18+ Best Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

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The importance of a Christmas tree topper can be summarised based on aesthetics and personal preference. Usually adorned with a star on top of the Christmas tree, it represents the bright polar star that had appeared in the sky on the night when Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem.

The star acted as a guide for those shepherds who witnessed his birth in a manger that was inhabited by the cattle since his parents couldn’t find a house for shelter.

best christmas tree topper ideas

What is the most popular Christmas tree topper?

Though there are several Christmas tree topper options available in the market today, the most prominent one remains to be either the Christmas star or Christmas angel.

Traditionally, angels are arranged at the top of the Christmas tree, signifying their importance in Jesus’s birth. In the Biblical story about the first Christmas, several angels had appeared before and during the birth of Jesus Christ.

In the first instance, Archangel Gabriel reveals God’s plan to the Virgin Mary, particularly about Jesus’s upcoming birth. An angel also visits Jesus’s foster father, Joseph, in his sleep before the birth of Jesus Christ. Later on, several angels appear in the night sky, when Jesus was born. Angels in this later stage are being represented through the specific tree toppers on the Christmas tree.

How do I make a tree topper out of picks?

One can make a beautiful Christmas tree topper using commonly used household items such as picks. You would need red color paint and ribbons to go along with pick-based Christmas tree topper.

Different topper shapes can be made using picks, ranging from Christmas star to complex designs such as wreaths and detailed figures. Based on the complexity of the topper made, the time elapsed varies.

How big should my tree topper be?

This decision is based on personal preference. But, while deciding on the appropriate size of your Christmas tree topper, it is worthwhile to keep in mind, the following aspects

  • Height of your Christmas tree
  • Material with which your Christmas tree is made of
  • Your preference on the size of the topper. For example, do you prefer a perfectly fitting Christmas tree topper or a larger one?
  • Your color preference topper
  • Do you want to go with the traditional Christmas star or angel?
  • Do you want to make modern adaptations of Christmas tree toppers?

Also, depending on the height of your Christmas tree, you should decide on the size of your Christmas tree topper. The size ranges from 4 inches and can go all the way up to 9 inches, considering the latter size for Christmas trees, taller than 8 feet.

18 best Christmas tree topper ideas

1. Starfish themed Christmas tree topper

1 christmas tree topper ideas

This particular design falls under the category of modern Christmas tree toppers. It can be made using cotton, paper, or wood.

2. Golden dried corn Christmas tree topper

2 christmas tree topper ideas

This design can be made using twigs and golden ribbon. Natural dried corn can also be painted with golden paint, for making this tree-topper.

3. Red and black horn Christmas tree topper

3 christmas tree topper ideas

This design can be made effortlessly at home, using woolen cloth and plastic. After shaping the plastic or PVC pipe into the shape of a bent horn, cover it to its three-fourth with the wool. Paint the wool red and the plastic in black.

4. Bursting ice flakes themed Christmas tree topper

4 christmas tree topper ideas

One can use glitter paper and paper straws for making this Christmas tree topper.

5. Action figure themed Christmas tree topper

5 christmas tree topper ideas

This is a creative design using custom-built action figures. Certain skill level is required to make a detailed action figure.

6. Golden star Christmas tree topper

6 christmas tree topper ideas

This design requires meticulous cutting of glossy paper. The paper can either be golden or silver in color. To provide stiffness to the figure, you may stick the paper on to sheets of hard paper or cardboard

7. Lantern Christmas tree topper

7 christmas tree topper ideas

One might need a small readymade and lightweight lantern for keeping on top of your Christmas tree. You can also improve the décor using red and black chequered ribbons

8. Gingerbread man Christmas tree topper

8 christmas tree topper ideas

In this design of a Christmas tree topper, either edible gingerbread can be baked in the shape of a gingerbread man, or colored cotton cloth can be used.

9. Snowman Christmas tree topper

9 christmas tree topper ideas

This tree-topper can be made using white cotton cloth and black buttons. To fatten the snowman, wool can be used. To provide a bit of creativity to the design, a small red cloth can be wrapped around the shape.

10- ‘Santa and his sleigh’ themed Christmas tree topper

10 christmas tree topper ideas

Requiring a bit of creativity and time, this design aptly captures the spirit of the Christmas season. One can either but the figures from the market and arrange on the Christmas tree, or make it at home using locally available material.

11. Star tree topper

11 christmas tree topper ideas


12. Starburst tree topper

12 christmas tree topper ideas


13. Large Rosette for topping

13 christmas tree topper ideas


14. White starburst topper

14 christmas tree topper ideas


15. Darth Vader tree topper

15 christmas tree topper ideas

16. Sweater tree topper

16 christmas tree topper ideas


17. Rustic tree topper from papper roll

17 christmas tree topper ideas


18. Woven paper tree topper

18 christmas tree topper ideas



Long before the Christmas celebration, evergreen trees regarded as pagan symbols of life for centuries. During the winter months, the elderly prayed and worshipped deities around these trees.

This was also an occasion for get-together, back then. It was during the reign of King Constantine, that the 25th of December began to be adopted by the Christians.

Eventually, Christians began keeping angel/star figures on the top of the Christmas tree during this season, which later was adopted as a common practice. Nowadays, there are many modern ideas of the Christmas tree toppers, not limited to only stars and angels.