Christmas Party Games for Adults: Team Building Activities & Office Holiday Ice Breaker

Christmas Party Games for adults

Selecting Christmas Party Games for Adults is often a difficult part of the planning process for anyone organizing a corporate holiday party or a social event for Christmas.

This year consider tackling this task early in the process to minimize the last minute stresses associated with this responsibility.

Your guests will love the team building aspect of the Christmas party games for adults, and the activities can serve as a great ice breaker early in the evening or as way to promote good will at any time.

Christmas Party Games For Adults

1. Icebreaker Games

Holiday Match Ups:

  • This game is a friendly take on the childhood prank of putting a “Kick Me” sign on a classmate’s back. In Holiday Match-Ups, the host will attach a sign to each guest’s back. Rather than stating “Kick Me” on the sign, the wording will be one half of a famous holiday couple. The goal of the game is to find your holiday match up by asking the other guests questions about your assigned character. Nobody is allowed to tell one another the name written on their back.
  • Example: assume that Santa, Mrs. Claus and Scrooge are in a three-way conversation. The questions that could elicit the only match would be: Am I fictional? Am I human? Am I male? Do I live at the North Pole? Am I married? Do I drive a sleigh with flying reindeer? Once Santa Claus knows who he is, he can match himself with Mrs. Claus. Remember that Scrooge cannot tip off either Santa or Mrs. Claus to their identities, even though he can see the match himself.
  • This game is a lot of fun and your guests will enjoy the silliness of the activity, especially when it’s combined with a glass of hot buttered rum or some other fun holiday beverage!
  • Suggested holiday pairings could include the following:
  1. Santa & Mrs. Claus
  2. Rudolph & Clarisse
  3. Scrooge & Marley
  4. Holly & Ivy
  5. Heat Miser & Snow Miser
  6. Yukon Cornelius & Abominable Snowman
  7. Buddy the Elf & Papa Elf
  8. Frosty the Snowman & Professor Hinkle.

2. Games for Teams

Win Lose or Draw

  • This game enjoyed a successful run on television and it brought together some famous celebrities pairs, like Lonnie Anderson and Burt Reynolds.
  • This game is best played in teams of four or more, and is similar to Charades. However, rather than one member acting out the clue, he or she will draw symbols and doodles to elicit the correct response. The teammates will yell out the answers, until the correct phrase or word is identified.
  • Suggested thematic clues could be: Christmas tree, snowman, the Ghost of Christmas Past, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, nutcracker, Babes in Toyland, Tiny Tim

3. Christmas Eve Reindeer Games

Christmas Eve Reindeer Games | Christmas Party Games for Adults -


4. Gift Exchange Game

Gift Exchange Game | Christmas Party Games for Adults -


5. Printable Christmas Trivia

Printable Christmas Trivia | Christmas Party Games for Adults -


6. Christmas Relay Game

Christmas Relay Game | Christmas Party Games for Adults -


7. Naughty or Nice Christmas Game

Naughty or Nice Christmas Game | Christmas Party Games for Adults -


8. Naughty Or Nice

Naughty Or Nice | Christmas Party Games for Adults -


9. Fun Game Night Party Ideas

Fun Game Night Party Ideas | Christmas Party Games for Adults -


10. Mini Santa’s Belt Cups


11. Who am I game


12. Christmas Rollick


13. Would you rather game


14. Hallmark drinking game


15. Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Adults


16. Elf drinking game


Finally, do not forget to reward the winners in these ice breaker games with some holiday cheer. How about a small gift certificate, a pampering gift, or even a white elephant gift?



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