13+ Best Farmhouse Window Treatment Ideas

best farmhouse window treatment ideas

Often touted to be a personal preference, window treatments are commonly adopted in any household. A bare window is seldom celebrated or considered complete without an aesthetically matching window treatment.

As there are numerous window types, countless options exist currently in the form of window treatments and shadings such as valances. One of the common methods utilized for the treatment of windows in a house are valances.

Apart from valances, other options such as window shades, cover blinds, and curtains can be thoughtfully used as appropriate window treatments. It has to be understood that window treatments are the windows to the soul in your home.

Some of the factors to consider while selecting your window treatments are material and the type of style. Significance of the material chosen lies in the fact that the treatment acts as a barrier between the outside elements and the inside of your home.

Are valances still in style?

Most of the valance designs that come into one’s mind, when the word is uttered has gone out of style in the current era. Even though those old fashioned, droopy valances made of cheap material such as polyester has gone out of style, designer themed contemporary designs are still in style.

Should blinds match window trim?

Texture is one of the factors to consider and paid attention to while selecting a blind. Another parameter to consider is the style, which is very important.

If you have an elongated window treatment from your ceiling to the floor, it makes the eye look up and makes the ceiling appear taller. But, if you want something to keep it out of the way, such as in a kitchen over a table when you don’t want a lot of material when there is food around, make sure that you have a Roman shade or blind that goes down to the base of your window sill. It is a good idea to match the blinds with the window trim to create a seamless effect.

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What is in style for window treatments?

A big bold pattern can make a room look larger in a sense. A nice, little tight-knit pattern is beautiful and it just fades away to the back. That said, some of the latest trends in window treatments involve mixing and matching different looks.

Combinations such as tieback, sheer, and contrast will help create amazing moments in the place you want to. Decals, black window frames, country-styled windows, metallic, and steel are some of the recent trends.

What is better, blinds or curtains?

Often coming to personal preference, curtains generally comes in favor for those who have a traditional sentimentality in design. On the other hand, window blinds mix both the design style and usability, along with improving the charm of the area.

Window blinds provide a contemporary look to your room. They can also control the amount of sunlight entering a room. Blinds also help in keeping a minimalistic design aesthetic of the room.

1. DIY Drop Cloth Curtains In The Sunroom

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains In The SunroomSource

2. Burlap Window Shades

Burlap Window ShadesSource

3. DIY No Sew Rolled Window Valance

DIY No Sew Rolled Window ValanceSource

4. White Burlap Tie Up Shade with GRAY Painted

White Burlap Tie Up Shade with GRAY PaintedSource

5. Windowsill (Make a self in front of window)

Windowsill (Make a self in front of window)Source

6. Burlap and Gingham Kitchen Curtain

Burlap and Gingham Kitchen CurtainSource

7. Barn Door Window Coverings with Simpson Strong-Tie Hardware

Barn Door Window Coverings with Simpson Strong-Tie HardwareSource

8. Stylish Budget Window Treatments

Stylish Budget Window TreatmentsSource

9. Rustic French style Patisseries Burlap Curtain Valance

Rustic French style Patisseries Burlap Curtain ValanceSource

10. DIY wood window valance

DIY wood window valanceSource

11. DIY barn door window treatment

DIY barn door window treatmentSource

12. Burlap coffee bean sack window shades

Burlap coffee bean sack window shadesSource

13. Corrugated Metal Awning DIY

Corrugated Metal Awning DIYSource

14. Sky blue palette curtain treatment

14 farmhouse window treatment ideasCurtains and valances dyed with sky blue color

gives a chic appearance to your room in this modern take on window treatment. The drapes can be made of linen and can be designed according to your personal preference.


15. Pink curtains with lacing

15 farmhouse window treatment ideas

This is a traditional design for window treatment using curtains. The selected color is faded pink. There is a lacing that is provided for better sunlight filtration.


16. Make it brownish

16 farmhouse window treatment ideas

In this design, light khaki/brown valances are used as the window treatment technique. 4-5 holders are used for arranging the drapes in the form of consecutive arches.


17. Transparent sack material drapes

17 farmhouse window treatment ideas

In this design, the drapes are rolled upwards, as opposed to sides. The material used can be silk, faux silk or light jute, dyed in light shades of brown or beige.

18. Go Natural

18 farmhouse window treatment ideas

This design makes use of shades or blinds. The material used is jute or any natural fiber. It provides better control of the sunlight coming into the room.

19. Blind with a message

19 farmhouse window treatment ideas

In this farmhouse design, a customized message is written in bright or dark yellow color on the blind. Made of natural fiber, this blind will suit your kitchen window.


20. Shabby farmhouse style window treatment

20 farmhouse window treatment ideas

This design makes use of both curtains and blinds. The color selected compliments both the techniques. Shades of olive green is used.

21. Maroon valances in a set

21 farmhouse window treatment ideas

In this design, valances are combined in tandem or an elongated valance is employed. The color selected is maroon or dark red. Typically suits three or four windows.

22. DIY half drape

22 farmhouse window treatment ideas

In this design, the drape covers a quarter of close to half of the window area. The material used can be household linen or jute. White ribbons can be stitched on the drapes as an accessory.

23. Minimal farmhouse window curtain

23 farmhouse window treatment ideas

In this design, silk or faux silk is used as the material. The color palette selected for the curtain is a dark cream color.

24. Creamy white window shade

24 farmhouse window treatment ideas

Lacing a creamy white window shade with brown or black indent is a good way to bring a farmhouse vibe to your window blinder.

25. Plain white blinder on the glass

25 farmhouse window treatment ideas

In this style, the blinders are not lifted upwards or down, rather they merely open and close over the glass.

26. Green palette valance

26 farmhouse window treatment ideas

Use a traditional valance of olive green color with custom design to bring a vintage look to your room.

27. White curtain sideways

27 farmhouse window treatment ideas

As the name suggests, this design consists of 2 fold of polyester curtains which can be folded to each side of a window.

28. Gothic look of a curtain

28 farmhouse window treatment ideas

In this design, dark grey curtains are used. Material used can be transparent faux silk as it can be easier to maintain.


Window treatments, throughout history, have been known to provide an added touch at the end of the décor of your space. One should always make sure to pay attention to it because it can change the way, not only a room feels but also the way it looks.

Best Farmhouse Window Treatment Ideas

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