Downsizing in Denver? Five Crucial Things You Have To Know

Last Updated on August 4, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Having made the decision to downsize your home to a smaller one, it is now time to prepare your home, as well as yourself, for the journey ahead.

Denver is an incredibly desirable and lively place to live and there is a plethora of neighborhoods and communities to choose from each with their unique qualities and vibes.

1.   You Need To Be Prepared To Acclimatize To The Altitude

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Denver is located just over a mile above sea level and not (as many people outside of the state believe) located directly inside the Rocky Mountains. Colorado summers are beautiful and boiling hot so inevitably the dryness of the air can sometimes take a while to adjust to.

Altitude sickness can also lead to more serious symptoms, so try not to push yourself into daily mountain hikes before your body is ready. You should look into potential problems with existing health conditions and alert yourself to altitude sickness symptoms and cures.

2.   Tourist Attractions Are Plentiful and Crowd Magnets

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There are a multitude of exceedingly popular tourist attractions in Denver and it is important to consider why you are moving. If you are looking for a quieter neighborhood and an altogether more relaxed pace of life when downsizing, be sure to avoid lively communities such as Capitol Hill and instead look for properties in Wheat ridge and Chaffee Park.

3.   Take Photographs Of Your Old Layout

There are essentially two principal reasons why taking detailed photographs of the old layout of your current home prior to moving into to your new, more compact one. Firstly, for sentimental reasons but, perhaps more importantly, it can be the most useful and easiest tool to select the items you need to take with you compared to the things you could quite easily get rid of in each room.

If you have a larger amount of possessions that you cannot bring yourself to get rid of yet have no room for in your smaller apartment, consider contacting top denver storage locations to arrange an external storage system to safely and securely keep your treasured belongings.

4.   Maintain Perspective

If the worst happens and even though you have signed the contract on your new property, you are already regretting your decision, remember that you can always move back into a larger property. Perspective is key here and as long as you have your health, the roof over your head is always able to change.

5.   Be Realistic In Your Expectations

Just as there are a multitude of advantages to downsizing your home, conversely there are a few disadvantages you should be made aware of.

If you are someone who enjoys entertaining and hosting dinner parties and gatherings at home for friends and family, remember you are likely to have a significant reduction in available space to do so.

Unless you are specifically looking for some outside space and preferably a proper garden, you may feel slightly enclosed and caged if moving from a property with an abundance of outside space to a more manageable but smaller site.

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