20 Awesome Recycled Plastic Straw Ideas & Projects

Don’t recycle your plastic straws! You can make awesome things with them. Have fun and create something for your home. Find out the…

Best 20 Recycled Plastic Straw Ideas you can create and use as a decoration

You and your kids will have too much fun while creating these amazing ideas. Instead of letting your kids play on the computer all day – you can have fun with them and make them more creative. Use these awesome ideas to make your kid creative and to make creative decorations and projects together.


1. Little plastic straw basket

Add your colored pencils in this awesome little basket. This is very easy to do. You will need cardboard to make the basket and stick the plastic straws with glue on the cardboard.

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2. Christmas decoration

The plastic straw Christmas decorations can be made easily. You need a needle, thread, plastic straws, and cardboard flowers. Start with creating the cardboard flowers (create a hole in the middle). Then put the thread in the needle and put the needle in the hole of the plastic straws and cardboard flowers.

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3. Plastic case for plastic straws

With the used straws you can make a plastic straw holder for your other plastic straws. It is very easy to do. All you need are used plastic straws and glue.

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4. Plastic straw art

You can make beautiful wall art with used plastic straws. What do you need to do? Just glue them together and add a thread on the top so you can attach it on the wall. Or you can attach it to a tree outside.

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5. Plastic straw picture

Create an amazing plastic straw picture. It is very simple. Make a wooden photo frame and cut open your plastic straws. After that, glue them together. And with a scalpel, you can make it more appealing. 

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6. Plastic strawflower

Make a beautiful flower decoration with plastic straws. You can also do the vase. Just cut open the straws and glue them together. They are flexible so you can use your creative side to make this vase.

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7. Starburst plastic straw ornament

This is very simple. Cut the plastic straw in half and glue them together – in the shape of a starburst. Now you have a beautiful ornament you can use for special occasions. 

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8. Geodesic plastic straw dome

This is challenging. But it’s an amazing idea to do with your little ones. A little bit of glue and cut on half plastic straws – can make your dream come true. Make something that you and your kids’ will be proud of.

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9. Hawaiian plastic straw lei

Easy to create plastic straw Hawaiian lei. For this, you’re going to need a thread, little cut plastic straws, and little plastic flowers. Just put the thread inside the plastic straw and inside the flowers. Now, you made a beautiful Hawaiian lei. Congrats!

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10. Plastic straw butterfly

Create awesome butterflies from your plastic straws. You can glue them together on a clip. Add eyes and a smiley face. Now, you can attach them to the wall.

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11. Maze game

You can make your kids’ a great maze game with a marble – from plastic straws! It’s very easy to do. You can glue the straws in cardboard and add a little ball in there. Now your kids can enjoy a good old game of marble maze.

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12. Plastic straw necklace

Beautiful and easy to make necklaces are the way to go. You can create these necklaces with just a thread – no need to overcomplicate things. 

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13. Plastic straw bracelet

You can make this with a zig-zag method. Using a thread you can zig-zag it in the openings of the plastic straws. And at the end, just fasten the thread and wear your new bracelet.

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14. Table placemat

Find little wooden sticks and glue the plastic straws on the sticks. Now you have a cool table plastic straw mat. 

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15. Bedded plastic straw curtain

Make your kids’ bed more appealing and beautiful. These easy to make straw curtains can be made with a thread and plastic straws.

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16. Plastic straw recycle bin

Recycle all of your papers in this awesome recycle bin from plastic straws. To make it stronger, use a thread and glue.

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17. Plastic straw Christmas tree

You can easily make a Christmas tree from your plastic straws. Just glue them together and make a plastic straw star so you can add to the top.

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18. Plastic straw for your keys

Add some creativeness to your keys. You can create this key attachment very easily. Cut open the plastic straws and fasten them together.

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19. Christmas tree ornaments

Create some simple ornaments for your Christmas tree. You glue the plastic straws together and add a thread so you can hang it on the Christmas tree.

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20. Heart straw

Create an amazing wall decoration with plastic straws. Cut the plastic straws, glue them together (shaping a heart), and hang it on the wall. Looks pretty and feels awesome.

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Final Thoughts

Connecting with your kids is essential in life. With these little projects, you can make your kid more creative. Don’t let your kids’ sit on the computer or their phones all day! Make them do something outside of the screen. 

These are great ideas you can make. Simple and easy to create, and they won’t cost you at all.


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