21+ Best Farmhouse Guest Room Ideas

Last Updated on December 4, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Do you love to make your guests to feel at home when they visit you? Do you want a bedroom where they can feel relaxed and comfortable, with neutral colors and cozy materials? The farmhouse décor may be your style. Do you want to know more?

best farmhouse guest bedroom ideas

What is a Farmhouse Guest room?

The farmhouse guest house room style is welcoming, cozy, calming, and comfortable. The key elements are a white or light neutral color, countryside elements, wood beams and cozy textures.

You can choose a more sophisticated aesthetic, a more rustic décor, a contemporary design or even a mix of all. The simplicity of most of the items allow you to be creative and bold, always having in mind the comfortable and peaceful natural environment, desirable to any room, and including the guest room.

Below you can see some suggestions. Enjoy it.

20 best Farmhouse Guest room Ideas

1. Aged Door Headboard

1 farmhouse guest room ideas

Recycle and paint an old wooden door and make it your guest room headboard.

2. Barnwood Ceiling

2 farmhouse guest room ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a farmhouse bedroom with a real old barn ceiling, just enjoy the beauty in it. If you don’t have it, there’s an easy solution, don’t worry. You can use wallpaper in the ceiling, creating that (almost!) real rustic decor.

3. Shiplap Walls

3 farmhouse guest room ideas

Another element that will give your farmhouse guest room the rustic touch: shiplap walls.

4. Antique Chandelier

4 farmhouse guest room ideas

The use of a metal chandelier will bring that countryside feeling to any room. Antiques are beautiful, right?


5. Brown Beams

5 farmhouse guest room ideas

Even if you prefer the modern farmhouse bedroom style, brown beams will enhance the extent of the high ceilings.

6. Vintage touch

6 farmhouse guest room ideas

Create cozy a vintage corner, using an old door adorned with a natural wreath, restored ladders for towels and an antique chair or sofa.


7. Classy Bed

7 farmhouse guest room ideas

If you and your guest don’t appreciate metal bed frames, you have other options. One of them is this sleigh bed, which will give your farmhouse guest room a classy décor!

8. Warm Fireplace

8 farmhouse guest room ideas

Some farm houses have fireplaces. If your house doesn’t have one, build your own faux fireplace. Your guests will be thrilled with this warm feature.


9. Barn Lighting

9 farmhouse guest room ideas

If you have a metal bed frame, consider using an old-fashioned industrial or barn lighting. Farmhouse style at its best.

10. Wall Art

10 farmhouse guest room ideas

Hung up pictures of animals, green leaves, old barns or country living jobs. A distinctive touch that will make your guest room more lovely.

11. Countryside Bedroom

11 farmhouse guest room ideas

Hung some cotton branches on walls so that your bedroom has that farmhouse countryside vibe. Write a pleasant quote or a welcoming message to your guests. What a nice surprise they will have!

12. Audacious Headboard

12 farmhouse guest room ideas

Give your neutral guest room an audacious style, by using some charcoal headboard made with old windows or even an old door. You can use the glass if you want a modern rustic décor.

13. Cozy Fabrics

13 farmhouse guest room ideasblankets to create a coziest bed. Your guests will sleep like a baby.”>

Use different sizes and different soft colors or patterns in the pillows, silky sheets and warm blankets to create a coziest bed. Your guests will sleep like a baby.

14. Passion for Color

14 farmhouse guest room ideas

Ok, so you really appreciate this farmhouse décor style, but you have a passion for colors. No problem! Use can use soft green or ocean blue and still have that coziness and elegance you appreciate.

15. Golden Accents

15 farmhouse guest room ideas

Get inspired by this luxurious farmhouse guest room. The golden fabrics in the bed make all the difference.

16. Chalet Bedroom

16 farmhouse guest room ideas

Antique iron beds will give your guest room the chalet atmosphere, so gracious and comfy.

17. Serene Farmhouse style

17 farmhouse guest room ideas

White walls, white curtains, white carpet and a soft splash of beige -all you need to have the serene Farmhouse style in your guest room.

18. Go Neutral

18 farmhouse guest room ideas

If you guest room is not too big, use only neutral colors. They create the illusion of a larger space.

19. Contemporary Farmhouse Style

19 farmhouse guest room ideasbedroom uses a white and grey carpet with texture and a sophisticated greenery frame to get that contemporary farmhouse style.”>

This farmhouse guest bedroom uses a white and grey carpet with texture and a sophisticated greenery frame to get that contemporary farmhouse style.

20. Urbane Farmhouse

20 farmhouse guest room ideas

Our last suggestion is an unexpected decoration. You can use modern urbane furniture and still maintain that classic calm and relaxing atmosphere in your farmhouse guest room. They will adore it.

21. Farmhouse guest bedroom before and after

21 farmhouse guest bedroom ideas



There are several solutions for your guest room. Embrace the Farmhouse style and get ready to receive the compliments. Your guests will love their stay. And they might want to stay forever!