35+ Clever Kitchen Pantry Shelving Ideas and Designs (Photos)

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Having an additional space in the home that is meant for storage area means having a place to get things organized. The kitchen never runs out of things to need and items to replenish. Most of our stocks are kitchen items too and for these reasons alone, the need for pantry shelving is already a must. 

If you are looking for ways to have pantry shelving in your home, you have come to the right post because we shall run them down for you. From the simplest ideas to more upscale ones, you can take inspiration from any of these pantry shelving ideas right here, so, read on. 

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clever pantry shelving ideas designs

35 Pantry Shelving Ideas and Designs

Without much ado, let us go straight to some of the most notable pantry shelving ideas out there. It is essential that they are spacious enough to hold different items and organized at best so that they get to live their purpose. 

1. Walk-in Pantry Shelving Ideas

1 kitchen pantry shelving ideas

A walk-in pantry is good for spacious and luxe homes. With this, you can classify food and kitchen utensils from one area to another making it easy for you to find when needed.

However, having this large pantry shelving would also mean more time in organizing, cleaning and restocking. Nonetheless, if you can afford one, just go for it. 

2. Butler’s Pantry Shelving Ideas

2 kitchen pantry shelving ideas

Having a butler’s pantry can be very much of use inside the home. It is often seen in the kitchen as a kitchen island having countertops used as a table and added working space plus storage areas through a shelf and some cabinets.

Storing food and things from your kitchen in a specific organizing area like this butler’s pantry is a classic way to organize and keep your food stuff and other dry goods. 

3. Pull-out pantry shelves

3 kitchen pantry shelving ideas 1

For those who are saving space, a pull-out shelf idea is best for you. Aside from keeping the home stylish, they can be very helpful in storing food and kitchen needs.

You just have to see a space anywhere in your home and get creative in making it a pull-out pantry.

Ready-made pull out pantries are also available in certain shops but it is much recommendable if you have it customized as they can be a better fit in your desired location. 

3 kitchen pantry shelving ideas
3 kitchen pantry shelving ideas 2

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4. Open Pantry Shelf Ideas

4 kitchen pantry shelving ideas 2

With the right materials and stylish shelf design, you can have an open pantry shelf inside your home. With this open shelf, you can clearly see the things in the kitchen that are already classified for an easy find.

It is much to the homeowners’ advantage since you can already see what you need and there is no more need to open drawers or small doors to get an item. This provides convenience and so much beauty for the homeowner. 

5. Closet Pantry Shelving Idea

5 kitchen pantry shelving ideas

Closets have short spacing storage so when choosing this idea, make sure to give it labels so for easy picking and recognition.

It is recommended that you put one type of food together to give a chance to other things that need to be kept and stored.

Choosing this idea might just be as easy as buying a clothing closet but is much better when you have it customized as you can choose the size of each storage box for a perfect fit to food and other things. 

6. Corner Pantry Shelving Ideas

6 kitchen pantry shelving ideas

This idea is very much common in homes. Having shelves on the corners of the kitchen, when placed right is a very pleasant sight. A corner pantry gives you the chance to see your kitchen needs on a panoramic view.

Having an organized corner pantry can give you a better finding of your needs while keeping your kitchen storage clean and stylish. If you want a pantry that is just within your reach when cooking, have this idea. 

7. Space Savers and Caddies for Shelving Ideas

7 kitchen pantry shelving ideas

When you are low on budget but you want it organized and clean, get creative and check for the best and affordable space saver shelving idea that can help you save money while you save space at the same time. 

You can have it in the back of your cabinet doors or anything that these thin metals can be attached to. This is very much recommendable since there is only little effort exerted but has a very nice output like this one. 

8. Shallow Pantry Shelving Ideas

8 kitchen pantry shelving ideas
8 kitchen pantry shelving ideas 1
Source: Ana-White

When planning to have a shallow pantry, make it a point that you add only the things that matter and can be in this kind of pantry on your grocery checklist.

Shallow Pantry has a limit but is a great idea because you would not forget something stored behind one item unlike since there is just enough space for storing. 

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9. Rustic Pantry Shelving Ideas

9 kitchen pantry shelving ideas

Going natural and woody of the pantry shelving idea is timeless, it does not go out of style. It is very much a good choice for homeowners who want it rustic and vintage looking.

With this, you can have a little wood work at your homes or you can let a wood worker help you build this wooden pantry. 

You may opt to give it some rustic vibe via having containers like mason jars to store seasoning and food products. Style, budget and function wise, this one is one of the best options.

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10. Inexpensive Shelving Ideas

10 kitchen pantry shelving ideas

If you are looking for a friendly budget pantry shelf idea, this one is the best option for you. When you organize food items, it need not be pricey and luxurious as long as it serves its purpose in the home.

Here, a wire rack is used as a food storage, spacious enough for everything to fit well. You can also have a hanging wire on the corners of your kitchens to add extra storage. 

11. Small Pantry Shelving Ideas

11 kitchen pantry shelving ideas

As the name suggests, you can also have small or just enough space for a kitchen pantry shelf idea. You may do-it-yourself or you can buy in the market. Given the small spaced wire rack, you can still put on kitchen essentials like the ones you see in this picture.

The only downside of this option is that when you have so much supply, there is just a space limit which makes other supplies go somewhere else where they are not organized. This option is best for homeowners who have just enough kitchen items which need to be stored.

12. Wall Pantry Shelving Ideas

12 kitchen pantry shelving ideas

Floating shelves and hanging racks makes up this wall pantry idea. They have much space to offer and can look better in a home when it is placed in the right area with the right design.

This picture may be traditional looking because of the colors and containers but is very stylish given the floating shelves where you can place mugs, coffees, and other kitchen needs. Having it organized in a shelf like this has a better look even if it is open and seen. 

13. Pantry Cupboard Shelving Ideas

13 kitchen pantry shelving ideas

A cupboard usually is in the same color as the cabinet next to it and you may have it open or with a door. In this idea, you see it very open and organized in this hugged furniture where storage drawers are also available in the bottom area.

In the open part, a classified group of kitchen needs are placed together with the same type. Coming up and going with this idea is good because cupboards tend to have a lot of shelf space, so it is one of the better choices. 

14. Wooden shelves and metal boxes

14 kitchen pantry shelving ideas

A good pantry shelving idea needs a lot of planning beforehand. Getting creative and picking the perfect material in your own preference is always good. Wood matched with a little metal as a storage made shelves is very much common but requires a little rustic and a bit natural. 

When wanting to have one, it need not be the ones that are seen on social media, it just needs to fit in the home and serve its purpose. Having one means creating spaces, enhancing your organizational skills while developing your creativity. 

15. Additional Pantry Space Shelving Solution

15 kitchen pantry shelving ideas

Using bins and baskets in a shelf is always a good idea. It is a perfect way of categorizing one type from the other while having not to worry about the overall look of the space.

Eco-friendly bins and baskets are the ones that are on trend nowadays because aside from it being all natural and beautiful, it offers the same durability and service as the other container types in a pantry shelf. 

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16. Unique and Clever Ways

16 kitchen pantry shelving ideas

When you want it unique and clever, think outside the box and apply it in your pantry shelves.

While having everything stored in a traditional and classic style of shelf, it is always good to have additional ones like this hook being hung on the wall which serves as a storage for materials needed for cooking. This one is not as stylish as the other ideas but it is still highly recommended. 

17. Custom Pantry Shelving Ideas

If you have a space in the home meant for a pantry shelf or you have a budget that is good to build a nice and simple one, always choose to have your pantries customized.

A customized pantry means getting the perfect size, color, design and style while it matches your preference. 

You may opt to go beyond the ordinary and make it more stylish in your own preference. A customized one means literally creating your own. 

18. Large Modern French Pantry Shelving Ideas

18 kitchen pantry shelving ideas
Source: Etsy

If you want it elegant looking, choose this one. This has metal brackets infused with eco-friendly baskets and glasses with a touch of palette white baskets in one pantry shelf that looks so neat and beautiful together.

The ceramic organizers make it a little expensive but is very clean and nice to look at. When going for a simple but elegant pantry shelf looking, this idea might be the best for you. 

19. A bookshelf pantry

19 kitchen pantry shelving ideas

When you have a little space in the home but you clearly want a pantry shelf, it is always a good idea to take some space that is unused in a bookshelf rather than going for another that would make your home look tight and crowded.

For this one, the shelf works two ways, as a bookshelf and as a storage area. This one is a better idea when going to a little to no budget at all.

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20. Top Pantry Shelf Idea

20 kitchen pantry shelving ideas

It is always good to deviate from the traditional ones just like this top pantry shelf idea where the need of a ladder is a must when organizing and taking food and kitchen needs.

While it is beautiful and decorative, it might not be the most convenient for some people. Nonetheless, it is a good idea especially for those who want it different and a little adventurous. 

21. Pantry shelves with a refrigerator in between

21 kitchen pantry shelving ideas
Source: Young House Love

To have everything within your reach, put all the food and kitchen needs in one place just like having your pantry shelves in between your refrigerators. It is so modern to see this kind of design plus the refrigerator is also a storage.

The only thing that is keeping it different is that it is electric and stores more food of different types. Going for this pantry shelf idea is a lucky pick since you just have to put pairing baskets to make it look better. 

22. Round Pantry with Ladder and Chandelier

22 kitchen pantry shelving ideas 1
Source: Evan Joseph

When you want it glam and elegant choose this pantry shelf idea. It may take a lot of space in your home, and it is very expensive given the chandelier and the customized shelf but it is very much recommendable space and design wise.

It is a very spacious storage where you can put almost everything or your chosen kitchen needs inside. 

The open shelves above and the cabinets at the bottom have so much to offer. Having this pantry is a dream everybody would want to have. When you have the budget and you want to make it look this good, it is definitely the perfect idea for you.

23. Revolving shelves with kitchenware

23 kitchen pantry shelving ideas

This one is unique and very modern and is specifically designed as a storage for kitchen wares. A lot of planning is put into this pantry shelf idea, talking about the design and the budget allotment for this home project. 

The colors are contrasting but they blend in together which makes it looking more expensive. If you want to have one that exudes so much beauty and style, go for this one of a kind design. A pantry shelf in between a warming station inside the home. 

24. Disguise Your Spice Storage

24 kitchen pantry shelving ideas

If you want them hidden in a beautiful and stylish way, disguise your wall decoration into a pantry shelf idea. It may be just a small space but you can have three to four tiers where you can store containers for your kitchen needs.

It is also a good idea when you want your pantry hidden from guests and visitors so you can keep your homes much professional looking and neat.

Choosing this idea means having to put a lot of effort in making it look like a part of the wall design or having it good as a painting. Using the painting as a disguise is a very wise idea that nobody would mistake it for a pantry shelf. 

25. Shelves for everything

25 kitchen pantry shelving ideas

If you have a space for a pantry, you might just want to put all things together in a one big shelf with different box sizes just like this one.

It is practical and logical to have one place where all the things you need are already there so there is no more no need to go to a different area in the home for another storage location. 

Having this big of a storage shelf, as long as it is highly organized, can be a very good highlight of the home. Though in most cases, a pantry is hidden inside a home, some choose to give it a try and have its decorative function working through putting it in a place where everybody could see. 

26. A whole shelf

26 kitchen pantry shelving ideas

While it is good to have it attached to the wall, the cabinets and other more, it is also good to have a separate space which looks just like a small room meant for a pantry. Though it may be expensive to make, this one is very much ideal to any homeowner.

It is like a place where you open and everything you need is just there like a room for all your needs. If you are looking for a small room pantry idea, this is best suitable for you. 

27. Sliding Door Pantry Shelf

27 kitchen pantry shelving ideas

To a more elegant home, a sliding door pantry shelf is best suitable. A traditional pantry is okay but going modern and classy is still preferred by many, thus, this pantry idea. In this picture, the shelf is attached to the wall with a narrow space meaning more moving. 

This sliding door where you have to enter to get your needs makes it attractive inside the home. Having a separate room for kitchen needs is just a major plus. 

28. White pantry shelf idea

28 kitchen pantry shelving ideas
Source: Etsy

It is always good to have it in all white when you want to have it easy and simple. This pantry shelf idea is timeless and is very clean to look at given the color plus the organization of the kitchen needs that is put together in this area.

Having containers that match the elegance of the color white is also a plus speaking about style. 

When you choose this idea, make sure that you keep it clean looking and organized because there is a high chance that things will get messy and dirty if not regulated in an all-white pantry shelf idea. 

29. Under the stairs pantry shelf idea

29 kitchen pantry shelving ideas

When you have a small area of a home, it is good to turn your under-the-stairs area to a pantry shelf. This one is unique and can be very much attractive since it is not the usual of a pantry shelf. 

Despite having to match the shape of the stairs where there is a need of a little wood working, it is much helpful and provides space for alcoholic beverages and others that fits in the storage boxes. If you are looking for a space that can turn into a pantry shelf, this one is a perfect idea. 

30. Heavy duty metal organizer

Heavy Duty Metal Organizer

If you want it common and affordable, go for the ones that can be bought in the market just like this heavy-duty metal organizer. It comes with two to four tiers which you can store kitchen wares and all your cooking needs. A metal organizer is very much cheap and is very ready to have since it is very available in the market. 

However, speaking of design and style, this might not be recommendable. But this one surely serves its function just like all other ideas except that it lacks style and design which do not match certain home architectures. When planning to have one, always make it a point that it also compliments your home.

31. Foldable Storage Shelves with Wheels

71pdJlTSQPL. AC SL1500

If you want it convenient and portable, have this foldable storage pantry idea. This one is small compared to all others but it is very much innovative given that it can be wherever it is needed.

A pantry storage gets better with design but having to choose this one means having to give up the aesthetic value it can add to the beauty of the home. If you have a small space area and you want it affordable and easy to find, this is a perfect idea. 

32. ODK Storage Shelf

ODK Storage Shelf

This open pantry shelf is looking oh so good with all the spaces present everywhere. There are those that are meant for fruit baskets, others for your kitchen essentials, microwaves, blenders and other more that you need inside the kitchen. 

This one is plain and simple but if you want to spend less but have a pantry shelf, this is another option for you. You can have your kitchen needs organized in this small storage shelf with the right organization skills and perfect categorizing of items.  

33. Giantex Storage Shelving Rack


This one is very common inside the kitchen. A shelving rack like this one is a free-standing storage area that is seen inside the kitchen where you can put large, heavy equipment.

When you still do not have the budget to invest on quality pantry storage, this is probably the best choice for you. 

Also, you may have it remodelled or recycled when you want to have a bigger pantry in the future. Hence, make sure that you buy one, buy one with an affordable price but with so much quality which can last long. 

34. Furinno Multipurpose Shelf

61qK2LnehkL. AC SL1500

If your small pantry is full and you need to add an additional storage area, this one is the best choice. Aside from it being easy to install, it is also lightweight and can last long.

Even for having a simple design, it may act as a decorative item inside the kitchen where you can display your herbs and spices in a stylish container that are organized and aligned together in this Furinno Multipurpose Shelf. 

35. Amazon Basics Storage Shelving Unit

71Xk6G0O7cL. AC SL1500

While it is simple and black, it is a pantry shelf that is considered stylish. If you lack additional quality pantry storage, you might just opt for this.

Aside from it being available online and can be purchased by just the click of a hand, it is also a heavy-duty storage that is recommendable as a pantry storage alternative inside the home. 

Though it may look very open, you can have some alterations and additions to make it look just as classy and elegant as those expensive ones. 


Having enough storage area is very much helpful inside the home. When it comes to the kitchen, having pantry shelving is one of the best ideas to incorporate. They come in many forms, styles, and designs depending on your need, the size of your kitchen and designated pantry and of course your preference. You can never come short with shelving arrangements and you can always infuse ergonomic and decorative fixtures on them. 

From walk-in pantries, to concealed ones, to wall mounted pantry shelving and more, you can take one from the list here and just build around it and make your own pantry shelving idea.