50+ Stunning Cottage Style Garden Ideas to Create the Perfect Getaway Spot

50 cottage style garden designs & plans ideas

Old-fashioned cottage gardens can be a treasured addition to a home and will deliver charms and delights season after season, with some attention to details.

Cottage gardens were originally small plots of land next to peasants’ cottages. They were filled with homely crops, mixtures of vegetables, herbs, and perhaps a fruit tree. The garden’s purpose was not that of a decorative landscape, but rather, a source of food.

Then, in the late 1800s, Gertrude Jekyll, an English gardener, landscape designer, and author, began designing gardens for family and friends. Her reputation grew, as did the gardens, and her skills steadily were in demand throughout England and Europe. She was responsible for raising the lowly cottage garden’s useful non-design to living and breathing high art.

All cottage gardens have certain elements, with a combination of any or all of the following:

  • Small treasures, such as a pot of flowers, hidden behind larger plants
  • Paths through the garden, comprised of such materials as flagstone
  • Old-fashioned flowers, such as zinnias, asters, and roses of all varieties
  • Decorations, such as benches, fountains, statuary, and gazing balls
  • A mixture of flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables

Cottage gardens usually look best with smaller or less formal houses, as that is their original nature. For those who prefer clipped shrubs and formal topiaries, a cottage garden is probably not the best choice.

When the Romantic Movement began, cottage gardens became places where the creative spirit could blossom and grow along with the plants. Poets praised them and found inspiration in the plethora of colors, textures, and scents.

The more comfortable modern life is, the more often people tend to turn to the classic beauty. This is true of cottage style gardens. It is a combination of natural beauty, re-purpose vintage items available in your home.

It gives you the feeling of relaxation after a tired day. Use the ideas in this article to make a difference to your garden. Here’re these 50+ beautiful cottage style garden ideas and plans.

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Use the ideas in this article to make a difference to your garden. Here're these 50+ beautiful cottage style garden ideas and plans

Wheelbarrow with Blooming Planters
Source: organizedclutter.net

White Picket Fence with Arch
Source: hgtv.com
Outdoor Shelving with Shovel Sign
Source: blessmyweeds.com
 Cottage Style Garden Ideas for Old Furniture
Source: lavanda-artdizayn.az

Dramatic Flowers Climbing on an Arbor
Source: blog.styleestate.com
Bicycle Baskets Overflowing with Blossoms
Source: junkchiccottage.blogspot.com
Barrel of Petunias by the Bird Feeder
Source: loveofwhite.blogspot.com
Climbing Roses on the Gate
Source: wilsonrosegarden.com
Ladder Plant Stand with Birdhouses
Source: onechitecture.com
Old Pots and Pans as Planters
Source: bhg.com
Old-Fashioned Flowers in Containers
Source: homedecor17.com
Shady Garden Dining Corner with Vines
Source: hannashantverk.blogspot.com
 Tall Border with Roses and Snapdragons
Source: davidaustinroses.co.uk
Petunias Overflowing from a Tilted Planter
Source: extension.msstate.edu

Tiered Potted Roses in Planters

Tiered Potted Roses in Planters
Source: gardenstyleliving.tumblr.com

Serene Fountain Corner with a Bench

Serene Fountain Corner with a Bench
Source: hookedonhouses.net

Paths in Cottage Style Garden Ideas

Paths in Cottage Style Garden Ideas
Source: homestolove.com.au
Bright Painted Fence with Rainbow Flowers
Source: hausdesign.pro
Garden Arch Overflowing with Roses
Source: countryliving.com
Curved Path with Tall Flowers
Source: countryliving.com
Meandering Path with Potted Flowers
Source: gardenmagz.com
Antique Chairs with Lush Shade Plants
Source: dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.com
Fantasy Gazebo with Wild Gardens
Source: hgtv.com
 Curving Brick Path and Shady Seating
Source: morgansmithbaritone.com
Stone Path with All White Flowers
Source: yoamolasmanualidades.com
Circular Lily Pond with Tall Plants
Source: english-country-cottages.co.uk
Display with Sign and Potted Flowers
Source: stecktgeschichte.info
Elegant Dining Table Surrounded by Flowers
Source: stylemadesimple.co.uk
Dramatic Pink and White Display
Source: richhall.co
Border with Three Colors of Daisies
Source: fancydecors.co
Neat Hedges and Lush Flowers
Source: pinterest.com
Stone Steps with Ground Cover Flowers
Source: vintagerosebrocante.tumblr.com
Planted Wheelbarrow in Lush Greens
Source: diynetwork.com
Hanging Baskets on the Gate
Source: southernliving.com
Rusted Wagon and Weathered Sign
Source: pinterest.com
Aging Gracefully with Potted Geraniums
Source: organizedclutter.net
Cottage Style Garden Ideas for Upcycling
Source: loveofwhite.blogspot.com
Wooden Gate with Tall Blossoms
Source: rachelwarne.co.uk
Potting Bench with Reclaimed Door
Source: project.theownerbuildernetwork.co
Potted Herb Garden on a Table
Source: reinventedcollection.com
Tipped Pot with Bright Flowers
Source: pinterest.com
Bench and Arbor with Climbing Roses
Source: tilfordcottagegarden.co.uk
Hyacinths in a Birdcage with Vines
Source: amazinggraceinteriors.co.uk
Double Roses on a Climbing Arch
Source: wartaku.net
Overflowing Window Boxes with Tall Flowers
Source: photoscollecction.blogspot.com
Blossoming Vines Climbing a Wall
Source: theswenglishhome.blogspot.com

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