Four Interior Trends to Be Aware of in 2020

Last Updated on November 30, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

As we steam into a new decade of the twenty-first century, we can be sure to enjoy a raft of new and stylish home accessories, furniture options, and in-home technology to greet homeowners with a penchant for fine interiors.

With a new decade usually having a character of its own, this article aims to map out four of the key interior trends that are emerging in time for the 2020s, showing you which items and additions you can bring into your home to make it a picture of modern opulence in 2020 and beyond.

4 interior trends in 2020

Home-Based Technology

smart home

There’s no doubt that the ‘smart home’ has received a shot in the arm over the past decade – and in 2020, it appears that the significant investment that’s been funneled into this technology will bear rich and exciting fruits for consumers.

As such, it’s time to look at the smart tech market for additions to your home – whether that’s in energy-saving home utility apps, efficient light bulbs, home speakers you control from your phone, or home security systems to keep you and your family safe. Search for the latest in smart tech online in order to update your home for the coming decade.

Minimalism and Futurism

minimalist bathroom

minimalist bathroom 1

minimalist bedroom

minimalist bedroom 2

minimalist bedroom 3

minimalist home decor 1

minimalist home decor 2

minimalist home decor 3

As we’ve mentioned, a new decade ushers in a new set of standards for the most stylish of homes, and it’s in the 2020s that we can expect a renaissance in the kind of stripped-back and clean rooms that have brought minimalism and futurism into the fore of the style world in the past couple of years.

Look to monochromatic paints, soft furnishings, white lights and exposed bricks in order to really show off the dynamism of your home, and the up-to-date nature of your tastes.

Luxury Furniture

Luxury bathroom
Luxury bathroom
Luxury bedroom
Luxury bedroom
Luxury kitchen
Luxury kitchen

There can be no complete interior without a host of luxury furniture included for your family and guests to lounge on as they enjoy the style and technological touches you’ve added to your home.

Search online for the most opulent and exciting statement pieces – including an ornate coffee table – to add to your home’s interior to blend old-world charm with your new-look home, and to add character to each and every room.

Look for the highest-quality pieces – in fine woods and with excellent, patterned upholstery, in order to be on-trend as we head into a new decade.

Environmental Additions

eco living room

environmental bathroom

environmental kitchen

environtal bedroom

No home can be truly complete in the modern era without having taken some precautions to protect the environment through the addition of some interior items that can really help to save the planet.

With eco-concerns gaining in relevancy and urgency, it’s time to install those solar panels, update your insulation, onboard energy-efficient heating systems and appliances, and choose products that are made to last through the whole of the coming decade.

It’s in this way that you can make your home stylish, up-to-date, and long-lasting through interior additions that make a nod to the environment outside.

These four tips are crucial in helping you select your home interior in 2020 – building a home that’s fit for a new decade in the twenty-first century.