81 Adorable DIY Flower Pot Ideas for Gardeners

71 DIY Flower Pot Ideas

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Flower pots have been around for a long time. They’re not only incredibly functional at keeping your garden clutter-free, but they’re also incredibly versatile.

An added bonus is that the right kinds of pots add a certain wow factor depending on the look you’re going for. There are a variety of ways you can style your flower pots and flowers. In this article, we’ll be discussing the best ideas for your flower pot arrangements.

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What flowers go well together in a pot?

It’s quite difficult to say what flowers go well together in a pot since potted plants require a little more tending than non-potted plants.

Sometimes similarly colored flowers will grow well together, adding flowers with contrasting colors also make for a beautiful arrangement, height should also be taken into consideration since flowers with different heights allow a little more wiggle room for the plants to grow.

Make sure you take into consideration your plants’ needs before dumping them into one container.

What can I use as a flower pot?

If you’re looking to upcycle some of your other household materials into flower pots, there are a variety of unique and whimsical options. Here are the top five things you can use as a flower pot:

  • Teacups: these are perfect for small plants like succulents.
  • Crate with moss. This is an incredibly beautiful and decorative way to display and pot your plants.
  • Tin cans.
  • Glass jars.
  • Watering can: this trend has sprouted up in recent years and it looks like it’s here to stay it’s an absolutely adorable look for any home or garden.

How do you decorate a potted plant?

There are many ways to add some life to your potted plants but here our top three ideas:

  • Paint your flower pot. You can use basic colors or you can get creative and make patterns or perhaps some funny expressions for your plants.
  • Decoupage! Take some glue and some of your favorite photos/clippings and go to work adding your personal flair to your potted plants.
  • Create a mosaic on your pots. Find something you can break into tiny pieces like tile or shards of glass and glue them (carefully) onto your flower pot.

How do you decorate terracotta pots?

Terracotta pots are relatively easy to decorate and liven up. There are a lot of ways you can do it but the best would be to paint your pots.

71 Adorable DIY Flower Pots For Gardeners

Pretty plants! And what’s a super awesome succulent without the perfect planter? Here are 71 DIY planters for all those spring flowers.



Polka Dot House Number Jardiniere
source: positivelysplendid.com

Terra Cotta Pot

DIY Flower Pots with Whitewashed Finish
source: tidbits-cami.com


Help Your Succulents Talk with Chalkboard Paint
source: ispydiy.com


Create a Desert Oasis with Aquarium Glass
source: busyhandsart.blogspot.com

Seashell Planter

diy seashell planter
source: us.billabong.com


Dress Up Distressed Flowerpots with Embroidered Details
source: muchocrafts.com

Decoupaged Terra Cotta Pots

A Modern Impressionist Masterpiece with Decoupage
source: placeofmytaste.com

Painted Terracotta Pot

Twine Wrapped Terracotta for Gifting
source: thebeautydojo.com


Victorian Inspired Paper Lace Planters
source: diy-crafts-tutorials.blogspot.com

Concrete & Gold Plant Pots

Concrete Pots with Metallic Accents
source: diyinpdx.com

Stenciled Pots

Put Your Favorite Pattern on a Pot
source: diycandy.com

Chalkboard Planters

chalkboard planters
source: triedandtrueblog.com


Decorative Grass with Clothespin Fence
source: cfabbridesigns.com

Marbled Terra Cotta

Awesome Marbled Look Terra Cotta Makeover
source: alanajonesmann.com

Mother’s day FLower Pot

DIY Photo Flower Pot for Mother’s Day
source: adiamondinthestuff.com

Rope Wrapped Pots

rope wrapped and painted terra cotta planters
source: housebyhoff.com

Sharpie Dot DIY Flower Pots

sharpie flower pots 09
source: cutesycrafts.com

Simple & Cute Newspaper Pots

Pastel and Newsprint Succulent Pots
source: averageinspired.com

Allthings Heart and Home

How to Put Antique Transfers on Pottery
source: hometalk.com


Festive Cinched Fabric Jardiniere Craft
source: inmyownstyle.com

Drip Paint Pottery

Simple Drip Paint Pottery Hack
source: myclevernest.com


3-Tiered Tower of Flowers Decoration
source: onegirlinpink.blogspot.com


Two Ways to Dress Up Classic Clay
source: the36thavenue.com


Gorgeous Gilded Coffee Can Upcycle
source: thecraftedsparrow.com

Geometric Flower Pots

Mod Triangle and Dot Pots
source: hellolidy.com

27. Old World Makeover for Cheap New Urns

Old World Makeover for Cheap New Urns
source: thenavagepatch.com


Your Plants’ Favorite Pair of Jeans
source: blog.oubly.com

Broken China Mosaic Pots

Shabby Chic China Shard Mosaics
source: kenarry.com

Rock Covered Bucket

Give a Pail the Pebbled Look
source: centsationalstyle.com

31. DIY Disco Ball Planters

(via A Bubbly Life)
DIY Disco Ball Planters

32. DIY Crystal Planters 

DIY Crystal Planters 

(via Jojotastic)

33. DIY Vintage Tea Tin Planters

DIY Vintage Tea Tin Planters

(via Sisoo)

34. DIY Kintsugi Planters

DIY Kintsugi Planters

(via The Beauty Dojo)

35. DIY Crushed Tin Can Planters

DIY Crushed Tin Can Planters

(via Pillar Box Blue)

36. Floppy Disk Planters

Floppy Disk Planters

(via Brit + Co)

37. Painted Pots Hanging on Fence

Painted Pots Hanging on Fence

(via Apartment Therapy)

38. Switch Plate Planters

Switch Plate Planters

(via Apartment Therapy)

39. Hanging Garden Boots

Hanging Garden Boots

(via Rosy Posy)

40. Painted Tire Planters

Painted Tire Planters

(via Lemon Bean and Things)

41. Colander Planters

Colander Planters

(via Bonnie Plants)

42. Aged Terra Cotta Pots


Aged Terra Cotta Pots

(via Imparting Grace)

43. Modern Paver Planters

Modern Paver Planters

(via Curbly)

44. Vertical Succulent Garden

Vertical Succulent Garden

(via Luna-See)

45. Concrete Planters

Concrete Planters

(via Outdoor Theme)

46. Hanging Purse Garden

Hanging Purse Garden

(via HGTV)

47. Paint Can Planters

Paint Can Planters

(via HGTV)

48. Miniature Shell Garden

Miniature Shell Garden

(via Rad Megan)

49. Workspace Planter Set

Workspace Planter Set

(via HGTV)

50. Macrame Micro Planter

Macrame Micro Planter

(via Etsy)

51. Book Planters

Book Planters

(via Apartment Therapy)

52. Recycled Upside Down Planters

Recycled Upside Down Planters

(via Design*Sponge)

53. Shoe Organizer Vertical Garden

 Shoe Organizer Vertical Garden

(via Instructables)

54. Chevron Wood Box

Chevron Wood Box

(via Stuff Seth Makes)

55. Textured Planters

 Textured Planters

(via Design*Sponge)

56. Linen Milk Carton

Linen Milk Carton

(Family Chic)

57. Paint-Dripped Earthenware

Paint-Dripped Earthenware

(via Ikea Blog)

58. Handmade Clay Houses

Handmade Clay Houses

(via Say Yes)

59. Marbleized Planter

Marbleized Planter

(via Brit + Co.)

60. Neon Concrete Blocks


61. Vertical Tie Planters

Vertical Tie Planters

(via ModCloth)

62. DIY Dino Planter

62 diy dino planter maggie overby studios

(via Maggie Overby Studios)

63. DIY Paver Planter

DIY Dino Planter

(via Classy Clutter)

64. DIY Tropical Party Planters

DIY Paver Planter

(via Blissmakes)

65. Dyed Popsicle Stick Planter

(via Jennifer Perkins)
Dyed Popsicle Stick Planter

66. DIY Monogram Planter

(via Remodelaholic)
DIY Monogram Planter

67. DIY Polish Chandelier Planter

DIY Polish Chandelier Planter

(via The House That Lars Built)

68. DIY House Number Planter

DIY House Number Planter

(via Sarah Hearts)

69. Easy Fabric Planter DIY

Easy Fabric Planter DIY

(via A Beautiful Mess)

70. DIY Mosaic Wall Planter

DIY Mosaic Wall Planter

(via Pillar Box Blue)

71. DIY Copper Planters

DIY Copper Planters

(via Garvin and Co.)

72. Moveable Flower Pot Tray

72 flower pot ideas

If you’re planning on moving your plants around, invest in a moveable flower pot tray! It makes moving them around and clean up faster as well.

73. Painted Flower Pot Gift Idea

These adorable little pots need adorable little faces! And they’re perfect for lighting up someone else’s face too! Grab a set of paints and get crafty!


74. Pot in Pot

74 flower pot ideas

What could be more adorable than an arrangement inside a pot? It’s like a plant-ception! This adorable DIY teaches us such a unique and adorable pot in pot idea for your garden or home!

75. DIY Fabric Pots

75 flower pot ideas


These adorable pots are unbelievably cute and trendy! With the ever-growing world of fabric prints, we’ll never run out of designs! Check out this DIY and try it for yourself.

76. Tipsy Pots

76 flower pot ideas

Tipsy pots are a fun and whimsical way to showcase your craziest floral creations! This DIY is fun and easy to try and is also a great feature point for your home or garden.


77. Broken Pot Fairy Garden

If you end up with a smashed pot—or smash one yourself, this DIY is an adorably cute way to salvage your pot! It’s time to add a bit of magic to your garden by giving your fairies somewhere to hang out.

78. Garden Gnome Flower Pot Statue

78 flower pot ideas

This adorable little gnome is here to protect your greenery! Try out this adorable DIY on a variety of other magical creatures as well to truly have an army at your disposal.


79. Patterned Moss Terracotta Flower Pot DIY

79 flower pot ideas

Grab a bit of moss and some glue! It’s time to decorate your terracotta pots and use up some creative juices! Pick a pattern and get started on this DIY.


80. Glow in the Dark Flower Pots

80 flower pot ideas

Make your garden more magical at night time with this glow in the dark flower pot DIY! Your garden will literally be glowing!

10. Clay Pot Lighthouse

81 flower pot ideas

Grab some paints and the perfect clay pot to turn it into an adorable little lighthouse for your garden! Check out this DIY to find out how.



There are plenty of ways to decorate your flower pots! Most of them don’t even have to be expensive, all you need is a little elbow grease and a lot of imagination! Have fun with your garden and experiment on different ways to decorate it according to your personal preferences!

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