If you want a more spacious option, look for armoires or dressers that will give you ample storage space and even some room to hang clothes if needed.

The best thing about these is that they go well with almost all kinds of decor in your room, so no need to worry. A rustic armoire is a vintage clothing idea that can help you get rid of a dresser.

It has shelves and racks that you can use to place your clothes and other stuff. It can even be a home for the television set, especially if you have an old-fashioned room with lots of wood. You don’t need to spend too much either as these furniture pieces are pretty affordable.

15. Ottomans as Alternatives to Dresser

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Another furniture piece that can be used as an alternative to a dresser is the ottoman. It has a lot of storage space too and is just like an armoire.

This is also a multi-functional storage option that you can use to sit, keep items inside it, or even place other furniture pieces on tops like side tables or a coffee table. You can also place it in front of your bed and use it to stow your folded clothes.

16. Multi-Level Stacked Wooden Drawers

It might be a little difficult to get drawers with multiple levels, but it can definitely help you save up some space if you’re looking for a tall and less deep one.

These are great because you won’t need to buy dressers or cupboards to put your clothes in since these dresser alternatives are fun and creative, and you can find them all on Amazon.

You can also turn your bedside table into stacked drawers by using your creativity and stack them in non-asymmetrical arrangements.

17. Vintage Suitcases

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These are unique alternatives to dressers. They can be cool and unique display pieces if you’re not planning to use them for displaying items.

If they happen to gather scratches on them, it doesn’t matter since the whole point of using a vintage suitcase is to have one used and abused, which gives it character. So go ahead and get one that has dents and scars, and you’ll have a piece of furniture that will only grow more beautiful with time.

18. Wooden Crates

wood crate storage

The good thing with wooden crates is that they’re readily available at the nearest grocery or liquor store, making them easy to come by.

Just make sure that you get food-grade crates, meaning they’re meant for holding food and beverages, so your items never get contaminated.

Apart from holding food and beverage, these simple and authentic storage ideas can also be used to decorate your place with rustic charm.

19. Decorative Wall Hooks

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One of the easiest and inexpensive ways to get rid of a dresser is to install decorative wall hooks to store your necklaces, ties, and scarves.

These also look adorable in a bathroom hanging towels or robes. A hook rack looks pretty and nice on a wall. You can also find individual decorative hooks and hang them at varying heights in your space. This gives you enough room to hang your bulky items without sacrificing a second hook.

20. Towel Holder

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Are you sick of catching on to those flimsy paper towel holders that break every other day? Well, why not replace it with a beautiful wooden holder for your kitchen towels instead.

You can get a metal holder as well if you like the industrial look. Wooden ones are classy and can be used in many rooms of your house to store sheets, towels, etc.

21. Pegboard Organizer

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Pegboards are so versatile that they can be used for many purposes, not just for hanging tools in your garage or workshop.

If you don’t have a pegboard, it’s time to get one for your household and organize your things.

22. Bookshelves as Dresser Alternatives

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You don’t have to fill up your bookshelf with books only; instead, use it to store your clothes. This is a very good idea for those who don’t like the way closets look and lack storage space.

It makes access to clothes easy since you don’t have to pull drawers in and out, and it doesn’t take up extra space. You can also create an interesting look by mixing and matching your clothes. Make sure you clean them regularly to prevent spider and dust build-up.

23. Custom-Made Clothes Organizer

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You can combine your closet with a bookcase and clothes organizer by customizing it to suit your needs. This option is much better than what’s available on the market as you can get those that are big enough for all the clothes you need.

You might want to check out the free-standing bookcases, which provide more storage space and other features such as a mirror, a worktop, and cabinets.


What goes in the dresser vs. chest of drawers?

The dresser is used for folded clothes. The chest of drawers is used for folded jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, and other accessories.

What is the difference between a burro and a dresser?

A burro is a low cabinet, typically with double doors on the front and often with drawers. A dresser is traditionally the place where people put their clothing items as they get dressed.

What is the difference between a tall boy and a dresser?

The tall boy is also a chest of drawers. The dresser typically sits on the floor with either legs or casters/wheels, while the tall boy often has an upper section for other items and may be mounted higher up on the wall.

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As you can see, finding a substitute for a dresser is not that difficult. The dresser alternatives are also affordable. From the vintage collection to trendy and modern items, you have to be creative and think about the required space and your needs. The maintenance for each of these options tends to be fairly straightforward.