25+ Creative DIY Lighting Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

DIY lighting is a relatively new and curious practice of both recreation and creation. The satisfaction of creating an indigenous piece of home lighting surpasses the toil it incorporates entirely. Below are listed some of the various diy lighting projects for you to try!

best lighting ideas

1. Hemp string pendant lamp

Hemp string pendant lamp

These seem pretty complex but are, in fact, very elementary. Made from bouncy balls, craft glue and hemp string, it also incorporates wires and hardware arrangements to function properly.

2. Stainless steel pendant light

Stainless steel pendant light

Made of solid silverware, these pendant lights increases many fold the aesthetics of the dining room. This is also very easy and requires attaching the cord and wires to the hardware.

3. Book lampshade

Book lampshade

Initially sounding formidable, a book lampshade is also one of the easiest to make and prettiest forms of diy lamps, the requisites are a big book, the lamp and a few cords. The book has to be cut in a rectangular fashion so as to allow the lamp and circuits in them.

4. Bedroom lamp for book lovers

Bedroom lamp for book lovers


5. Snowball wall light

Snowball wall light

Made from basket-style coffee filters, a cloth made of hardware and a string of lights (preferably LED). This project can be made at home easily and the filters can be colored as wished.


6. Bamboo orb pendant lamp

Bamboo orb pendant lamp

Inspired by the Cassiopeia chandelier, the bamboo pendant lamp resembles the aforementioned hemp-string pendant lamp but is a bit different in its inclusion of a light cord kit.


7. Paper lamps

Paper lamps

A bit challenging vis-à-vis the other types presented here, paper lamps, however, reward the creator with a sense of accomplishment. Beautiful if done correctly, paper lamps usually take 7-8 hours.


8. Pendant lamps

Pendant lamps

Another easy-to-create pendant lamp, the tulle pendant lamp requires various tools such as a large embroidery needle, a rotary cutter, embroidery floss, 10 yards of 54″ wide tulle et al. It is also very gorgeous to look at when finished.


9. Tree branch chandelier

Tree branch chandelier

This type of chandelier is very unique as it incorporates the use of a tree branch as holders of bulbs. Perfect for the living room, a tree branch chandelier is made by selecting branches and cleaning them well.


10. Faux capiz chandelier

Faux capiz chandelier

Very complex, the faux capiz chandelier is for the experienced craftsmen out there. While not that hard, the faux capiz chandelier incorporates white spray paint, an iron rod, a circle cutter, a cutting mat and a glue gun. The resulting product, however, is a thing of marvel to the creator and the beholder alike.


11. Glass bottle pendant lamps

Glass bottle pendant lamps

Serving as effective means of recycling, creating a glass bottle pendant lamp is also very, very easy. A piece of wood or metal carrying the light penetrates the cut end of the bottle which is then fastened and connected to hardware which illuminates the bottle in a brilliant tinted light.


12. Diamond ribbon lampshade

Diamond ribbon lampshade

A particularly easy diy, the diamond ribbon lampshade requires just a cotton herringbone ribbon, a chopstick, a hot glue gun and a pencil used to space the ribbons. Very fashionable, a diamond ribbon lampshade is ideal for the bedroom.


13. Globe pendant lamp

Globe pendant lamp

The most interesting diy of the group, a globe pendant lamp is made by halving the globe around the hemispheres and inserting a lamp through a hole cut on the North Pole. It is a unique lampshade sure to grab some eyeballs.


14. Headboard lights

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This one is beautiful. It would bring extra lighting and will also cost you very little. It would also help you, if you are a night-time reader.

15. Fairy lights

Fairy lights

It can turn your home into a magical décor. This can add some charm with just a few cheap string lights in your rooms. Well if you are a selfie addict, you might want to have a look at this.

16. Candle lanterns

Candle lanterns

This one is very romantic and you can even make cheap mood lighting with it. It increases the decor value up to ten fold.


17. Light switch covers

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You can totally take care of your home lighting with this. You could totally fil your room with colorful lights.

18. Floral chandeliers

Floral chandeliers

It can be used for the centerpiece of the wedding décor. They are now all taking over home décor too. This looks pretty.


19. Ruffled ribbon lampshade

Ruffled ribbon lampshade

This might require your patience and time. It would look beautiful in your room and also will color up your room in the dark. You could decorate your lampshade with ribbons. It would look stylish.


20. Candle holder pendant shades

Candle holder pendant shadescandles in it. This would look beautiful | You are looking to upgrade your house, diy lighting projects are the best. You can see more ideas about diy lighting ideas for bedrooms, living room, diy floor lamp, diy chandelier, diy lampshade, and so on. #lightingideas #diylighting #lightingprojects #diylampshadeideas #farmfoodfamily”>

They are especially designed for outdoor use. This would light up your veranda. You can keep small candles in it. This would look beautiful.

21. Recycled wine bottle torch

Recycled wine bottle torch

This, too, is an outdoor feature. This would allow you to recycle your old bottle and reuse it as a torch for your outdoor area.


22. Mason jar lighting

Mason jar lighting

23. Garden lanterns

Garden lanterns


24. Plastic glass lamps

Plastic glass lamps


25. Drop cloth lamp

Drop cloth lamp


For the hobby detectives out there, creating pieces of art out of otherwise mundane scrap is more enticing than going to the market to buy ready-made objects. Enjoy!