20 cool crafts for teens

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Crafts are a great way to broaden your kid’s imagination and enhance their creativity. The process of craftsmanship also imparts technical know-how to a child.

They learn how to properly use stationery tools like scissors, glues, etc. Imagination is a powerful tool that a child wields and craft is the best way to deploy and make use of it. And that holds true even for kids that turn into teenagers.

There can be tons of interesting crafts you can make with your teenage son/daughter. They will appreciate you trying to spend more time with them and they might end up getting hooked on artistic craftwork too. 

Creativity is infinite and it is a method of self-expression. To break free from the shackles of monotony, irrespective of age, is the ultimate goal of artistry and hence it’s imperative to embrace uniqueness.

With that being said however, there are certain works which you can replicate by looking at the ideas below. Follow the guidelines and you and your teenager will spend fun hours together making memories.

1. Marbled Clay Ring Dish

1 cool crafts for teens

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The beautiful texture can be recreated in the form of a stunning ring dish which can be used to decorate your room.

2. Pom Pom Keychain

2 cool crafts for teens

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Pom-poms are a fun accessory and even more so when you use them as keychains and let them dangle and sway in the wind with your every movement.

3. Convertible Necklace Headband

3 cool crafts for teens

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Realize your fantasies of being a princess or a Queen with this simple craft. No matter the age; you’re never too young for a bit of role play.

4. Faux Bow Leather Keychains

4 cool crafts for teens

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Another example of a craft with which you can produce a keychain. The leather makes your keychain look pretty expensive.

5. Knot Pillow

5 cool crafts for teens

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Liven up your cushions and bed with the addition of this pillow you made yourself.

6. Faux Crystals

6 cool crafts for teens

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Crystals are a great way to turn even the most mundane of items into fancy ones. Use Faux crystal with a wick and fit them into a glass to obtain a cheap, yet fashionable candle.

7. Emoji Pouches

7 cool crafts for teens

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Raise your emoji game to the next well by making a pouch in the shape of one. The wide range of emojis will give you endless inspiration and these pouches will be a constant source of amusement for you and your friends.

8. DIY Elbow Patches

8 cool crafts for teens

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Give your favorite sweater a cute makeover by adding an elbow patch on both sides. It’s trendy as well as easy.

9. Cork Succulents

9 cool crafts for teens

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All you need to do to recreate this craft is to hollow out the cork of an old, used bottle and stick a magnet from behind. It’s that simple.

10. Tape Nail Art

10 cool crafts for teens

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Get yourself a tweezer, metallic nail tape, a glitter top coat and a pair of cuticle scissors and you’re all set to complete this craft without breaking a sweat.

11. Baseball String Bracelet

11 cool crafts for teens

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If you really love baseball, then why not make yourself a bracelet by using one of your older and worn out balls as the only material? It’s easy and fun and will definitely make your friends green with envy.

12. Sharpie Tie Dye Tee

12 cool crafts for teens

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We all have a plain white tee that is boring to wear so it always stays in the closet. It’s time to fish it out and transform it completely with this DIY craft.

13. Anthropology Inspired Mugs

13 cool crafts for teens

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Use a sharpie and your knowledge of anthropology for this craft.

14. Thumb Tack Word Art

14 cool crafts for teens

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Let your love for words be conveyed clearly through this craft made of Thumb tacks.

15. Galaxy Print Tee

15 cool crafts for teens

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We’re all fascinated by the vast expanses of our universe. Why not try to replicate the design of an entire galaxy and try to scale it down so that it may fit on your tee?

16. Ship In A Bottle

16 cool crafts for teens

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You will be surprised, and vastly relieved, to learn that a ship in the bottle, which is the object of fascination for most of us, is actually quite simple to make if you know the right trick. Seriously impress your friend by making one of your own.

17. Flower Crowns

17 cool crafts for teens

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You can either make a tiara at home for yourself, or someone you’re close with. They will really appreciate it.

18. Custom Book Covers

18 cool crafts for teens

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One shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. However, that’s no reason to not make it look as beautiful as you possibly can.

19. Peony Headband

19 cool crafts for teens

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If a tiara doesn’t tickle your fancy; then this Peony headband surely will!

20. Studded Chuck’s

20 cool crafts for teens

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Convert your plain sneakers by giving them a much more sinister appearance that will make you look edgy.

cool crafts for teens

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