15 Crochet Slouchy Beanie Hat Free Patterns

Last Updated on December 16, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Slouchy beanie hats are now so trendy with women. It is a nice hat for the evening and afternoon outings. People appreciate the hat because it is not very tight, giving you comfort even while dealing with your day to day duties.

The slouchy hat has a casual look that you will want while you are in for your routines. It is always easier knitting the slouchy beanie hat. Here are the 15 best crochet slouchy beanie hat patterns for you that you can try at home.

free crochet slaunchy beanie hat patterns

1. Elevated honeycomb crochet slouch

1 crochet slouchy beanie hat free patterns

The hat is undoubtedly the best slouchy beanie hat that you will want to give it a try at home. It is an airy cute hat with a simple stitch. Knitting this won’t be quite challenging if you are a pro knitter. The famous EHC is a modern idea that makes use of crochet stitches.


2. Honeycomb cabled beanie

2 crochet slouchy beanie hat free patterns

Honeycomb cabled beanie has the best crochet texture. The honeycomb crochet beanie is the ultimate option that you can try at home. The pattern is flexible, and you can modify the size by adjusting the length band. Interestingly, the crochet is not tight and will be a cute cover while you are engaged in your casual duties.


3. The Fatima slouchy

3 crochet slouchy beanie hat free patterns

If you are looking for a stylish slouchy design, you should try the Fatima slouchy crochet hat. The fashionable design does have a nice texture. Its colors make it look so appealing. The pompon top adds to the beauty, and you will admire the beauty it will show while you have it covering your hair.


4. Double brim crochet beanie

4 crochet slouchy beanie hat free patterns

Double brim crochet beanie is among the cute crochet hat ideas that use easy to follow crochet stitches. When making this beautiful crochet hat, you will be careful to reduce the tension. Knitters will need to use a bigger hook, to be sure that they are making something that will look like the double brim crochet beanie.


5. Super simple slouchy beanie

Slouchy beanie is a super simple hat that will favor the beginners. The hat is stylish, and you will only need to use a medium worsted weight yarn. The taupe and grey blend makes it look so appealing. You will also like the hints of gold which gives it that beautiful sheen. You can wear this hat for fall and cold winters.


6. Cabled slouchy beanie

Cabled slouchy beanie is among the crochet hat free patterns which are almost similar to a ribbed band. You only need to master the crochet art to enable you to maneuver through the simple stitches that make the cabled slouchy beanie. The design will be casual wear that you can wear when you are on your night outs.


7. Cookies and cream slouch hat

7 crochet slouchy beanie hat free patterns

The cookies and cream slouch heart will be the best crochet that will help you pass the message of your love for cookies and creams! Crocheting is always getting interesting since your creativity will determine what you will want to try. Cookies and cream colors appear to be the latest thing to try with the thread.


8. Venus shell slouch hat

8 crochet slouchy beanie hat free patterns

The Venus shell slouch hat is a trendy crochet design that will make you stylish when you have it as casual wear. You will be at liberty to choose the color designs that will impress you. It will wise to match it with your closet or anything like your beddings. 


9. Rustic slouch crochet pattern

9 crochet slouchy beanie hat free patterns

Here is one of the most appealing crochet designs that you can practice. You will be using a bulky weight yarn which will enable you to design a sturdy pattern. The stitch definitions are clear to allow the knitters to follow every step. It is a beautiful hat pattern that will look great when you have it covering your hair.


10. Jenny slouch hat

10 crochet slouchy beanie hat free patterns

Here is a beautiful slouch hat pattern by Little Monkeys Crochet. Jenny’s slouch heart will be perfect for the teens. You can try this for your baby, and it won’t cost you a lot. It will take less time since the stitches involved are not hard to follow. It is the cutest idea that you will want to give it a try.


11. Ivy beanie

11 crochet slouchy beanie hat free patterns

Ivy beanie is a beautiful crochet type that happens to have been a dedication to the loss of a baby. The designs are cute, and it won’t be a problem if you try them at home. The stitches are easy to follow, and it won’t cost you a great deal of time.


12. Urban jungle slouchy beanie

12 crochet slouchy beanie hat free patterns

The urban jungle hat pattern is best for adults since it uses a fun texture puff stitch. It appears cute when you look at a ribbed band, which the designer creates using the front loop crochet. It will be a fitting design with a stylish look that you can make for your grandmom.


13. The Hadley slouch

13 crochet slouchy beanie hat free patterns

The Hadley slouch is a simple design for it only needs two stitches to complete the hat pattern. You can do it in a single color though some designers who admire multiple colors will find a way to insert some colors to give it a more stylish look. The Hadley slouch will fit a teen or even an adult person.


14. Waffle cone slouchy hat

14 crochet slouchy beanie hat free patterns

Waffle cone slouchy hat is a beautiful mesh hat crochet that uses a bulky yarn. The beanie is extra-long to give it that slouch look. It is simpler making this crochet and could be a perfect rush hour gift for your soul mate.


15. The black cat slouch hat

15 crochet slouchy beanie hat free patterns

A black cat slouch hat is a type of beanie crochet. If you are fond of cat pets and want something that will express your love for cats, then the black cat slouch hat will do. The art makes use of chunky yarn, and it is easy to have it ready.