20+ Creative Crafts Using Wine Bottles

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Do you love wine? What do you usually do with your wine bottles? Did you know that several amazing decorative wine bottle ideas bring the best out of this seemingly broken bottle?

This article will exploit 20 fantastic wine bottle craft ideas that are rarely seen by those who care less! You will love this excellent wine bottle craft ideas that are selected according to your choice!

But first, let us see how we can decorate an empty wine bottle. We are all aware of how an empty wine bottle can make a high vase! It’s a smart decoration piece on its own.

You need to learn a few tips on how you can decorate the bottle itself. You may consider inscribing the beautiful themes such as the holiday themes, stencils, the ribbon wrapping ideas, and also frosted ombre ideas! All this will ensure the wine bottle is decorated!

How do you paint wine bottles?

Painting wine bottles is straightforward. You start by acquiring some acrylic paints. The acrylic paints are preferably the best for painting the wine bottles. You will then do a thorough cleaning of your wine bottles.

In case you intend to do a strip design, you will need to put a tape on the bottles. Using the paintbrush, start painting your wine bottles and keep them at a place that will allow them to dry overnight.. the last stage is now to use the oven to cure your wine bottles for at least 30 minutes.

What can you make out of old wine bottles?

Wine bottles can make just very many items. You should cease from throwing them.

  • Use it to make a mini garden
  • Cheese spreaders
  • Cool cork key chains
  • Hanging pendant lights.

20 wine bottle craft ideas

best wine bottle crafts

Let’s now talk about the 20 wine bottle craft ideas that you can consider.

1. Whimsical terrariums

1 wine bottle craft ideas

Wine bottles and mason jars can be amazing. We love the practical application of the wine bottles to make the whimsical terrariums!


2. The beautiful chandelier

2 wine bottle craft ideas

The upper halves of the wine bottles can make a beautiful chandelier!


3. The table number

3 wine bottle craft ideas

The chalkboard painted burlap wine bottles can tastefully display table numbers! Employ it and have a blast.


4. The signed souvenir

4 wine bottle craft ideas

Did you know that the wine bottle can be a smart traditional quest book? You will love this idea that will accord memorable moments!


5. The simple centerpiece

5 wine bottle craft ideas

Yes, you only need a few wine bottles, water, and flower!


6. The bedside lamp

6 wine bottle craft ideas

It’s all about creativity! Sometimes, it’s great fun playing with what we have at hand! Look at this smart lamp?


7. The self-watering planter

7 wine bottle craft ideas

All these are the available wine bottle ideas that you can consider. It’s a practical combination of the mason jars and wine bottle tops!


8. The shelf

8 wine bottle craft ideas

Now, this is perfect. It’s a shelf! Yes, its a wine bottle idea that you will never find anywhere else.


9. The mercury glass bottles

9 wine bottle craft ideas

Grouping the mercury glasses will bring that rare chic touch at your home. Adding more of such mercury bottles will make it even look more appealing.


10. Twinkle lights

10 wine bottle craft ideas

One of the best wine bottle craft ideas is the twinkle light. You will need to feel the twinkle lights on these bottles for a beautiful show.


11. The edged candle holders

11 wine bottle craft ideas

The wine bottles can be customized by etching the monogram onto the bottle. This will bring an excellent looking wine bottle craft idea!


12. The reclaimed wood and vase trio

12 wine bottle craft ideas

Bringing flowers and placing them in the hanging wine bottles brings the garden into your home!


13. The drinking glasses

13 wine bottle craft ideas

You will need a torch to smooth out the edges of the wine bottle drinking glasses, which are actually dishwasher safe!


14. Tiki torches

14 wine bottle craft ideas

The wine bottles can be used to make the homemade tiki torches that will be amazing while lighting up your next event.


15. The candy corn bottles

15 wine bottle craft ideas

The idea is achievable when you paint the wine bottles to resemble the candy corn! You are at liberty to choose the colors that please you the most.


16. The bird feeder

16 wine bottle craft ideas

We have our bird friends who always visit us. Get them someplace where they will also celebrate with this fantastic wine bottles.


17. The classy candles

17 wine bottle craft ideascandles will make the perfect hostess gift!”>

We believe the chic candles will make the perfect hostess gift!


18. The wine bottle wall

18 wine bottle craft ideas

The wine bottles can be used for partitioning your place to create more privacy! It, for sure, is incredible.


19. The wine bottle soap

19 wine bottle craft ideas

You can stop using plastic and employ the fantastic wine bottle as a soap dispenser!


20. The citronella candles

20 wine bottle craft ideas

Citronella candles are beautiful, it’s what that wine bottle can deliver.



To conclude, the list of the wine bottle ideas are unending! There are just quite a whole lot of them. Consider some of these fantastic wine bottle ideas and find reasons never to throw the wine bottle again