How to Achieve Stunning Before and After Bathroom Makeovers

stunning before and after bathroom makeovers

Bathrooms need as much attention as the living room and kitchen. Apart from your bedroom, it’s where you go to relax. Thus, it should have a visually pleasing design to help you enjoy early morning showers. Below, we discuss what you need to do to have amazing before and after bathroom makeovers.

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Renovating Your Bathroom Vanity


aren’t just storage spaces meant to hide all the pipes and tubes. Its sink and cabinets combine to become the focal point of the bathroom. Positioning it in the wrong area and failing to get the right parts will ruin the room’s overall personality.

In general, a vanity can either stand on its own or be attached to the wall as a built-in component of the bathroom. The former is known as the freestanding type — it’s the best option if you don’t have enough space. Otherwise, choose the built-in type to ensure a wider countertop along with more cabinets.

If you want to have a unique vanity, get one without a countertop. This gives you the freedom to choose from a wider variety of tops. However, installing a vanity in your bathroom without a top is more tedious than if you choose one complete with its countertop.

Factors in Designing the Vanity

Regular and small-sized bathrooms are fine with just one vanity. On the other hand, homeowners with sizable bathrooms can either expand the vanity or have two regular vanities instead.

What’s important is knowing how frequently people will use the area. It makes sense to have a large vanity for the master bathroom. In contrast, bathrooms meant for guests could do with an average or small vanity since it’s not in regular use anyway.

Moreover, you should think hard about the color and finish. Do you want to go for a clean, all-white bathroom vanity? Perhaps a contemporary look combining white with other neutral colors including black and grey suit you more. Ask yourself if you want engineered wood or more premium types.

Faucets and Lighting

Vanities usually have pre-drilled sections for the faucets. In this aspect, you can choose between two types: center-set or widespread faucets. As the name implies, the former refers to a single faucet that’s accompanied by one or two handles. It’s a good option if you’re looking for a compact design.

In contrast, the widespread faucet has three separate main parts: the faucet and two handles located on opposite sides. These handles help you control whether the faucet releases hot or cold water. While this type isn’t as close-packed as the center-set type, it’s much easier to clean due to the spacing.

Consequently, the lighting in the bathroom can significantly improve the mood. Ambient lighting fixtures aren’t enough — you need to install task lights as well. These task lights diversify the illumination instead of simply having a monotonous white light. Use them to highlight the vanity and the tub, among others.

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Ideas for Before and After Bathroom Makeovers

No matter the size of your bathroom, you can still create the illusion of having a more spacious area with the installation of multiple large mirrors. Add a backlight on each of the mirrors for a more elegant look. For a multi-functional and practical option, get mirror bathroom cabinets instead.

#1. Builder Bathtub With Airstone

Builder Bathtub With AirstoneSource

#2. The Bathroom Where 2 Doctors Take Deep Soaks After Long Days

The Bathroom Where 2 Doctors Take Deep Soaks After Long DaysSource

#3. Thrifty Bathroom Makeover with faux wainscoating

Thrifty Bathroom Makeover with faux wainscoatingSource

#4. Artistic Remodel for a Bathroom

Artistic Remodel for a BathroomSource

#5. Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Reveal

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel RevealBefore

and after

#6. DIY Bathroom Linen Shelves

DIY Bathroom Linen ShelvesSource

#7. Remodel old Hollywood style

Remodel old Hollywood styleSource

#8. Remodel bathroom in Victorian-era home

Remodel bathroom in Victorian-era homeSource

#9. From Canning Porch to Beautiful Vintage Bath 

From Canning Porch to Beautiful Vintage BathSource

#10. Modern Bathroom combine metallic accents, dark furniture, white subway tile

Modern Bathroom combine metallic accents, dark furniture, white subway tileSource

#11. New bathroom’s old-school swagger

New bathroom’s old-school swaggerSource

#12. Remodel floor with Aqua Blue Tiles

Remodel floor with Aqua Blue TilesSource

#13. Upgrade a Small Bathroom (Glass block windows, Starphire glass shower panes and bright white and blue tile)

Upgrade a Small Bathroom (Glass block windows, Starphire glass shower panes and bright white and blue tile)Source

#14. A Chopped-Up Bathroom Goes Streamlined and Swank

A Chopped-Up Bathroom Goes Streamlined and SwankSource

#15. Master Bathroom Budget Makeover (Under $400)

Master Bathroom Budget Makeover (Under $400)Source

#16. Space-Saving Bathroom Remodel

Space-Saving Bathroom RemodelSource

#17. Remodel Rustic Bathroom

Remodel Rustic Bathroom

#18. Bungalow Bathroom

Bungalow BathroomSource

#19. Hall Bathroom Remodel

19 before and after bathroom makeoversSource

#20. Master Bathroom Remodel

Master Bathroom RemodelSource

#21. Zen style

Zen styleSource

#22. Vintage Bathroom Makeover

Vintage Bathroom MakeoverSource

#23. Master Bathroom Makeover

Master Bathroom Makeover



#24. Coral and Yellow Master Bathroom Makeover

Coral and Yellow Master Bathroom Makeover



#25. Zen Master Bathroom

Zen Master Bathroom




best before and after bathroom makeovers

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