35+ Beach-Themed Bedroom Ideas

Last Updated on October 30, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Have you ever tried sleeping in a beach? Do you crave that feeling of the waves crashing outside your window? Or the urge to have that tingling feeling of being close to the marine life?

Leave that to us, as we will explore and highlight 35 beach bedroom ideas you can do to create that amazing feeling of actually being on the beach!

best ocean themed bedroom ideas

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1. Hawaiian Beach Bedroom

1 beach bedroom ideas

Having to save up for that trip to the Hawaiian island for that vacation might not be forthcoming but hey, this is one way to bring Hawaii to your bedroom. So be sure to have that feeling of the waves rushing towards you in this bedroom space!

2. The Underwater Bedroom Theme

2 beach bedroom ideas

Creative Supreme! With a breathtaking beach bedroom boasting of the corals, moderate lighting to compliment the setting and of course, a brightly lighted Jellyfish! A visit to the aquarium might not be so much of an option. A bedroom theme to enjoy with that special someone!

3. Ocean Inspired Bedroom

3 beach bedroom ideas

An amazing touch born from creativity, this bedroom theme is a perfect setting for children wanting to have a glimpse into sea life at its basics. With the artistic touch of sea life illustration and Ocean coloured wall and duvet, this bedroom sure oozes a beachy atmosphere as well as educative.

4. Christmas themed Beach bedroom

4 beach bedroom ideas

Going to the beach on vacations such as Christmas is one way to spend Christmas. But if you’re the one for the indoors, this is definitely the best theme for you! Having the best of both experiences, going to the beach and having the best Christmas!

5. Simple Beach Themed Bedroom

5 beach bedroom ideas

Simple yet exquisite, this bedroom theme conveys the atmosphere of the beach in a very serene way. If you are on a low budget, this plan definitely suits you!

6. Beach Sand themed Bedroom

6 beach bedroom ideas

The tanned rugs give the room a beach-like feel but even better, is the wall coloring which gives the room of actually placing a bed on the sands on the beach line. Perfect for a summer vacation!

7. Beach House Themed Bedroom

7 beach bedroom ideas

This type of bedroom simply leaves the occupant breathless! Having to wake up each morning to stare out through the beach into the vast ocean is simply amazing! From the moderate lighting to the beach frames hung on the wall, this is sure one best way to bring the beach to the bedroom!

8. Beach hut Bedroom theme

8 beach bedroom ideas

Imagine walking on the Hawaiian beach and taking a rest at one of the little huts sipping on coconut water and taking in all of nature’s finest, this bedroom theme is an alternate reality. An incredible setting just meant for that amazing honeymoon!

9. Ocean Water Themed Bedroom

9 beach bedroom ideas

From the sheets to the vessels and the wall, everything screams of the ocean. This is setting for teens or preteens, who just want to dash out the door, grab a surfing board and head straight for the Ocean. It is also space-saving friendly.

10. Sea life themed Bedroom

10 beach bedroom ideas

Almost all beach bedrooms have an atom of a sea life image floating around somewhere. With an intriguing design, the bedroom contains images of star fish and other sea life which brings the room alive and beach atmosphere in full concentration.

11. Seahorse Themed Bedroom

11 beach bedroom ideas

With a background of deep blue and a frame of seahorses, this sure is a dream beach bedroom setting for the summer! The setting is so designed to create more space in the room to install complementary plaques to this bedroom theme.

12. Caribbean Beach Bedroom Theme

12 beach bedroom ideas

The Clear Ocean Floor, the Hanging Hammock, the beautiful coral designs, everything reeks of an actual Caribbean setting. This is a perfect bedroom for spending an amazing summer! Hopefully there’s a space for one more.

13. Beach Palm themed Bedroom

13 beach bedroom ideas

Imagine having to walk on the sand at the beach and on getting to the palms, a coconut drops. Click!! Not to worry, in this beach palm themed bedroom, you get to have that same atmosphere, same palm but in a resting position. This bedroom merges nature along with the whole beach aura thereby giving out a beautiful feeling.

14. Beach Island Bedroom Theme

14 beach bedroom ideas

This is truly breath-taking!! From the sail, the pirate flag and yacht in the distance, this is like setting sail to a beautiful island from the comfort of your bedroom!! This bedroom setting is Mono thereby has only an occupant based on the bed size. This bedroom is sure to be a haven for having the best summer vacation!

15. Beach Seats/Beds

15 beach bedroom ideas

An important artifact that can be seen on almost every beach, this beach seat styled bed brings in that atmosphere yet in a simple sweet way. If you still want to have that beachy feel on a slightly low budget, this is the perfect plan.

16. Sea Art Work Oriented Beach Bedroom

16 beach bedroom ideas

With a sea oriented artwork merged with coastal accessories placed in strategic positions throughout the space exudes a complete beach feel. This bedroom setting is suitable for newlyweds looking for a getaway to some Caribbean or Hawaiian beach resort.


17-35. More beach-style bedroom ideas

17 beach bedroom ideas

35 beach bedroom ideas

34 beach bedroom ideas

33 beach bedroom ideas

32 beach bedroom ideas

31 beach bedroom ideas

30 beach bedroom ideas

29 beach bedroom ideas

28 beach bedroom ideas

27 beach bedroom ideas

26 beach bedroom ideas

25 beach bedroom ideas

24 beach bedroom ideas

23 beach bedroom ideas

22 beach bedroom ideas

21 beach bedroom ideas

20 beach bedroom ideas

19 beach bedroom ideas

18 beach bedroom ideas


There are so many ways vacations or holidays are likely to be spent. In most cases, the beach is on the top of the list for spending that holiday or honeymoon but an alternative is to bring that amazing experience to the comfort of your bedroom.

Therefore these 35 beach bedroom theme was compiled to give you options on how you want your bedroom to look like. Good luck finding the setting that befits you.