15 Crochet Daisy Flower Blanket Free Patterns

Last Updated on January 21, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

The daisy flower blanket free patterns could be the best crochets for babies and home decorations. Take a look at the best designs assembled for you. They are 15 best crochet daisy flower ideas and choose the best that will suit your needs.

1. Princess daisy flower blanket

Princess daisy flower blanket

Princess daisy flower blanket is one of the best daisy flower crochets that you can try at home. It’s a perfect blanket that will fit your daisy bed. Stitching a daisy flower blanket is simple.

It may appear daunting for beginners, but once you master the art, it becomes easier. Unlike other crochets that need perfect gauging, the daisy flower does not need gauging. The customer’s reviews seem impressive for it receives 5-star ratings.


2. Vintage Daisy motif blanket

Vintage Daisy motif blanket

Crocheting involves the join-as-you-go style which is a culture with the vintage daisy motif blanket. The vintage daisy motif blanket will allow you to play with different colors, and it will be appealing to your eyes. It’s the best crochet idea that makes use of a daisy flower blanket pattern.


3. Daisy blanket afghan

Daisy blanket afghan

The daisy blanket afghan is one of the best daisy crochet ideas that you can try. Many tutorials will guide you through the steps that you will follow when stitching.

The daisy blanket afghan looks quite appealing since it joins several flowers together with threads of different colors. It gives it that cute appearance that will impress everyone who loves playing with colors.


4. Daisy afghan

Daisy afghan

Are you looking for a baby gift? Daisy afghan is the best gift that you can reward your baby. The crochet will be best when you have it in a little girl’s room, considering the color combinations that make it up.

Notably, the choice of colors will vary depending on your prevalence, but you should be happy because the color options are endless.


5. Crochet daisy garden blanket

Crochet daisy garden blanket

When crocheting this blanket, your desires and imaginations will be guiding you to do what you like. The crochet is quite enticing and will be a great gift for summer days. Stitching the crochet daisy garden blanket is simple. It will only be a bit challenging if you are a beginner.


6. Daisy granny square blanket

Daisy granny square blanket

The daisy granny square blanket looks cute. You will admire the big large square and the small squares that sandwich beautiful flowers at the center. Crocheting has gone this far, and you can now try new things with this cute idea. The daisy granny square blanket is easy to knit, and it will be a walkover when you are a pro.


7. Daisy puffagon blanket

Daisy puffagon blanket

All you need to make a daisy puffagon crochet is a yarn and a hook. You will then master the tricks to get it right when joining the beginning and the ends nicely. Working on this crochet isn’t that easy, but the results will always be fruitful. The reviews about crochet are quite appealing, and you will surely love it.


8. Field of daisy blanket

Field of daisy blanket

One of the most beautiful daisy crochets is the field of daisy blanket. It will take days of joining the beautiful daisy crochets together in an angle that will suit you. Some will prefer parallel, while others will use the slanting order.

The crochet gets a name from what makes a large blanket out of many Daisy flowers. If you love colors, you can mix things up basing on your creativity.


9. Wild daisies baby blanket

Wild daisies baby blanket

The wild daisies baby blanket is another excellent crochet flower that you can try at home. It is a modification of a daisy applique pattern. The flowers here are tiny, unlike the bold daisy flowers that make other patterns. The number of flowers used also is minimal, to depict that wild setting!

Source: Ravelry and instruction

10. Mitered granny square blanket

Mitered granny square blanket

Notably, some will think that the mitered granny square blanket is old fashioned, but the truth remains that they are the cutest crochet patterns available. The beginners will find this simple, but it becomes more challenging as you continue joining the small squares to form a big blanket.


11. Cluster daisy blanket

Cluster daisy blanket

The chic design with a perfect size will impress you when it comes to the cluster daisy blanket. The blanket is best for gifts and home decorations. You can buy it as a gift for your children or even your parents.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and you should be thinking of unique items like this to make your loved one happy. You can opt to buy a ready one. You can follow the simple steps to stitch it yourself!


12. Gerbera garden blanket

Gerbera garden blanket

Gerbera garden blankets can come in different sizes depending on the number of flowers that you use. You can adjust the size by either increasing or decreasing the number of gerbera flowers. Makes sure to use colors.

You can use a range of colors from orange, yellow, pink, and even dark pink. The stitching tips are simple, and you will only need to know the chain stitch, finger wrap, and slip stitch.


13. Octagon daisy afghan

Octagon daisy afghan

When stitching an octagon daisy afghan, you will need to use a soft touch yarn, and get it in three colors. A five Millimeter hook will be perfect when stitching the crochet. Basic crochet tips are essential for this project, and you will be basing them on US crocheting terms.


14. Angelfee’s daisy crochet

Angelfee’s daisy crochet

The cute little daisy flowers in the middle look quite appealing. You don’t need vast expertise to stitch this but rather basic knowledge in stitching. You can mix up colors if you are the kind that loves colors, but it must never come below their colors.


15. Granny square daisy love

Granny square daisy love

The Granny square love is the perfect crochet that combines the granny crochet skills with the daisy flower fashions. The beautiful daisy flowers sandwiched in the granny squares look appealing. You will need the skills of Granny crochets and Daisy for easy stitching of the cranny square love.