22+ Best Christmas Cake Stand Decorating Ideas

Last Updated on October 24, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

One of the key attractions of the Christmas celebrations is the cake and their embellishments. To make your Christmas cake look amazing, following Christmas cake stand designs can be attempted.

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1- Traditional wooden cake stand:

1 christmas cake standing ideas

This design for the Christmas cake stand is made from wood. A well-polished, brown wood design creates a rustic and vintage look to the stand, over which a black forest chocolate cake would suit very well. Match the setup with a cake chisel having a wooden holder to complete the look.

2- White and red ceramic stand:

2 christmas cake standing ideas

This design entails cherry-based red color embellishments on a white ceramic china-cup with of a larger size. Instead of cherries, fruit color paste, of varying color gradients, can also be used for decorating the Christmas cake stand.

Complete the look with a coffee-brown chocolate-hazelnut cake, sprinkled with cacao nibs or dark chocolate wafers on the cake stand.

3- DIY cake stand using cardboard:

You can make this Christmas tree cake stand using a cardboard piece, cut in a circle or a square. While carving out the shape, make sure that the geometry is adhered to.

On this cake-stand, a Christmas tree-shaped green cake can be suited well. To adorn the cake and the stand, embellish the cake with multicolored ‘M&M’ chocolate beads and a sugar-star on top.


4- Themed crystal cake stands:

This stand includes a glass-based crystal stand with a pedestal. The crystal can be patterned or themed. On the glass top, lime green ribbons can be laid to complement the look. A white-forest cake or a custom white colored cake with plum based inner section will complete the attractive look of the entire setup.


5- Multi-tier cake stands:

5 christmas cake standing ideas

Multi-tiered Christmas cake stands are always a design to behold. Apart from the added advantage that the setup, virtually, requires very little effort, the stand can be prepared using household items.

Match this stand with a traditional plum cake or a red velvet cake. Muffins or macarons can also be served in this kind of Christmas cake stands.

6- Two-tier golden stands for serving cupcakes:

6 christmas cake standing ideas

A custom design named ‘Winter delight tray’ can be used to serve cupcakes and macarons along with a cup of hot tea during winters. This stand-design involves a two-tier stand with golden stem from the bottom. The individual layers can be themed in white and red color to suit the occasion of the Christmas season.

7- Candy-cone themed stands:

7 christmas cake standing ideas

Candy-colored Christmas stand with elements of Christmas suspended on its sides is a unique approach to Christmas cake stand design. Along with a plum cake, such elements can also be selected to be of edible material. This design will be particularly attractive for the younger folks.

8- Santa themed stand:

8 christmas cake stand decor ideas

A normal-sized Christmas Santa can be used in this modern approach of a Christmas cake stand. This design may be a two or three-tier cake stand, which could be used for placing cup-cakes and macarons. The design can be complemented with ‘props’ such as small-sized sleighs and reindeers.

9- 4-tier stands for serving varieties of cakes:

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This is a three or four-tiered cake stand, which can be used to serve different varieties of cake together. The first tier can be used to keep an entire round white-forest cake. The subsequent lower tiers are used for placing smaller macarons or cupcakes. The stand can be wood, glass or cardboard-based.

10- Red and white themed Santa stand:

10 christmas cake stand decor ideas

The pedestal for this stand is designed to resemble the lower half of the Christmas Santa. The top portion of this design is a flat ceramic piece for holding plum cakes. This design perfectly captures the spirit of Christmas and will be popular among children.


11. Pedestal cake stands

11 christmas cake stand decor ideas


12. Silver, red, and gold ornaments

12 christmas cake stand decor ideas


13. Vintage Christmas ornaments

13 christmas cake stand decor ideas


14. Boxwood wreath and ornaments

14 christmas cake standing ideas

15. Oranges as pinecones

15 christmas cake standing ideas

16. Crystal and gold ornaments

16 christmas cake standing ideas

17. Vintage three tiered wooden pedestal bowl

17 christmas cake stand decor ideas


18. Green and red ornaments

18 christmas cake stand decor ideas

19. Blue opulent tiered serving tray

19 christmas cake stand decor ideas

20. Tabletop display

20 christmas cake stand decor ideas


21. Star-shaped

21 christmas cake standing ideas

22. Kitchen essentials

22 christmas cake stand decor ideas



A variety of designs exist to hold your Christmas cake. Though there are readymade options, nothing beats a stand-design prepared at home.