17+ Creative Cinder Block Outdoor Ideas

best cinder block outdoor ideas

Cinder blocks are one of the most commonly used materials when making your home garden.

They are sturdy and offer great barriers to your plants. If you have some leftover cinder blocks in your house, here are some ideas of how to use them


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1. Simple Cinder Block Potting Table

Simple Cinder Block Potting TableSource

You can use cinder blocks as potting tables for your plants. You can pass planks of wood through the holes and raise the table to your desired height.

It is recommended that you use six cinder blocks in one arrangement so that you have a firmer table. Two for the ends and two for the middle. You will have a larger potting area and a stronger base for your table.

2. Raised Garden Bed Using Cinder Blocks

Raised Garden Bed Using Cinder BlocksSource

Cinder blocks can also be used to raise garden beds. You can do this if you do not want your garden to interfere with your lawn. You may also be growing plants that are not suited for the soil in that area.

You can raise the garden bed from the ground and prevent cross-contamination of the garden soil. They can also be used on the porch or terrace to support your kitchen garden.

3. DIY Cinder Block Planter

DIY Cinder Block PlanterSource

Apart from being used as garden bed supports, cinder blocks also make great planters. All you need is some plastic sheeting, garden soil, and seedlings. Line the interior of the cinder block with the plastic. Fill in the space with soil up to three-quarters of the way.

Transplant the seedlings into the soil, add some water, and you are done. You can make different arrangements using the blocks and grow a variety of plants.

4. Building Concrete Block Raised Garden Bed

Building Concrete Block Raised Garden BedSource

5. DIY Concrete Vases

DIY Concrete VasesSource

Concrete vases are great DIY projects. All you need is rapid setting cement, plastic containers of different sizes, cooking spray, and a mixing bucket.

Mix the cement as per the instructions on the packaging. Spray the inside walls of the bigger container with cooking spray.

Pour some of the cement mixture into the bigger container to form the base. Spray the outside of the small container and then place it onto the cement base.

Fill around the small container until your desired height. Let the mixture set and separate the containers once fully dry. You now have your concrete vase ready for your next plant.

The above is one way in which you can make a simple concrete vase. There are different designs that you can come up with, depending on the types of molds that you have.

6. Concrete block raised bed with eggplants and marigolds

Concrete block raised bed with eggplants and marigoldsSource

7. DIY Succulent Outdoor Bench

DIY Succulent Outdoor BenchSource

You can use cinder blocks to make outdoor benches. The process is quite similar to how you make a potting table.

Place some cinder blocks on the ground to form the base of the bench.

Place a plank on top and use your cinder block planters for the armrests. Aloe Vera and Cacti make for great succulent benches.

8. Simple Cinder Block Outdoor Bench

Simple Cinder Block Outdoor BenchSource

9. Cinder block raised beds for herb garden

Cinder block raised beds for herb gardenSource

10. How to make a cinder block bench for less than $30

How to make a cinder block bench for less than $30Source

11. Stenciled Cinder block Pool Umbrella Weight and Planter

Stenciled Cinder block Pool Umbrella Weight and PlanterSource

12. Gopher-proof raised garden bed

Gopher-proof raised garden bedSource

13. Using cinder blocks for planters and border

13 cinder block outdoor ideas

14. Mosaic cinder block planters

14 cinder block outdoor ideasSource

15. Cinder block dining table

15 cinder block outdoor ideas

16. Cinder block fire pit

16 cinder block outdoor ideasSource

17. Cinder block waterfall

17 cinder block outdoor ideasSource

Pros and cons of cinder block raised beds

As seen earlier, cinder blocks are solid foundations for raised garden beds. However, there are some drawbacks to using them for this purpose.

When used for a long time, they can cause indentations on the surface where they are placed. When used in the yard, they affect the growth of the lawn and leave unwanted yellow patches when removed. Cinder blocks are also porous meaning they can allow seepage of harmful fertilizer to the surrounding area.

Are cinder blocks safe for raised beds?

Cinder blocks are not only safe but are also solid foundations for your raised beds. They also allow you to create unique arrangements, given that they are easily movable.

Can you grow tomatoes in cinder blocks?

Cinder blocks can be used to grow a variety of plants, tomatoes included. They have a wide enough area allowing for the plant to take root and flourish.

Their porous nature also provides excellent drainage of the soil, reducing the chances of waterlogging.

How much does a cinder block cost?

Cinder blocks can be made from a variety of materials and also come in different shapes and sizes.

The difference in cost is not that great. A standard 2X4 cinder block will cost you as little as $1.


Cinder blocks are truly multi-use materials. Why not try the ideas mentioned above and spruce your home this coming season.
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Best Cinder Block Outdoor Ideas


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