20+ Best Farmhouse Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

Last Updated on December 2, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

The farmhouse style has become one of the most admired home decor styles nowadays.

The use of neutral colors, the possibility of re-using antiques, the warmth of the wood and faux fur brings the coziness to any room.

The fact that this style allows a contemporary deco, rustic decor, modern decor, chic decor, etc.is one of the main reasons why it is so popular.

Today, you will find some ideas to apply on your master bedroom.

best farmhouse master bedroom ideas

What is a Farmhouse Master Bedroom?

The master bedroom is usually the largest room of the house and the one with the better furniture. Being a bedroom, you’d like it to calming, and comfortable. So, elements like white or light neutral colors and cozy fabrics will naturally fit in.

Below you can see some suggestions of this exceptional style.

20 best Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

1. Wood Beams

1 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

Ceiling wood beams are a great architectural feature that suits any master bedroom. If you don’t have those, there are several faux wood options on the market, that are easy to install and have an incredible realistic appearance.

2. Wood + wood + wood

2 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

2 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas 1

With the farmhouse décor style, you can have several items in wood in your master bedroom. This will add an intense cottage charm and warmth to your space.

3. Shiplap Walls

3 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

Shiplap walls are synonym of rustic beauty in your master room.

4. All-wood ceiling

4 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

An all-wood ceiling can take you back in time, make you feel like you are sleeping in the countryside.

5. Modern farmhouse bed

5 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

The beauty of the farmhouse decoration style is that there are no mandatory elements. So, if you prefer modern beds, feel confident about using one in your master bedroom.

6. Spacious master bedroom

6 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

For a spacious master bedroom, you can have bigger furniture and add some vintage chairs and/or a working space without having functionality compromising the beauty of the space.

7. Sleigh Bed

7 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

If you enjoy spending time in your master bedroom, have a seating area, where you can read a book or just relax. For a more enjoyable space, use neutral colors and comfy and smooth fabrics.

8. Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom

8 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

A great example of a modern farmhouse master bedroom. Notice that gray is the dominant wall color, which adds so much character to the space. The large windows allow natural light to come in, changing the dark ambiance into a brighter one.

9. Deer Head Above Bed

9 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

Rustic master bedrooms frequently have a wooden deer head above bed. The bigger the wall height, the bigger the deer head can be.

10. Ring Chandelier

10 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

Add an antique iron ring chandelier and get this glamorous chic look in your master bedroom.

11. Elegant Provincial Master Bedroom

11 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

Farmhouse Provincial style in master bedrooms make them so elegant and relaxing.

12. Romantic Master Bedroom

12 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

A farmhouse modern style master bedroom with a romantic touch.
Smocked Roses design in just one pillow, a chandelier that combines delicate glasses and metal, soft colors, mixed patterns and silky textures are the key elements to get this romantic feeling.

13. Greenery wreaths

13 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

Distribute some greenery wreaths in your master bedroom to get this freshener and graceful look.

14. Black Lust

14 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

If you are not afraid of black color, use it in your bed. It looks great combined with the brick look wallpaper and the wood ceiling.

15. Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom

15 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

This master bedroom keeps the farmhouse style décor in a modern way, combining pure white, gray and the wooden accent wall. Magnificent choice!

16. Rustic Bedroom

16 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

If you are passionate about rustic farmhouse décor, use it in your master bedroom. A big faux fur blanket, placed strategically over the bed, creates a very cozy sensation.

17. Chalet Style Farmhouse

17 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

A fireplace in the master bedroom is the ultimate trend for comfort, getting that chalet classy look and peaceful ambiance. Winters will be so much more fun now!

18. Mirror on the wall

18 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

Mirrors will bring an extra charm to your master bedroom, creating the illusion of a more spacious room.

19. Feminine Farmhouse Style

19 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

For a more feminine and contemporary décor, add a pale rose color bed. A surprisingly chic and cozy feature.

20. Sophisticated Farmhouse Master Bedroom

20 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

Another example of a rustic, but sophisticated master bedroom. The exposed wood beams, the high ceiling and the fireplace are the key farmhouse décor features of this lovely room.

21. Farmhouse cottage master bedroom

21 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas

22. Cozy farmhouse master bedroom

22 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas


23. Modern farmhouse master bedroom makeover

23 farmhouse master bedroom ideas


24. Modern farmhouse country master bedroom

24 Farmhouse Master Bedroom Ideas


25. Master bedroom wall makeover

25 farmhouse master bedroom ideas



There are several options to transform your master bedroom in a masterpiece. It is very important to decorate your bedroom with elements that you really love and that bring you inner peace and a cozy sensation. Enjoy it!