33+ Best Clutter-free Kitchen Countertop Ideas and Designs

Where is the knife? Where are the vegetables? I am unable to find the salt jar! Rings a bell? Many an occasion, kitchens can get on to your nerves.

A healthy outside starts from the inside. We believe the primary motivation for cooking is a well-sorted kitchen. A clutter-free kitchen is a blessing if you believe in healthy eating.

Here are 20 ideas for clutter-free kitchen countertops:

1). Appliance garage

To get rid of the clutter on the countertops in your kitchen, you could consider building a garage for your appliances like this.

Source and tutorial

2). Spice shelves

You could consider building a rustic spice shelf to avoid clutter on the countertop.

3). A wall planter

A great way to store fruits and avoid placing fruit baskets on kitchen countertops thus removing clutter.

4). Concealed cabinets

You could use the walls of your cabinets to store more stuff and avoid clutter on the kitchen countertops.

5). The trolley

You can use shelves like these to accommodate more and avoid the clutter on your countertops.


6). The tray holder

This can be helpful as well to maintain a clean kitchen countertop. Create a tray-holder inside one of your cabinets.

7). Trolleys inside the cabinets

How about a trolley like this for the cleaning agents to be placed? Don’t expose them on your countertops.

8). A side rack

A rack as this works like magic to avoid clutter on kitchen countertops.

9). The kitchen supermarket

How about maximising space by making your kitchen look like a supermarket? Unique to say the least.

10). A tuck-away rack

This slides in smooth to conceal all that could have added to the clutter on your kitchen countertop.

11). Repurposed water can

How about repurposing your water can like this to bring in additional storage space and avoid clutter on your countertops?


12). The basket channel

Use a channel like this to hold farmer baskets to place your fruits and vegetables.

13). Make-shift shelves

You could create make-shift shelves inside your cabinets like these. These can be removed to store something else that occupies more space.


14). Utilize space

Utilise space by creating shelves like these to create more storage space and keep your countertop clutter-free


15). Towel holders

Don’t let towels unattended on your countertops. Organise them well using baskets.

Source: iheartorganizing, redfarmhouse

16). Floating kitchen shelves

Use the sides of cabinets to create floating shelves. This is another brilliant hack to clear off unwanted clutter.


17). Squeeze it in

Given an inch, you can make it a yard by using intelligent hacks. This extra bit of space is so well utilised.


18). Elevated microwave shelf

This creates space for jars to be placed below. This hack makes the kitchen look more elegant.


19). A mini cupboard

This accommodates dish sponges and brushes.


20). The spoon rack

If your spoons and forks are disorganised and you are short of space, you could try something like this.


21). Mini spice bars

Create a mini spice bar like this to save more space.


22). A book cabinet

You could place your cook-book in this manner to make your countertop clutter-free.


23). Wire baskets to store papers or lunch bags


24). Store spices

Source: bhg, jencaputo

25). Open shelving pantry


26). Pot rack from garden trellis


27). A flip-down shelf over the kitchen sink to place cookbook or drink


28). Jars to place kitchen stuffs

Source: lizmarieblog, hisugarplum

29). Hanging mason jars


30). Magnetic organization rack 


31). Kitchen shelving with pot rack


32). Declutter Kitchen Countertop With A Curtain Rod


33). Over the sink dishrack


Kitchens can be a menace to maintain. But organising it well always makes cooking fun. We urge you to try these hacks to maintain a clutter-free kitchen countertop. These hacks are simple to execute but make your kitchen look elegant.


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