21+ Cheap DIY Bathroom Ideas

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Give your bathroom a makeover without spending too much money.

Your bathroom is the at the same time both one of the most luxurious places in your home and the most practical. It’s the place you retreat to at the end of a long day glass of wine in hand, ready to soak in the bath. But it is also the place where you hurriedly shower, apply your make up and dry your hair while trying to get out of the door on time in the morning.

There are lots of ways to give a bathroom a facelift and as many design options as there are budgets. But whether you just want a surface spruce-up, or you want to rip it all out and start again, keeping some design tips in mind will make the process a lot less stressful.

best cheap diy bathroom ideas

Get a builder and plumber in to give some advice before you start. If you have a concrete floor, you may be limited in where the toilet, bath and shower can go. Some experts told that people should draw up a floor plan of what is there already, the exact dimensions of the space, and where they want things to go. They can then see how the things they want to put in will interrelate.

He says this is a good starting point if you are working with a designer. Most designers will want a floor plan of the existing set up, then they’ll look at the different options. He says the design depends heavily on what furniture someone wants to put in the room the size of the vanity and whether or not they want a wall-hung toilet.

Fris says good bathroom design is about maximising the room and making the most of the available space, without trying to get too much in. “The bigger the room the more up spec you can go, but if you try to get too much in to too small a room, it just looks cluttered.”

Work out what kind of mood you want in your bathroom. If functionality is your primary concern, the focus should be on getting the right kind of task lighting as well as general light, the best fittings for the space and serviceable surfaces, such as tiles or waterproof paint on the walls. But if you want something more romantic, lights with dimmer switches could be an option, or a freestanding bath.

Generally, because bathrooms tend to be reasonably small rooms, it is best to opt for light colours. But the lack of space can also mean that any colour used is very dramatic. Funky floral wallpaper on the ceiling, for example, completely changes the tone of the room. Current trends are for big tiles, which are good for bigger bathrooms or smaller rooms that need a minimalist look.

At the moment, practical considerations appear to be influencing trends. Back-to-wall toilets, which have no nooks and crannies to collect dust, are popular, as are sliding door showers, which stop water dripping on to the bathroom floor when the door is opened.

For renovations that will last and be easy to update, consider opting for a traditional base, livened up with accessories. For example, traditional white vanities and baths can be updated inexpensively with tapware, which you can replace if it starts to look dated.

Wood finishes look richer against white, printed fabrics stand out even more and lighting fixtures such as chandeliers and pendants stand out as sculptural elements against the neutral backdrop.

Drawers may be more functional than cupboards in the vanity.

Tips for a Cheap Bathroom Facelift

  • Keep fittings in the same places so waste and water supply do not have to be moved.
  • Replace tiles and update tapware
  • Replace the mirror
  • Update the shower curtain or replace the shower door if it etched with soap
  • Repaint walls in a light shade and add colour with accessories such as towels, candles and bathmats.
  • Rip up lino and polish wood floors
  • Put a dimmer switch on the lightswitch to enable you to set the mood when you want to use the bathroom to relax and wind down.
  • If you have limited light and windows, put more mirrors up they will make the room seem a lot lighter

21+ Cheap DIY Bathroom Ideas

#1. A Custom Tiled Mirror

A Custom Tiled Mirror


#2. Cabinet makeover

Cabinet makeover


#3. Leather & Copper Cup Organizer DIY

Leather & Copper Cup Organizer DIY


#4. Pebble Shower Floor

Pebble Shower Floor


#5. DIY Bathtub Shelf

DIY Bathtub Shelf


#6. Window box bathroom storage

Window box bathroom storage


#7. DIY pretty shampoo bottles

DIY pretty shampoo bottles


#8. Repurpose candle jars

Repurpose candle jars


#9. Spay paint shower fixtures

Spay paint shower fixtures


#10. DIY pallet art display

DIY pallet art display


#11. DIY Mason jar vanity light

DIY Mason jar vanity light


#12. Bathroom blank wall

Bathroom blank wall


#13. Update bathtub with airstone

Update bathtub with airstone


#14. Trash can makeover

Trash can makeover


#15. Bathroom sign

Bathroom sign


#16. Rustic wood valance

Rustic wood valance


#17. Industrial farmhouse bathroom sign

Industrial farmhouse bathroom sign


#18. DIY footed vanity tray

DIY footed vanity tray


#19. DIY Statement shower curtain

DIY Statement shower curtain


#20. Cabinet door storage bin

Cabinet door storage bin


#21. DIY Bathroom mirror frame

DIY Bathroom mirror frame