35+ Awesome Deck Steps and Stairs Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

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Your deck may appear to be nothing more than a simple wooden platform protruding out into your backyard, but with a little thought and design, it can transform into a fantastic al fresco lounge room, entertaining area, or simply a place to kick off your shoes and relax.

To create your ideal outdoor retreat by designing a deck that reflects your personal style, you should consider whether your surroundings have an amazing or stellar view of the mountains or trees so you can start making the most of it and utilize what you have at your disposal.

You deserve an outside deck that symbolizes the home you worked so hard to build, a place where you may entertain guests while also reflecting on your achievements at home and abroad. You want your deck to give years of fun as well as rock-solid security, whether you’re relaxing under the stars or soaking up the sun.

best deck stair ideas

1. Make the most of your surroundings

1 deck steps ideas with coastal feel

Working with the landscape has resulted in some of the most innovative deck ideas.

A platform positioned in an ideal location for relaxing and taking in the coastal breeze.

2. Make a Travel Destination

2 deck steps stairs ideas

Decks don’t always have to be tied to the home; they may open to fresh vistas, quiet retreats, and hidden garden corners.

3. The Doors Are Wide Open

3 deck steps stairs ideas with firepit

During the day, this balcony is great for entertaining and relaxing with visitors. Even on the chilliest evenings, the fire pit area provides a warm and pleasant reprieve.

4. Patterns are crucial

4 deck steps stairs ideas with patterns

A panoramic view calls for a panoramic deck, but wraparound decks come with their own set of obstacles. Before you start framing, one of the first things you’ll need to do is decide on a decking layout. 

Consider the most unified designs as well as the patterns that fit best with the house’s current lines. With the turn of a corner, a well-designed wraparound may provide one area for barbecue, another for tanning, and still another for seclusion.

5. A Memorable Daybed

5 deck steps stairs ideas with daybed outdoor dining area

In this urban outdoor living space, a pergola with a huge swinging daybed is the ideal place to unwind. An outdoor cooking area connects to an eight-seat dining table, which is ideal for entertaining.

6. Dinner Preparation

Outdoor lights and a fully stocked bar cart will help you make the most of dining in your deck and conversing with friends and family.

For a traditional, low-maintenance appeal, this deck design has steel chairs that you can freely stack and a large wood table.

7. Invest in a cover to keep it safe.

7 deck steps stairs ideas with pergola

Because of the pergola’s partial shade, this deck offers everything you could ask for in terms of outdoor eating and making your garden look better.

This deck, which is linked to a house, is topped with a pergola that has a neutral color for a contemporary look that stands out against the greenery yet mixes in quite perfectly with the house’s façade. It’s the ideal spot for arranging flowers or as an eating area.

8. Add a Canopy and a Rug for the area

8 deck steps stairs ideas with canopy daybed rug

Because most decks are made of wood, they might feel chilly and naked at times. However, yours will be toasty by adding an extra touch like a daybed or a rug in an area specifically for outdoor use.

9. Plants to be hung

9 deck steps stairs ideas with plants

Filling a small space with cozy-looking stuff you can locate and hanging plants using the additional space rather than occupying a crucial ground area, is good if you only have a little space.

9 deck steps stairs ideas with plants 1

Imagine yourself sipping a warm cup of coffee in the morning with a book, sitting on the deck with lush hanging plants, bright rugs, and a cool breeze. It’s a perfect setting.

10. Extend the decking around the pool

10 deck steps stairs ideas with pool

For easy upkeep and a pleasing aesthetic flow, make a pool frame out of the similar material as the one you used on your deck. Put some vegetation in the area, whether it’s a lawn that’s grassy or line up trees or plants. 

11. Take It a Step Further

11 deck steps stairs ideas with multilevel

Having more than one level offers you numerous perspective points if you wish to highlight a view.

You may also opt to tier your deck space if you want to create some public and private outdoor spaces, or if you want to dedicate a certain section to a specific activity, such as barbecue.

11 deck steps stairs ideas with multilevel 1

12. Create a Mudroom

Install hooks attached to the wall for essential items like towels or robes that can cause clutter inside on an enclosed deck at a beach property.

Maybe add a pair of sun loungers or sofa which will be a perfect place for outside reading or when you’re simply hanging out with family and friends. 

13. Don’t Forget About the Handrails

13 deck steps stairs ideas with handrails

There’s no reason to forgo aesthetic and design in the sake of efficiency and safety. Many contemporary railings come with glass or see-through slats if you’re worried about spoiling a beautiful view. 

Consider how simple it will be to maintain and how well it will withstand the elements when choosing deck railing. Remember that the railing is just as important as the deck’s construction material in terms of aesthetics – think about style and consistency.

14. Purchase a Pool

14 deck steps stairs ideas with pool

You can still have a pool even if you don’t own a backyard. Poolside relaxing and tanning may be done on the roof of your deck. Also, keep in mind that putting throw pillows could be an excellent way to bring splashes of bright color.

15. Take into account the space’s adaptability.

15 deck stair step ideas with built in seat

The adaptability of your deck may be greatly increased with built-in seats. You’ll need less furnishings if you want to entertain frequently.

The disadvantage is that once the built-ins are installed, they’re permanent, limiting what you can accomplish and how you move around your deck.

16. Backyard Romance

16 deck stair step ideas with romance backyard

On even the warmest days, many buildings in this charming garden provide shaded meeting spaces.

Consider your lifestyle and how you’ll use the space, whether it’ll be a fun place for a young, energetic family or a secluded, tranquil spot for relaxing and reading.

17. Terrace in the present day

17 deck stair step ideas with rooftop patio

This rooftop patio is ideal for hosting guests or resting with family and friends, with a little wood pergola, stunning potted plants, and a designated eating space. The calm, contemporary style of the venue adds to its attractiveness.

18. Retreat to a Small Deck

18 deck stair step ideas with crate coffee table

A tiny deck, porch, patio, or garden corner makes an excellent foundation for a home-sweet-home retreat. Include elements that reflect your personal style, such as modern or minimalist elements. 

You don’t need to invest a lot of money to make it work. A crate coffee table mixes wonderfully with the wooden seats in this cozy sanctuary. Colorful annuals in pots bring nature closer.

19. Botanical Happiness

19 dark charcoal deck stair step ideas with vines

This large outdoor deck is painted a dark charcoal color that contrasts nicely with the charcoal exterior of the house.

Wrapping climbing vines over the pergola’s beams creates a natural transition from the outdoor living space to the backyard.

20. Place a Swing Bench on the Wall

20 deck stair step ideas with swing bench

Swings aren’t only for porches; if you have a partial covering or something to hang them from, they’ll look great on your deck as well. On your deck, this is the location that everyone will be competing for.

21. Construct a Sunken Jacuzzi

21 deck stair step ideas with sunken jacuzzi

So you don’t have room for a pool in your backyard, but who needs one when you have a jacuzzi?

A sleek in-ground hot tub integrates nicely on this little deck, since a raised one would make the space feel too tight. On a tiny deck, the sunken form also gives the impression of more open space than a raised hot tub.

22. Add a Bathtub or a Shower

22 deck stair step ideas with outdoor shower

If you thought outdoor showers were a lovely addition to decks and yards, you’ll adore the concept of an outdoor bathtub.

The wood wall enclosure gives the occupants privacy while still allowing them to enjoy the breeze.

23. A View from a Balcony-Style Deck

23 deck stair ideas on hill overlook river

When designing an outdoor deck, one of the most crucial factors to consider is where the deck will be located. This balcony-style terrace, perched on a hill overlooking a river, makes good use of its surroundings. 

The deck is modest and comfy, and it’s all about the great view. Protective rails are required on a deck that is that high. The glass divider on this deck does not obscure the view.

24. Rooftop Deck Made of Hardwood

24 rooftop deck stair ideas

Teak and iroko are both wonderful hardwoods for decking. Most are insect- and weather-resistant, durable, and long-lasting. Hardwoods are good for rooftop decks since they can take a hammering if they aren’t protected by a building or overhanging trees. 

Rooftop decks, in general, don’t take up a lot of yard area. And, especially in a city, they might be the most private part of a deck.

25. Deck with a Screened-In Porch

25 deck stair ideas with screened in porch
Source: Heartlands Building Company

Some areas where it rains frequently which in turn, results in habitual appearances of insects like mosquitoes, an enclosed deck meets the demand for this kind of shelter in these areas. The most common and least priced form of outdoor screen material is fiberglass. 

Aluminum, stainless steel, copper, bronze, and sun-blocking screens are among the other options. Add an outdoor ceiling fan for added comfort in hotter climates.

26. Dining al fresco

26 deck stair ideas with dining alfresco
Source: Designworx New Zealand

Many folks like to dine on their outside deck. And there are a few things to think about while designing the area.

To begin, make sure you have adequate space for the dining table you want. This includes enough room for someone to stroll around the table while others are seated. 

Consider whether you’ll need an umbrella or other overhang to shield you from the sun and other elements. Also, check to see if neighboring plants may drop leaves, berries, or other stuff on your dining table.

27. With a Fire Pit on the Deck

27 deck stair ideas with fire pit
Source: TimberTech

Summer shouldn’t be the only time you spend on the terrace. Adding a fire pit to a deck is a terrific way to prolong the time you can spend on it, even when the weather cools down at night.

Whether you’re entertaining friends or spending time alone, it will add comfort and create a peaceful mood. 

Plus, when you don’t want bright light at night, the fire will create some melancholy illumination.

28. Deck that is separate from the house

28 deck stair ideas with garden pond

While it’s customary for decks to be connected to the house, it’s not required. Decks that are detached might serve as a focus point in your yard. They also provide a lot of versatility in terms of where they go and how they’re used. 

This deck is built around a beautiful garden pond, creating a magnificent look and a unique outdoor experience. If your home is constructed of an inappropriate material or lacks the necessary framework to install a deck, a detached alternative may be the best solution.

28 deck stair ideas with garden pond 1

29. Deck Wraparound

29 deck stair ideas with deck wraparound

Why not expand your deck all the way around your house instead of keeping to a single side? Wraparound decks offer unrestricted views of your property, making them an excellent choice if your house is surrounded by natural beauty or other must-see attractions. 

They also provide ample room for a variety of activities, ensuring that there is no risk of overpopulation. Whatever your ideas are, you’ll have enough space to carry them out. Additionally, they frequently enable you to reach the deck from numerous rooms, allowing for a more efficient flow around your home.

30. A Deck Constructed Around a Tree

30 deck stair ideas with deck around tree
Source: DeKing Decks Brisbane

There may be barriers to work around when considering to build an extension to your home, such as trees and other plants. Rather of cutting down what’s currently there, integrate it into the design of your deck. 

This deck was built with a little gap to allow the tree to continue to grow through it. It also built a tiny table around the tree to draw attention to it as a focal point.

It may require some forethought, but the additional effort is well worth it for a design that is really distinctive to your home.

30 deck stair ideas with deck around tree 1
Source: MGZ Design & Construction

31. Deck with a Riser

31 deck stair ideas with deck riser

A raised deck may be the best option for you if you live on a steep property. Decks don’t have to be longer than your first narrative. For example, you could want them raised to take advantage of a spectacular view or to accommodate a split-level floor layout. 

Just make sure the raised deck has code-compliant guard rails and steps so you can enjoy your bird’s eye view securely and pleasantly.

32. Decking made of composite materials

32 deck stair ideas with composite deck

Composite decks, which are made out of polymers, are a perfect option for people looking for something that is both affordable and low-maintenance, especially when compared to its wooden counterparts.

Composite decks are weather- and stain-resistant, and they won’t splinter like wood. They also come in a variety of colors to fit your decor.

33. Planters that are built-in

33 deck stair ideas with planter built in

Depending on what you plant in them, adding huge planters to the edge of a deck might add structure and possibly seclusion. If you want year-round seclusion, look for plants with evergreen leaves in your environment. 

You may also utilize the pots to start your own vegetable garden, particularly if your terrace is close to your kitchen. Alternatively, simply plant some fragrant flowers to enjoy while relaxing on the balcony.

34. Benches for the Deck

34 deck stair ideas with bench built in

Built-in seating is a terrific way to raise your deck for both comfort and appearance. Built-in furniture may assist in organizing the architecture of a deck, whether it’s individual seats or a longer bench like the one seen above. 

It allows you to personalize seating arrangements to meet your specific requirements. It can also just allow you to put unused decking materials to good use.

35. Natural Attractions

35 deck stair ideas with pool

Decks come in a variety of colors and may be stained and painted. However, if you reside in a lovely natural area, it may be beneficial to style your deck using natural hues.

The rustic design of the dark brown wood deck that surrounds this swimming pool blends in perfectly with the surrounding woods. The stones that surround the deck just add to the natural vibe.


What should deck stairs rest on?

Your deck steps require footings. To begin, look into your local construction codes. Your location will decide the depth of which your footing should be. Deeper footings will be required in colder areas. Once the footings are in place, the stairs are secured to the footings using a concrete lintel or a pressure-treated base plate.

The landing pad is supported by footings. Footings are typically made of concrete and poured into long cardboard tubes. These tubes are installed beneath load-bearing places in your building. They support wooden poles that hold up beams on your deck.

Because they mitigate the effects of frost heave, footings are required. If a footing’s lowest point is below the frost line, it will not be affected by the freezing and thawing of water in the soil.

How deep should a deck step be?

When it comes to stairs, width refers to the overall width of the staircase, height refers to the rise of a single step, and depth refers to the depth of a single step.

Stairs must be at least 3 feet (36 inches) broad or wider, according to most construction requirements. To keep the stairs regular, the maximum height of a single step is 0.65 feet, and all the height of stairs must be within 0.03 feet of each other. 

Local rules, on the other hand, may differ, and some construction codes have different criteria for outdoor and inside steps. So, before you plan out your complete deck, double-check it.

What is code for steps on decks?

Deck Stairs Requirements

For deck stairs, the code includes certain extremely strict requirements:

  • Stair rails on decks should be between 34 and 38 inches high, measured vertically from the tread’s nose to the rail’s top.
  • The depth of the treads must be at least 10 inches from front to back.
  • Stair treads must be able to support a weight of at least 300 pounds in an area no larger than four inches by four inches.
  • The rise, or vertical distance between one tread and the next, must not exceed 7 1/4 inches.

How do I anchor my deck stairs to the ground?

Always place stair stringers on a flat, well-drained surface. This should not be an issue if you are landing on a concrete pad or a patio. If you’re landing in the yard, though, you might want to put down paver blocks or compacted gravel to help with drainage. Make sure you’re utilizing ground-contact-rated pressure-treated wood with a.60 retention.

To avoid frost heave, footings should be installed at the base of the stringers. This isn’t always necessary, but it’s always a good idea. You may use a concrete anchor, base plate, and short post to make a firm ground connection once the frost footings are in place. At the bottom of all stairs, a 3′ x 3′ level landing area is required. If the conditions are met, the ground may qualify.

If you need to make a basis, follow these steps:

  • Make a notch in the bottom front of the center stair stringers with your jigsaw to receive a 2×4 base plate.
  • Ensure that your stringers are level by screwing the base plate to the stair stringers.
  • Install 1/2″ x 3″ sleeve anchors through the base plate and into the concrete pad with a hammer and drill.

Other deck ideas:


Whether you’re ready for a complete remodel with new flooring materials (hello, colorful tiles or ipê wood), a pool, or simply a simple refresh for summer, there’s a lot you can do with your deck.

A deck, no matter how large or tiny, narrow or broad, is the ideal location to kick back and enjoy outside. However, if you don’t make the most of your deck, it may wind up being nothing more than a boring length of wood—a waste of space—rather than the appealing destination it might be. 

Make the most of every square inch of your deck with these space-saving ideas for creating, decorating, and optimizing its square footage so you can enjoy the sun and fresh air all season.

Your deck steps will undoubtedly see a lot of foot traffic from family and friends, and the safety of your visitors is paramount. However, there’s no reason why composite patio or lawn landing steps can’t be attractive and fashionable as well.