15 Crochet Women Summer Jacket Cardigan Free Patterns

Last Updated on December 16, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Here are 15 crochet cardigans for women that can be great to be worn during the summers. It will be nice to try crocheting these free patterns during your free time. All instructions are available in the linked sources.

best crochet jacket cardigan for women patterns

1. Super slouchy sweater

1 crochet women summer jacket cardigan patterns

The supper slouchy sweater is the best crochet type that you will want to give a try. Everyone who admires getting the best sweat pants will appreciate the cute design that the slouchy sweater has. All you will need is a heavy-worsted yarn and a perfect hook for crocheting. You can get the inspirations from the link source that we have attached below.

Source: pattern & buy it here

 2. Crochet shrug pattern

2 crochet women summer jacket cardigan patterns

It is a cute project for people who appreciate what crochet can do. Cardigans are cute because they can be perfect dressing during the summer seasons. But what if you begin to do it yourself? It becomes even more appealing because you will be customizing it to fit your own needs.

Source: https://knitcroaddict.com/crochet-shrug-free-pattern-2020/

3. Cozy bridal shawl

3 crochet women summer jacket cardigan patterns

The cozy bridal shawl is the best type that will be perfect for the brides during summer and winter weddings. You can still control the cold seasons by crocheting the best wedding cardigan. The bridal shawl can match well with your winter wedding dress.

Source: https://www.allfreediyweddings.com/Bridal-Attire/Cozy-Bridal-Shawl

4. Piper cuff to cuff cardi

4 crochet women summer jacket cardigan patterns

Here is an easy to crochet cardigan that will only take you a very few seconds before you get it done. It is a soft yet supper fluffy cardigan that you can hook up even with your crocheting skills. It is a perfect design that will be beneficial during the chilly evenings.

Source: https://www.ilikecrochet.com/magazine/crochet-sweater-patterns/piper-cuff-to-cuff-cardi/

5. Woodhill cardigan

5 crochet women summer jacket cardigan patterns

There are several cardigans out there, and one of them is the oversized Woodhill cardigan which boasts its neutral colors and a texture that makes it cute for the women who admires stylish dressing.

All you need to do is follow all the simple steps including working from side to side, adding the armholes ad doubling the crochet sleeves. You will also have to strip the color to give that elegant look.

Source: https://www.ilikecrochet.com/magazine/crochet-sweater-patterns/woodhill-cardigan/

6. Butterfly crochet cardigan

6 crochet women summer jacket cardigan patterns

All details about the cute butterfly crochet are available in the link that we have shared below. It is a beautiful light and lacy crochet cardigan which as an oversized sleeve. It is a chic design that you should try if you are a pro crocheter. It does mean that beginners should not try crochet.

Source: https://www.ilikecrochet.com/crochet-sweater-patterns/butterfly-crochet-cardigan/

7. Cascading waterfall cardigan

7 crochet women summer jacket cardigan patterns

Did you know that the cascading waterfall cardigan is among the cute designs you can crochet with ease? It has a perfect lace pattern which makes it impressive for all people. Try this easy to make crochet and see if you can have a new cardigan for your summer.

Source: http://www.ilikecrochet.com/crochet-sweater-patterns/cascading-waterfall-cardigan/

8.  Cozy chic cardigan 

8 crochet women summer jacket cardigan patterns

Cozy chic cardigans are among the best crochet designs that you can always find. Hic cute cardigan is worked bottom-up in a single piece. You can increase more beauty by adding a lovely alpaca silk yarn to make it more beautiful. It is a beautiful crochet design that you may try at home.

Source: http://www.ilikecrochet.com/crochet-sweater-patterns/cozy-chic-cardi/

9. Tied and true cardigan

9 crochet women summer jacket cardigan patterns

Tied and the true cardigan is the best type of design that uses the satin ribbon ties with an open-sided kimono style. It is a romantic pattern that poses a romantic style with an effortless style. If you are a first-time crocheter, then you can try this cute crochet.

Source: https://www.ilikecrochet.com/magazine/crochet-sweater-patterns/tied-and-true-cardigan/

 10. Pineapple cardigan

10 crochet women summer jacket cardigan patterns

Pineapple cardigan is yet another cute idea that has a time-honored pineapple lace. It is nice to double crochet with vertical lace panels. It is perfect to wear that you can put on for an office worker, or just during the night strolls during summer seasons. The stitching instructions are easy, and it won’t consume more of your time.

Source: http://www.ilikecrochet.com/crochet-sweater-patterns/pineapple-cardigan/

11. Blueberry fields kimono

11 crochet women summer jacket cardigan patterns

The blueberry fields is a cute cardigan that you can work it from side to side. You will need to differently crochet the pieces then use a needle to sew them together. The sleeves are quite appealing, and they take third-quarter lengths. You can trust the crochet cardigan for the cold summers.

Source: http://www.ilikecrochet.com/crochet-sweater-patterns/blueberry-fields-kimono/

12. Downton jacket

12 crochet women summer jacket cardigan patterns

Downton could be your next crocheting assignment if you need a cute cardigan that will work for the chilly seasons. All the features look impressive; the wide sleeves, deep armholes and full body length from the hips. It is a versatile design that you can put non with a dress.

Source: http://www.ilikecrochet.com/crochet-top-patterns/downton-jacket/

13. Frosted espresso cardigan

13 crochet women summer jacket cardigan patterns

You will need something that will be perfect during the cold seasons. There are many available options that you will want to try. The frosted espresso cardigan excels in all this. It boasts a beautiful yarn with subtle lies that makes it to look so appealing.

Source: http://www.ilikecrochet.com/crochet-sweater-patterns/frosted-espresso-cardigan/

14. Butterfly crochet cardigan

14 crochet women summer jacket cardigan patterns

The butterfly crochet cardigan is light and lacy. You will appreciate it for being oversized giving it that stylish look. It will be perfect if you want to try out something new during the chilly summer seasons. Everyone admires the chic and reversible cardigans, and that is why you need the butterfly crochet cardigan.

Source: https://eclairemakery.com/butterfly-cardigan-free-crochet-cardigan-pattern/

15. Ladylike buttoned cardi

15 crochet women summer jacket cardigan patterns

Ladylike buttoned cardi does have the best features like the open fronts with cute V-Neckline, and a beautiful filet crochet pattern. You only need to understand the crocheting skills. You can layer it with a dress or even a basic tank top.

Source: http://www.ilikecrochet.com/crochet-sweater-patterns/ladylike-buttoned-cardi/