15 Crochet Boys Sun Hat Free Patterns

Last Updated on December 16, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Are you looking for fun-looking crochet boys sun hat-free patterns? Keep reading the article that will present 15 amazing sun hat collections that will impress your son. The ideas are impressive, and fortunately, you will have a large set to select. Check the details from the source and get started with the project.

best crochet boys sun hat free patterns

1. Newborn top hat crochet free pattern

1 crochet boys sun hat free patterns

The newborn top hat crochet pattern is the cutest boy crochet-hat you want to start the crochet hat ideas. Everything about the crochet hat pattern looks appealing, and the designer provides a tutorial that will be a milestone for beginners.

Source: http://www.creamofthecropcrochet.com/newborn-top-hat-crochet-pattern/

2. Elegant crochet sunhat

2 crochet boys sun hat free patterns

The elegant crochet sunhat is another beautiful crochet hat pattern that will help your son during the sunny seasons. The elegant sun hat has perfect knits that will be easy for the beginner to follow. Check the source to inspire you as you get started with the idea.

Source: https://traversebaycrochet.com/2018/07/02/crochet-elegant-sunhat-5-sizes

3. Makin’s lemonade sunhat

3 crochet boys sun hat free patterns

Makin’s lemonade sunhat is a perfect summer hat. Its bright yellow color will proudly pass the message of the summer seasons. Check out the source to get inspiration on how you can get started with this cute crochet design.

Source: https://www.acrochetedsimplicity.com/makin-lemonade-sunhat-free-crochet-pattern-adult-sizes/

4. Fun in the sunhat 

4 crochet boys sun hat free patterns

Fun in the sunhat is another excellent idea that you will want to try for your son. The hat is perfect and will make your son happy during the sunny summers. It is a free pattern with the knitting instructions attached to simplify your task while you are crocheting.

Source: https://ofbooksandhooks.com/crochet-patterns/sun-hat-crochet-pattern

5. Daffodil sunhat

5 crochet boys sun hat free patterns

Here is another fantastic sunhat that will make your boy child outstanding in the crowd. You can try this crochet pattern so that you gift your son during the birthday party. All the knitting instructions are available.

Source: http://snowdropcreates.com/index.php/2019/05/10/daffodil-sunhat/

6. Crochet kid’s cowboy sunhat

6 crochet boys sun hat free patterns

Crochet kid’s cowboy sunhat is another fantastic crochet idea that you can try during your leisure nights. The pattern follows simple knitting steps, and it won’t be a challenge if you can pay attention to details.

 Source: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/childs-cowboy-hat

7. Crochet cowboy sunhat

7 crochet boys sun hat free patterns

Crochet cowboy sunhat is another free boy hat crochet that you will want to try during leisure hours. It no longer funs buying new huts during sunny seasons. You should try your hat with crochet art and see if you can get something different.

 Source: https://www.projectarian.com/2017/08/21/cowboy-hat-free-crochet-pattern/

8. Brimmed sunhat

8 crochet boys sun hat free patterns

The crochet brimmed sunhat ranks among the best crochet ideas you can make using yarn and a hook. You will appreciate the easy crochet steps you can follow while crocheting this hat, though experts will do without a manual.

Source: https://www.lionbrand.com/products/crochet-pattern-kids-sun-hat-1

9. The bumblebee sunhat

9 crochet boys sun hat free patterns

If your son is fond of flies and other insects, the bumblebee crochet hat will be a perfect gift for him. This pattern brings out the picture of a yellow bee. Your son will enjoy the adventure with this cute sunhat.

Source: http://mymerrymessylife.com/2014/06/free-crochet-bumblebee-sun-hat-all-sizes.html

10. Crochet cotton sunhat

10 crochet boys sun hat free patterns

The crochet cotton sunhat is among the best ideas you should try now. This pattern is lovely due to its perfect round strips that you can customize with your favorite color choices. Take a look at the source for inspiration on how you will go about the art.

 Source: http://www.myhobbyiscrochet.com/2013/07/crochet-sun-hat-for-boys-ocean-and-sun.html

11. The tilly hat

11 crochet boys sun hat free patterns

The tilly hat ranks among the cute idea that you want to do. You won’t need to attend crochet lessons to do this. All you need is a yarn and a hook, and you are ready to start over the excellent crochet pattern.

Source: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/boys-or-girls-baby-fishing-tilly-hat-14

12. Crochet baby newsboy hat

12 crochet boys sun hat free patterns

Crochet baby newsboy hat is undoubtedly an excellent gift that you can give to your son during the hot summers. Everything about the crochet hat is appealing, and you should not hesitate to get started with the idea.

Source: http://www.ochrepome.com/blog/baby-newsboy-hat

13. The toddler boy sunhat

13 crochet boys sun hat free patterns

The toddler boy sunhat ranks best among the available toddler hats. It is perfect for a 2 to the three-year-old kid, though you can also create one for a =even a ten-year son. Check the knitting steps to help you do this crochet.

Source: http://mymerrymessylife.com/2012/04/crochet-toddler-boy-sun-hat-free-crochet-pattern.html

14. Crochet boy toddler summer hat

14 crochet boys sun hat free patterns

You have lots of options. There are plenty of ideas that you can try if you want to get started with the toddler sunhat crochet patterns check the source here to inspire you on how to crochet a boy toddler summer hat.

Source: http://mymerrymessylife.com/2013/05/crochet-summer-sun-hat-free-patterns-for-a-baby-and-toddler.html

15. Crochet caterpillar sunhat

15 crochet boys sun hat free patterns

Here is a cute crochet hat pattern that will be perfect for your kid. The flowers surrounding the hat from the center make it look quite appealing. Your boy will admire this idea, and it will always be a reason to love you as a mother.

 Source: http://mymerrymessylife.com/2012/05/crochet-caterpillar-toddler-boy-sun-hat-free-crochet-pattern.html