Composite Decking boards: Good for Children’s Safety

Last Updated on October 9, 2022 by Jason Nguyen

Many folks desire an outdoor deck for the entire family, especially for youngsters. The composite decking material is child-safe. Not only does it not contain hazardous substances, but it also does not produce debris or mold. In addition, the anti-slip qualities of composite decking boards prevent children from slipping and falling while playing.

You may believe that wood decking is equally appropriate for youngsters. However, typical wood decking is not suitable for barefoot play by youngsters. This is due to the wood’s susceptibility to cracking and warping.

The resultant splinters can potentially cause youngsters physical harm. Wooden decks typically require waterproofing and preservative treatment, which means they also contain formaldehyde and other toxins. It is also simple to harm the health of youngsters.

What is the composition of composite decking?

nexgen composite decking grey

Wood pulp and recycled plastic compose the composite material. It is water and corrosion-resistant without chemical treatment because it incorporates plastic. In addition, it does not chip or warp, therefore it poses no risk to barefoot youngsters.

You can choose composite decking with a grooved surface as a man-made composite product. Not only do grooved composite decking boards alter the appearance of the home, but they also offer additional benefits. Prevent children from sliding and falling, though.

The evolution of composite decking boards

Composite materials have existed since antiquity. Recent years have witnessed the emergence of composite materials, and the composite decking was introduced in the late 1990s. The earliest composite decking was monochromatic and had a plastic-like feel.

Nonetheless, as a result of the ongoing development of composite materials, composite decking today not only has a natural wood grain surface but also comes in a variety of colors and styles to complement a variety of design styles.

The greatest benefit of composite decking is its low maintenance requirements. It does not need staining or any of the additional care a wooden deck requires. Spend more time enjoying life and playing with your children in the backyard.

There are no sharp screws or nails

Grooved composite decking is compatible with concealed fasteners, but there are many other types. Eliminate the possibility that your child’s feet will be sliced by a screw head when sliding across the deck. In fact, they will slide across the deck.

Also, fewer sock tears. Because, if your children are like mine, they typically play outside without shoes. Because the fasteners are concealed, the socks won’t get caught and ripped on the deck.

A pool with composite decking is a terrific option for children

composite decking for children

On hot days, composite decks are an ideal location for children to build up a wading pool to cool off in the heat. And the fact that water has been enjoyable for a very long time.

You may place the pool on one side of the deck and your lounger on the opposite side. This is how a young family should spend a beach day. A composite deck for a kiddie pool is advantageous because it is impervious to water damage.

Water doesn’t hurt composite decking like it does wood, which can get destroyed if it gets wet. It absorbs little of the water that is splashed on it.

Decking that is stain-resistant and simple to clean

Who does not enjoy a hotdog or ice cream while basking in the sun? I still like both of them when it’s cloudy, but that’s not my point. Children will drop whatever you give them, including ketchup and ice cream cones.

Composite decking excels in this regard. Due of the simplicity of cleanup. With a cloth and some water, the mess may be cleaned up as if it never occurred.

Numerous composite decking manufacturers, including COOWIN, Trex, EVODEK, and TimberTech, provide a one-week warranty against food stains.

If you lose it and are unable to locate it until the next weekend. It is not a major issue. Simply clean up the mess, and you may resume enjoying your deck. But I must note that dried-on ketchup would require a bit more water to remove.

One exception. Sunblock lotion. You do not want the children to get sunburned, therefore apply sunscreen indoors and in the yard. Something about the UV-blocking lotion can be detrimental to composite decking.

Doesn’t a composite deck get too hot for children to play on?

Well, almost. Composite decking, like any other flat surface or decking material, heats up in the sun. As soon as you step onto your deck from the grass, the temperature will change. This means that children may not want to play on composite decking during hot weather.

Additionally, composite decking often retains less heat than wood. This means that shading the deck will prevent it from becoming hot even on a hot day. Adding a pergola, awning, or privacy wall to a deck design can significantly affect the temperature of the decking. You might also use an umbrella to accomplish the same goal.

Is composite decking safe for kids?

Composite decking is made from a mix of wood and plastic, which means that it is more durable than traditional wooden decking. This makes it an ideal choice for families with young children, as it is less likely to splinter or break.

However, some parents may be concerned about the safety of composite decking, as it can be slippery. It is important to choose a composite decking material that has a non-slip surface, and to make sure that the decking is installed correctly so that there are no gaps or trip hazards.

How do you make decking safe for children?

One way to make decking safe for children is to use special decking boards that have been designed for safety. These boards have rounded edges and are made of a softer material that is less likely to splinter or break.

Another way to make decking safe for children is to install a railing around the perimeter of the deck. This will help to prevent children from falling off of the deck and getting hurt.

Finally, it is important to keep the deck clean and free of debris so that children will not slip and fall.