Cheap Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas: Inexpensive Costumes for Kids and Adults That Can be Made at Home

Looking for inexpensive Halloween costume ideas for trick-or-treating or that upcoming Halloween party? Consider some of these easy costume ideas for Halloween.

When economic times get tough, non-necessities get cut out of a family’s budget. This may mean that a family can’t afford to purchase Halloween costumes, but there are many homemade Halloween costume ideas that will cost little or no money. And often, these handmade costumes are more creative and interesting than store-bought Halloween costumes.

How to Make Dice Costumes for Halloween

A pair of dice makes a great couples costume or a fun costume for siblings or friends. Dice Halloween costumes are easy to make. Here’s how to make a die costume using a cardboard box and a few other items that you can find around the house.

  • Begin by finding a large cardboard box. If one cannot be found around the house, a moving box can be purchased for just a few dollars.
  • Remove all tape and labels from the box.
  • Glue the box flaps closed on one end; on the other end of the box, remove the flaps with a box cutter or fold the flaps inside the box.
  • Cut holes in the box for the head and arms using a box cutter.
  • Use white paint (spray paint is easiest) to paint the box white.
  • Paint black dots on the die. Another option is to cut out black circles using construction paper and glue them onto the box.
  • Wear all black or all white clothing, with black or white gloves.
  • Use Halloween make-up to paint the face black or white.

How to Make a Shadow Halloween Costume

Looking for a fun, inexpensive and unique Halloween costume idea? Go to that Halloween party or out trick-or-treating as another person’s shadow! This too can be a fun Halloween costume for a couple, friends or siblings.

Here’s how to make a shadow costume:

  • Dress in all black clothing, with black gloves.
  • Use Halloween face paint to paint the face, neck and any other exposed skin black.
  • If the costume-wearer’s hair is light colored, wear a black hat.

To complete this unique costume idea for Halloween, a bit of acting is involved. Pick someone to shadow and mimic his or her body language and movements.

Make a Homemade Ghost Costume for Halloween

Ghost Halloween costumes are easy to make at home and while it may not be the most unique costume, a child can have lots of fun haunting the neighborhood as a ghost.

There’s a couple different options for making a ghost costume at home. One idea for a homemade ghost costume involves the traditional white bed sheet:

  • Find a white sheet and drape it over the body, with the head positioned in the center of the sheet. The ghost will need to hold his sheet in place so it doesn’t shift during the next step.
  • A friend or family member will need to cut the sheet to the appropriate length. To give this homemade Halloween costume more character, cut thin triangles out of the bottom 12 inches of the fabric to create a spooky “tattered” look.
  • Cut out holes for the ghost’s eyes.
  • Wear a white shirt, white pants and white gloves.
  • Use Halloween face paint to paint the ghost’s face white so there’s no skin visible through the eye holes.
  • Use a black permanent marker to paint a spooky “O” mouth on the sheet.

Another idea for a ghost costume involves dressing in all white and painting all visible skin white. The hair can be sprayed white with colored Halloween hair spray for an even more ghostly appearance.

Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids and Adults

Halloween costumes don’t need to be expensive. Some very creative Halloween costume ideas can be brought to life at home for little or no money.

Families with little extra money for Halloween costumes might consider finding cheap Halloween costumes at Goodwill or Salvation Army stores.

Or recycle old Halloween costumes by arranging a Halloween costume swap with other families at a child’s school, daycare or among families with children in the neighborhood.


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