30+ Beautiful Christmas Front Door Decoration Ideas

It’s Christmas time again. And do you know what makes this season of year even better? Christmas decorations!
Get every inch of your front door into the Christmas spirit, using traditional decor or something more creative and festive. We have some ideas to share with you.

best christmas front door ideas

What is the Christmas Door Decoration Called?

There are several ways to decorate your doors for the holidays. However, one of the most classic decorations is the traditional wreath. Wreaths can be made from a number of things; the most popular of which are the traditional green wreaths in the shape of a circle.

How do I Wrap my Door for Christmas?

If you’re looking to do something more whimsical with your front door décor, then I’d highly suggest you try wrapping your door like a present!

The best way to do this is to find some gift-wrapping paper that is wide enough to cover your door with a little space to tuck it into the edges.

Simply tape your gift wrap over the top of your door and through the top edge, roll it down and repeat for all the edges. Basically the main goal is to tape it enough so it doesn’t fall off the door and neatly enough so there aren’t any extra wrapping paper bits showing through the front or backside of your door.

How do you Decorate a Christmas Door Wreath?

There are multiple options on how to decorate a plain Christmas wreath. Kevin from Trees n Trends shows us how to easily decorate a plain wreath using decorative ribbons and ornaments.

30 Best Christmas Front Door Decorations

1. Foliage Door Frame

1 christmas front door decorations

This door frame DIY is Fall inspired but can definitely be revamped for the holidays! Tie in some acorns, ferns, Christmas balls, ribbons and add in some artificial snow to create a built in archway.


2. Candy Cane Wreath and Garland

2 christmas front door decorations

Step into a candy filled winter wonderland that is every sweet tooth’s dream and start with your front door! This awesome wreath and garland duo is perfect for anyone who loves red, candies and Christmas!


3. Vintage Sled Front Door Hanging

3 christmas front door decorations

Ditch the traditional wreath and go for something borrowed and fun! This vintage sled hanging is perfect for letting everyone know you love the frost and you love the ice!


4. Garnet Hill Inspired Moss “Joy” Letters

4 christmas front door decorations

This hanging has the green elements from a traditional wreath without the traditional shape! Pick out different words that are close to you and get crafting!


5. Star Wreath

5 christmas front door decorations

One of the most recognizable Christmas symbols is the star. Hang up something green and welcoming in the shape of a star on your front door for something different but still slightly traditional.


6. Plaid Christmas Sign

6 christmas front door decorations

This adorable little plaid sign is perfect for hanging on your door. It’s perfectly rustic chic and would fit in nicely in a farmhouse setting.


7. Snowman Monogram

7 christmas front door decorations

Frosty is a popular Christmas décor addition. Most of the time though, he sits on the lawn. Take him closer to your home by stationing him on your front door with this chic monogram sign.


8. Hanging Basket

8 christmas front door decorations

It’s always a great idea to add in some fresh (or artificial) plants! Hang an arrangement on you door like this idea. If you’re looking to save a little bit, DIY it!


9. DIY Giant Rustic Christmas Wreath

9 christmas front door decorations

Simplicity is key but sometimes you just have to go BIG or go home. This easy to follow DIY gives you the best of both worlds with a simplistic wreath design that is gigantic in proportion.


10. Dollar Store Snowflakes

10 christmas front door decorations

Tying in the snowy elements that come with Christmas is always a great idea no matter where you are! This DIY is relatively easy, cheap and doable! Hang them over your door frame for a chilly entrance!


11. Evergreen garland with red stocking

11 christmas front door decorationsSource

12. Christmas wreath hanging on old door

12 christmas front door decorations

13. A giant polka dots stocking

13 christmas front door decorations

14. A wooden star

14 christmas front door decorations

15. Snowflakes

15 christmas front door decorationsSource

16. Decorate with garland and wreaths and two gold reindeer

16 christmas front door decorationsSource

17. Fern garland

17 christmas front door decorations

18. A frame with a snowman and ‘let it snow’ saying inside

18 christmas front door decorations

19. A garland with colorful snowflakes

19 christmas front door decorationsSource

20. Knitted garland and wreath

20 christmas front door decorationsSource

21. White and red

21 christmas front door decorationsSource

22-30. More Christmas door decorations

22 christmas front door decorations31 christmas front door decorations30 christmas front door decorations29 christmas front door decorations28 christmas front door decorations27 christmas front door decorations26 christmas front door decorations25 christmas front door decorations24 christmas front door decorations23 christmas front door decorations



There are a number of creative and traditional ways to decorate your front door. One thing’s for sure though, the front door is an essential part of keeping the holiday spirit. So whether you choose to go the extravagant route or just do simple DIYs, find something close to your heart that will make your Christmas experience the best!


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