20 Beautiful Under The Sea Decorating Ideas

Last Updated on November 28, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Rooms with no theme look fine but rooms which are decorated in a particular theme look glorious. Undersea can be an excellent theme for room decorations. If you are somebody who loves the oceans and seas, then this is the ultimate room decoration theme for you.

best under the sea decor ideas

Why Is It a Great Decor Idea?

It is one of those themes which would look great and would really give you a feel of the sea with proper lighting arrangement. It lets you unleash your imagination of the sea and lets you paint your wall with it. Moreover, it looks cool, feels cool and is affordable.

Kids Will Love It

Kids love oceans, mermaids and fish. They just adore the idea of being in the water, especially in the summers. If not the sea, then why not give them a feel of it? The undersea theme can be perfect for your kid’s room decorations.

30 Under Sea Themed Decoration Ideas

Here are a few ideas to help you bring the waves to your room.

1. Mermaid Bed

Mermaid Bed

If you love mermaids, you will love this idea. A bed is the biggest furniture in your room and it gets noticed the most. So, to give your room an undersea look, you can start off by getting a mermaid shaped bed.

2. Wall Art

Wall Art


Walls are the very soul of your room. You can paint your walls with waves and all the sea animals you love. This will make a huge difference and when you look around, you will get that underwater vibe.

3. Draw Murals On Ceiling

Draw Murals On Ceiling


This idea will get you a wavy, peaceful sleep. You can paint a 3D wave mural on the ceiling with photochromic paint. At night the paint shows its magic. The paint glitters at night and it feels like you are sleeping under the sea.

4. For those who love turtles

For those who love turtles


This particular idea is for turtle lovers. Light the room with some turtle-shaped lanterns and add some stone-carved turtles. Or if you wish, bring in a small turtle in your room.

5. The coral reef room

The coral reef room

If you love the sea, then you can’t ignore the beautiful corals. You must add some corals to your rooms. Getting a real is a challenge! You can make your own coral with party spray or egg cartons.

6. Seaweed garlands

Seaweed garlands


These seaweed garlands just add an element to the room. They really enhance the feel of the sea. You can hand this near the window or make some with party papers to stick on the walls.

7. Bring in some real sea

Bring in some real sea

Why not bring in a real sea. To get a break from the artificials, bring in some real elements. Get an aquarium and make it a home for some of your favourite fishes.

8. Sea Shell Room

Sea Shell Room


An undersea themed room can not be complete without seashells. You can make these beautiful showpieces made of seashells. And if you are a girl, then you can decorate your dresses with seashells and even get those small boxes made of shells.

9. The JellyFish Entrance

The JellyFish Entrance

Never forget the door. It’s the entrance to your sea world.

10. Get a Bed With Blue Canopy

Get a Bed With Blue Canopy


Canopies always enhance the looks of the whole room. It gives nothing less than a fairytale vibe. Add a blue canopy to your bed and you will feel like the princess of the sea.

11. Turn The Windows Blue

Turn The Windows Blue


With the window, you can try a little DIY. You can plaster the windows with blue cellophane paper and add some small paper cutouts of sea animals.

12. Birthday cake

Birthday cake


13. Sea Themed Bedding

Sea Themed Bedding


Get the sea themed bedding for your room. If you don’t want to do too much with the bedding, you can just go for some lighter shades of blue and off white coloured bedding.

14. Sea animal soft toys

Sea animal soft toys


No one is grown enough for soft toys. You can always get soft toys, loads of them to stuff your bed and sleep like a baby. For the sea themed room, sea animals soft toys would be perfect.

15. DIY Lanterns

DIY Lanterns


In this idea, you can try out some DIYs. You can make your very own jellyfish lantern with paper to light your room.

16. Install an Ocean Projector

Install an Ocean Projector

This idea will surely make you feel like you are under the sea. The 3D visuals look very realistic and give an amazing look to the room.

17. Showpieces



Small elements are as important as the large ones. Go a step ahead, add crystal and stone showpieces to fill those small empty spaces.

18. Paint the furniture blue

Paint the furniture blue

The furniture should not be the odd one out. If you are painting the walls, drawing murals and adding showpieces to your room. You should make sure your furniture matches the surroundings.

19. Use proper lighting

Use proper lighting

Lighting can change the whole game for you! Lighting is very essential. Proper lighting arrangement helps the colour flourish and enhances the beauty of the elements in the room.

20. Add Curtains

Add CurtainsCurtains in light shades of blue or in different shades of white would be perfect for this theme | Enchanting Under the sea party birthday ideas, party supplies, decorations, cupcakes, birthday cakes, favors, food, decorating ideas”>


Curtains in light shades of blue or in different shades of white would be perfect for this theme.

21. Give it a break to add more neutral colours

Give it a break to add more neutral colours


Don’t go monochromatic. Monochrome can be a little boring at times. Try to break the monotony by adding some rugs and couches in different shades.

22. Paper streamer seaweed

Paper streamer seaweed

23. Backyard pool

Backyard pool


24. Ocean-themed canopy

Ocean-themed canopy


25. Create bubble balloons

Create bubble balloons

26. Hold a mermaid party

Hold a mermaid party


27. Paper stream for a party

Paper stream for a party

28. Streamer ceiling from tableclothes

Streamer ceiling from tableclothes


29. DIY Coral Reef prop/party décor

DIY Coral Reef prop/party décor

30. Curly pool noodles

Curly pool noodles



The undersea theme can be really exciting to execute. There are so many aspects to it, you will enjoy creating them. Moreover, you can use your DIY ideas to decorate the room. It is a perfect theme to have your visitors gawking at the room. It is cool, exciting and peaceful all the same time.