31+ Cool Crafts For Kids You Can Try

Having some time to play and make funny things with your kids might be the best thing for a holiday. You may want to create some creative things with your kid, but the problem is what are you to make?

There are so many fun toys and crafts you can make with just easy steps and a few things you have in your home.

1. Charming Snowman Made from Paper Plate


This is one of the easiest DIY that anyone can make, they are fun too when making. What you will need is a paper plate, papers of different colors, adhesive tape, glue and a pair of scissors. Just cut the papers to the size and shape you will need them, glue them on the plate making a snowman.

2. Cute Socks Snowman

Source: darkroomanddearly, dailydiylife

It is a relatively low-cost easy craft that you and your kids can make. Making a snowman out of old socks is one of the easiest, inexpensive ways to make a craft. What you will need is just an old sock, glue, a pair of scissors, a rubber band, map pins and buttons to make your own socks Snowman.

3. Make a Kazoo


If your kids love making a song and making sounds, then you should try making this. This craft is relatively easy and cheap with simple steps and easy to get materials used in making them. What you will need is just Wax paper, markers or paints, rubber band and probably toilet paper rolls.

4. DIY Binoculars

Make your kid have the feeling that he is looking through binoculars with just simple easy crafts.
What you will need is egg cartons, twine or yarn, paints, stapler, and scissors.

5. Paper Plate Reindeer

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You can make this attractive craft by just using a paper plate. It looks good and your kid will love it, with easy steps to follow and materials to be used being relatively cheap. To make this, you will need a paper plate, paint and googly eyes.

6. Broche

You can create sea creatures by using this amazing craft, it is easy to use and cheap. What you will need in making these clothes pegs, paper crafted in the form of different sea creatures.

7. DIY super Cute Owl and Penguins Pillows

Being creative is what you will need in making these crafts. This is on the fun making crafts that you should try making with your kid. What you will need in making this craft is craft paper, the fabric of your choice, eyes, beak, and face, batting or stuffing.

8. Rainbow Butterfly Footprint Artwork


You can be creative and make your craft look beautiful with just simple ways. What you will need in making this craft is paints, paper, and paper frames to make your craft look adorable.

9. Cosmic Sun Catchers


Do you like playing around with colors? Then this is the right craft for you. What you will need in making this craft is a lot of white glue, liquid watercolors, toothpicks, plastic lids, a whole bunch, and strings.

10. Poured Paint Planting Pot

Giving your backyard gardening the ideal decoration is the best thing to do when having fun with your kids. Giving your backyard baskets paints. What you will need id your garden pot and some colors to make it look beautiful.

11. Homemade Floam Recipe


This is fun when making, easy and inexpensive too. What you will need is borax, warm water, white school glue, polystyrene beads, and food coloring to give them different colors.

12. Ocean-Themed Crafts

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You can teach your kids everything they should know about sea life and every creature living in it by using simple craft. You will craft papers having the shape of these sea creatures.

13. Sand Castle Sand Art


Every time you and your kid visits a beach, you carry with your sand. Well, this is the right time to put them into use. You and your kid can make a sandcastle at home using the sand you got with you from the beach. What you will do is to draw the sandcastle after you are done making one.

14. Santa Hand Print Craft


This Santa handprint is one of the easiest you can make with your kid. It looks good on a Christmas card. What you will need are just a piece of paper, scissors, googly eyes, marker pen, and glue and cotton balls.

15. Kid-Friendly Christmas tree


You can have fun with your kid by making a simple Christmas tree. What you will need is a yard of green felt to make the main body of the tree and add more colors depending on how you want it for the tree to look gorgeous.

16. Paper Plate Tropical Fish


They are easy to make with just a few steps making them look beautiful. What you will need when making this is your paper plate, paint and several colors to paint the main body of the fish.

17. Octopus Puppet


You can be able to make your octopus puppet though, in real life situation, octopus might not be as friendly. What you will do is just turn the tubes from old toilet papers to adorable octopus craft.

18. Origami Butterflies


Everybody loves butterflies. With this, you can make your beautiful butterflies by using paper. As long as you have paper in a variety of colors, you can make a variety of butterflies.

19. Makeup Storage

You can have fun with your kid making different things. This is the best thing you can make with your kids. You can use old boxes you are not using to make up this adorable storage box with your kid.

20. Fold a Fir-Tree


There are so many things you can make with your kid at home. This folded tree can be easily made with simple steps and can decorate your home.

21. Drawing With Numbers As A Base


22. St. Patrick’s Day Kids Craft: Perler Bead Bowls


23. How to make an I spy bottle

Source: apartmenttherapy

24. Using lego build math concepts


25. Sandpaper printed T-shirt


26. Lava lamps for summer fun


27. How to make soap clouds


28. DIY fireflies


29. Paper plate painting flowers


30. Handprint calendar


31. DIY balloon rockets



You can spend some quality time with your kids having lots of fun crafting, making beautiful things with your kids. You can make anything that you may feel like making, it will all depend on your creativity.


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