25+ Creative Ways To Reuse Spindle Ideas

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A Spindle is basically a straight designed spike or a handle that is used for various purposes. It can be a wooden handle used in staircases for support.

The word “Spindle” generally means a stick or rod that can be seen on a spinning wheel. A spindle whorl which is a part of the spindle has a round and spherical disk-like structure with a hole in its center.

These whorls are usually added to the top of a spindle and they are made up of different objects like wood, glass, metal, ceramic or amber. The commonly seen spindles are made of wood which is used for wool, hemp or cotton. It is considered as an industrial tool which helps to spin or twist different clothing fibers.

There are many spindle types and many different spindle craft ideas that you can use to decorate using them. To start decorating your place, you first need to discover the basic types of spindles that you can find around your workplace or home.

Wooden or metal spindles are generally used in different household and commercial places. You can reuse spindles or even get new ones if you have any specific decoration idea in your mind. Before you start creating decorations using spindles, here are some different types of spindles that will help you to gather ideas about how to reuse them.

best repurposed spindle ideas

Types of wood spindles

Here are a few different types of wood spindles used to spin wool, cotton or other types of clothing materials. They are generally made using Oak or Pine:

#1. Tibetan Style Spindles

1 types of spindles

#2. Russian Spindles:

2 types of spindles

#3. Whorl on Top Spindles:

3 types of spindles

#4. Whorl on Bottom Spindles

4 types of spindles

#5. Peruvian Spindles:

5 types of spindles

#6. Akha Spindles:

6 types of spindles

Spindles Used for Staircases:

Different types of Spindles used for staircases:
Straight Square Spindle, Square Tapered, Chamfered Spindles, Twisted Spindles and Edwardian Spindles.

Staircase spindles can be either wooden or metal.

spindle styles


#1. Metal Spindles

Made from Nickel, Steel, Chrome or Black Metal. Metal Spindles are generally used to make staircases and provide support to the complete staircase from the bottom.
1 metal spindle

#2. Wooden Spindles

These are usually made using oak or white primed wood.
staircase diminish

Industrial Spindles

Industrial spindles can be custom created using different materials and in different sizes as per the needs.

25+ repurposed Spindle Ideas

Using any of the above spindle types, you can create some pretty amazing and innovative pieces of art for your home décor. Check out some great ideas listed below that you will surely love to play around:

#1. Breakfast In The Bed

1 reused spindle ideas

The perfect start of the day with a perfect breakfast in bed table. You can make such table with the help of 4 short sized staircase spindles.

Just bolt them together on a plain piece of wood. Attach the doorknobs or door handles on each side. This will give you an old and aesthetic table’s feeling which is priceless.

#2. Beautiful Antique Wall Hanger

2 reused spindle ideas

Create wonderful looking wall hangings with medium or large-sized wooden spindles. Just add 4 or 5 straight spindles. They can be all the same type or even different, doesn’t matter.

Attach them on a wall and bolt a short rectangular wooden or metal piece onto the spindles. Put on a few hooks on this piece and you will have the perfect wall hanger that will give a unique look to your place.


#3. Raised Garden

3 reused spindle ideas

For this, take a wooden drawer out of your old, abandoned cupboard which is not in use anymore. Take out 4 different staircase spindles and attach bolt them together using a hammer.

Take it out to your garden, use a layer of fertile soil and shift some of your small plantation to create a raised garden. Don’t forget to paint it beautifully, with love.


#4. Sofa Table

4 reused spindle ideas

Create a short book table or a table close to your bed where you can put your books or decorative items. Take a long rectangular piece of wood and bolt it at the top of spindles.


#5. Table Lamps

5 reused spindle ideas

Table lamp bases can also be created out of wooden or metal spindles. You can even use a weaving spindle according to the length of your table lamp for that.

Attach a bulb on the top where the whorl is located. You can also add a tablecloth, wires or other items to cover the bulb.

#6. Spindles as handles

6 reused spindle ideas

Another cool idea is to use small wooden or metal spindles and create handles for various wooden items. For example, in the kitchen you can add a handle on the top of your shelves where you put your plates etc.

You can add handles to photo frames or add spindles on the side of signboards or blackboards if you have any at your place to make them much more attractive.


#7. Candle Stands

7 reused spindle ideas

One of the best uses for industrial or staircase spindles is that they make the perfect candle stands. Paint the spindles and make them beautiful before adding a candle.


#8. Christmas Decorations

8 reused spindle ideas

Simply add a welcome sign on a big wooden spindle and use it as a décor at the entry of your home. Christmas decorations are incomplete without spindles.

Use spindles and paint them accordingly to create some magical Christmas decorations. Add Santa’s red hat on top of spindles with a painted face on the whorl or create a reindeer’s legs using spindles. Use your imagination and create fantastic pieces of art and decorations.

#9. DIY 3 tier stand

9 reused spindle ideas


#10. Repurposed quilt rack

10 reused spindle ideas


#11. Spindle ladder

11 reused spindle ideas


#12. Jewelry display

12 reused spindle ideas


#13. Entryway table makeover

13 reused spindle ideas


#14. Barn Board Bricks with Spindle Wall Sign

14 reused spindle ideas

#15. DIY lamp from table

15 reused spindle ideas


#16. Reclaimed wood reindeer

16 reused spindle ideas


#17. A chalk board

17 reused spindle ideas


#18. Spindle wind chimes for outdoor

18 reused spindle ideas


#19. Spindle crate

19 reused spindle ideas


#20. Repurposed table leg wreath holder

20 reused spindle ideas


#21. Spindle chandelier

21 reused spindle ideas


#22. Baby room

22 reused spindle ideas

#23. Rustic clock using spindles for the hour and the minute

23 reused spindle ideas


#24. Plate holder

24 reused spindle ideas


#25. DIY spindle Christmas tree

25 reused spindle ideas



There are dozens of ideas that you can use to decorate your home using various spindles. Wooden spindles are generally attractive and they are perfect to design customized decorations.