15 Crochet Necklace Free Patterns

Last Updated on January 21, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Did you know that it is now possible to crochet beautiful necklaces? It is the latest practice that many women are now resorting to in an attempt to stay pretty.

Here the crochet necklace patterns that you can try if you love doing it yourself. It is possible to customize them to meet your needs.

1. Crochet bead necklace

1 crochet necklace free patterns

You can reward your friend with this beautiful necklace these valentines, though it can be a good reward for yourself. The crochet bead necklace will look elegant when you match it with the attire you put on for Valentine’s. The steps to make it are easy, and you don’t need to be a pro to do it.


2. Triangular crochet necklace

2 crochet necklace free patterns

The triangular necklace is best for ladies who need to increase a bit of privacy around the bra. You can wear this jewel around the bra to reduce the exposure of cleavage. The role of the crochet necklace is to cover the body. Though, it plays more roles for modesty.


3. DIY crochet bead necklace

3 crochet necklace free patterns

It may sound quite challenging to crochet with beads, but once you master the art, it becomes easy. The DIY crochet bead necklace looks quite appealing on your neck, and it will appear far much better than the design. It is a lovely gift for valentine, or you can have it for your fashion.

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4. Crochet twist necklace

4 crochet necklace free patterns

The crochet twist necklace is the best type of crochet that you can try at home. The choice and mix of colors are just quite appealing, and you can try it at home. Find out all the steps that you can follow while crocheting from the source below.


5. Crochet ladder ribbon necklace

5 crochet necklace free patterns

Are you looking for a dazzling necklace from the crochet? Try out the beautiful crochet ladder necklace that will replace your yearning for beads. All you need is a shiny yarn that will help you create beautiful necklace crochet. Notably, the crochet is lightweight and will be easy to make. You can do as many as you can while mixing the colors.


6. Yellow crochet necklace

6 crochet necklace free patterns

What if you try this beautiful yellow crochet necklace? All you need are the colored threads that have a contrast form. If you have been doing crocheting for some time, you will realize that the idea is simple. The pattern is perfect for ladies with a long neck. You can try as many colors as you can to be in a better position.


7. Rose garden crochet necklace

7 crochet necklace free patterns

Make use of your leisure time by crocheting this beautiful rose garden crochet necklace. It is among the exotic free patterns that look quite enticing to the eye, and it won’t take lots of your time. You need to be creative and do a mix of colors, and there you have your beautiful rose flower necklace.


8. Crochet necklace pattern free

8 crochet necklace free patterns

The beads are indeed the reasons why the necklaces are dazzling. But of course, when you use the crochet, it becomes more gracious. It’s fashionable and yet so adorable considering how it will mimic the bead, and you won’t even notice even while you are at a closer range. You can try it during your leisure days and present it as a valentine’s gift.


9. Crochet flower necklace pattern

9 crochet necklace free patterns

The crochet flower necklace pattern is among the best free crochets that won’t take lots of your time. You need to join several beautiful colored flowers together to form a necklace jewel. If you can get creative enough, you can make beautiful flowers within a flower to increase the beauty of your crochet necklace.


10. Crochet ring necklace

10 crochet necklace free patterns

A crochet ring necklace is indeed a beautiful crochet free patterns that you should be having in your wardrobe. The fact that it does not cost that much to design is why you should be thinking about it. You can do ring crochet with your skills in crocheting. Get cute colors that will marry well with your skin.


11. Crochet bunting necklace

11 crochet necklace free patterns

You don’t deserve to suffer pondering about what you will gift your lover with this valentine. The crochet bunting necklace is easy to make, and it uses unique accessories. Only a couple of stitches will deliver the pattern for you. Therefore, you won need to be a pro to get it done.


12. Crochet chain necklace

12 crochet necklace free patterns

One of the cute looking crochet necklaces is the chain necklace. Yarn and a crochet hook will get things done for you. You can use your best choice of colors depending on your prevalence and do as many as you can. It can be best as a gift for your lover during the valentine. Details about stitching are available in the source.


13. Flower necklace Hawaiian dream

13 crochet necklace free patterns

The steps are easy to follow if you are a beginner with crocheting. The flower necklace is cute, and it won’t consume lots of your time because it will be a matter of joining the crochet flowers on the crochet string and there your cute looking necklace flower is ready.


14. Crochet kids necklace

14 crochet necklace free patterns

The crochet kid necklace is appealing, and it will make your kid fall in love with the crochets. This unique necklace is easy to design, and you only need to follow a few crocheting rules. Crochet kid necklace is among the cute designs that everyone.


15. Crochet bib necklace

15 crochet necklace free patterns

 You don’t need to look more for a gift. The crochet bib necklace is the perfect gift for you and your friend. It is dazzling, and you won’t have to struggle so much with the stitches because they are easy to follow. It is a beautiful bib necklace that will warm your hearts when you have it at your neck.