20+ Easy DIY Paper Decor Craft Ideas

Last Updated on October 20, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Making paper decorations is a mind-blowingly easy task. With merely decorative paper and a tape, you can come up with quite pretty designs.

diy paper craft ideas

How to make paper fan decorations

The process is simple and straightforward. Cut two equal squares of paper for each fan you want to make. Flip the sheet over repeatedly to make folds. Then Open up the folded paper into a fan once you are done. Repeat the process with the second square of paper.

Join the two folded strips together and sew them around the center. Put a double-sided tape or glue on each side of the paper strip and fold it in half to form a half-circle paper fan. Repeat the same with the other strip.

Tape the two halves together, and now you should have a full circle fan.

Finally, tie a knot at the top of the twine from which the fan will hang down, and there you have your paper fan. Quite simple, right?

How do you make a paper rosette?

Making a paper rosette is also as simple. First, fold your paper into an accordion style. Tape along the inside of the fold and press the adjacent side together.

Here, if you want a rounded rosette you will cut the top of the fold into a semi-circle. Repeat the process with the other three papers so that you have four fans. Finally, tape the four fans together for one large rosette.

How to decorate paper flowers

There are so many ways to make paper flowers. The tissue paper flower is, however, the most common. Make accordion folds on your well-stacked tissue papers.

Cut the edges into a round style using scissors to form around edge.

Add the stem by folding the strip into half and tying a pipe at the stem. Gently peel out the layers and separate the tissue paper from unfolding the petals of the flower.

20 Fascinating paper decor crafts you should try

#1. DIY Paper Gift Bows Ideas

1 paper decor craft ideas

These elegant and classy looking bows are just wow! the simplicity yet the appealing look makes them a perfect paper craft idea for gifts all year round


#2. The Paper Floral Crown

2 paper decor craft ideas

There is no better way to celebrate springtime than with this floral paper crown. They are easy to make and effortlessly match with any event, whether you are walking down the aisle or want to make your partner feel appreciated.


#3. The DIY Cocktails Umbrella

3 paper decor craft ideas

The handmade paper drink umbrellas add a subtle touch making a party feel livelier and more special.


#4. DIY fruity Paper Medallions

4 paper decor craft ideas

Brighten your summer party or meal table with these fruit paper medallions. They are super easy to make and portable too.

#5. The window Treatment Idea

5 paper decor craft ideas

This DIY window treatment is just amazing. It lights up the room, giving it a natural feel. With just a bunch of petals and glue, you can give your window this eye-catching look.


#6. DIY Geometric Bowls

6 paper decor craft ideas

This pretty looking Geometric bowls where you can put your personal things like is just a perfect idea. You have to try this out!


#7. Origami Paper Containers ideas

7 paper decor craft ideas

You can use these delightful, simple to make paper dishes to tuck little treats for your dinner guests to give them a comforting and amazing feeling.


#8. DIY Crepe Paper Wisteria

8 paper decor craft ideas

The Crepe Paper Wisteria is not as complicated as it appears. With simple to follow tutorial, you will come up with this stunning and beautiful craft that is perfect for a wedding décor or when simply hang in a nursery room.


#9. DIY Paper Geode Garland

9 paper decor craft ideas

This simple DIY Paper Geode Garland is a perfect embellishment not only for your party but also as a home décor.


#10. DIY Paper Evergreens

10 paper decor craft ideas

These pretty Christmas trees are very easy to make and light up your home amazingly during the merry season.

#11. DIY Paper Succulent Centerpiece

11 paper decor craft ideas

These amazingly beautiful succulents are perfect when used as a pretty table décor. You have to try this awesome idea!


#12. DIY simple Pocket Fan

12 paper decor craft ideas

This simple but elegant looking pocket fan is the cutest thing you can make with your kids. Try this, and you will have a lot of fun making and decorating the paper fan.


#13. DIY Ombre Paper Mobile

13 paper decor craft ideas

You can’t help but fall in love with this glowing paper Ombre paper mobile! It gives your little one’s room a satisfying look. You can’t fail to try this one out.


#14. The Magnolia Style Book Wreath

14 paper decor craft ideas

All you need is an old book, a glue gun, and a wireframe to put together this beautiful and stylish book wreath. You also have the freedom to paint it the color of your dreams.


#15. DIY Paper Pumpkin Centerpiece

15 paper decor craft ideas

Are you short of any ideas for your upcoming thanksgiving? This breathtaking piece is just a perfect décor idea for you!


#16. DIY Botanical Paper Leaves

16 paper decor craft ideas

Sometimes you just want some green plants that don’t need constant watering and attention. The DIY Botanical green leaves idea is the perfect solution.


#17. DIY 3D Potted Paper Cactus

17 paper decor craft ideas

This simple paper crafting project of creating paper cacti is just without having to worry about getting pricked is just worth a try.

#18. Paper Lanterns

18 paper decor craft ideas

Does this look like it’s made from paper? Well yeah, this is all the paper! You gotta try this simple yet amazing décor idea.


#19. A Diamond Paper Pendant Light

19 paper decor craft ideas

This heart-warming diamond-shaped pendant light is an absolute haven for you. It illuminates the room, giving it a satisfyingly warm and lively look.

#20. DIY Pomander Flower Ball

20 paper decor craft ideas

These gorgeous floral balls are the perfect decorations for parties and weddings.


These are just a few DIY paper décor crafts that you try at home. Have fun as you explore through even more paper décor craft ideas that give your home this lively and appealing look.