20+ Clever DIY Driftwood Craft Projects

Last Updated on November 30, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

Many people consider the driftwood as useless. They don’t just find an excellent reason to use a wood that has been found ashore or at the shores of the beach.

We have found many collections of fantastic driftwood craft ideas that can make you realize what the driftwood can do! It’s a great art that delivers beauty and decor in your home! We will give you 20 driftwood craft ideas that will surely warm your heart!

diy driftwood craft ideas

What can I do with driftwood?

There are many practical uses of driftwood. It can be fantastic while making furniture and lamps. The pieces of driftwood yield amazing DIY products.

Driftwood has even extended its applications to build the shelving unit, some racks, jewelry hangers, and a variety of benches.

Can I buy driftwood?

You can collect or buy it! You can purchase the driftwood pieces of all shapes and sizes from the craft and hobby shops. Other fantastic online stores can deliver these driftwoods to you at the most affordable prices, such as eBay!

How do you clean driftwood for crafts?

Once you find your driftwood, the initial process is to clean them. You need to gently brush the driftwood so that sand and dirt are removed.

The next stage is to boil the driftwood for some hours. It kills the organisms that may damage the wood in the future. It’s a way of treating the wood.

How do you attach driftwood to a wall?

Hot glue will be applicable while attaching the driftwood on the wall. Consider the glue that takes the shortest time to dry, though white glue can be the best. It needs patience, for it takes time to dry.

20 Driftwood Craft Ideas

Let us now take a look at the fantastic 20 driftwood craft ideas that are currently the best in wherever you go!

1. DIY driftwood frame

1 driftwood craft projects

This idea is the most straightforward and achievable way to capture your summer holidays! It’s just one of the many driftwood ideas that excel!


2. The star décor!

2 driftwood craft projects

Creating a driftwood star décor is just perfect for your home decoration. You won’t miss places to fit this fantastic driftwood idea!


3. The workout tracker

3 driftwood craft projects

Decoratively developing a workout tracker can be very astounding. It’s smart to do things differently!


4. The candelabra

4 driftwood craft projects

I don’t find reasons for you going to purchase the wholesale candelabras! This candelabra is perfect, and you can add more beauty by employing the succulents.


5. The jewelry holder

5 driftwood craft projects

Driftwoods ideas are amazing! You have that large amounts of jewelry, why can’t you design a jewelry holder using this clever piece of driftwood?

6. The DIY candle holder

6 driftwood craft projects

Driftwood can be a fantastic candle holder. Look at this?

7. The coastal candle holder idea

7 driftwood craft projects

The coastal candle holder idea is undoubtedly the best way to make good use of the driftwood! We admire these fantastic ideas.


8. The mirror

8 driftwood craft projects

It’s only, not the mirror, and it’s the driftwood mirror. It’s a charming, whimsical mirror just for you.


9. Signboard

9 driftwood craft projects

It’s the application that is often overlooked. Use the driftwood to erect a simple sign at the gate of your home.


10. The driftwood flower vase

10 driftwood craft projects

The intention is to create a lovely centerpiece with test tubes and the old driftwood


11. The plant holders

11 driftwood craft projects

Driftwood can be so appealing when we use it as plant holders. It’s just what the driftwood raft ideas entail.


12. The fish driftwood

12 driftwood craft projects

It is a practical way to display your love for fish! Get this fantastic driftwood idea and make the statement of appreciation for fish!


13. Noughts and crosses

13 driftwood craft projects

What is this? We don’t know, but we love how they employ the driftwood idea.


14. The placemat

14 driftwood craft projects

It is a placemat. Some may think it’s never cute, but we don’t want to lie. it’s fun!


15. Craft amazing decors

15 driftwood craft projects

Did you know that the driftwood can be so appealing when you use to craft different sea creatures such as the seahorse?


16. The DIY candle holder

16 driftwood craft projects

The driftwoods excel as candleholders. We are merely giving you another option!


17. The driftwood lamp

17 driftwood craft projects

Look at this tabletop driftwood lamp? It perfectly matches with the wall décor, and there you should consider it!


18. DIY driftwood planter

18 driftwood craft projects

When your garden is too cluttered, you can employ the driftwood craft ideas, aha!


19. Do you have your wall garden?

19 driftwood craft projects

Yes, a walled garden? Isn’t this so lovely? I mean, at your wall!


20. The driftwood orb

20 driftwood craft projects

All of these are smart decorations. The spherical ball is a perfect design for you.



To conclude, the practical applications of the driftwood are unending! You can use the ideas above to develop more ideas that will, for sure, bring the best out of your creativity!