Jack And Jill Bathroom: Pros and Cons, Ideas and Plans

Last Updated on December 4, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

The best thing about being a hands-on homeowner is that you can check for different customization designs that your home could benefit from style-wise and function-wise. When it comes to bathroom customization, the Jack and jill layout is a great design especially for guest rooms and adjoining rooms. 

If you have heard this before and you are curious about what they look like, this post could give you some familiarity. And if you want one in your home, a list of ideas are also featured here, so, read on. 

best jack and jill bathroom ideas plans

What is a jack and jill bathroom?

A jack and jill bathroom refer to a shared bathroom with two or more entrances. It features a common toilet, bath, and shower area but with dual vanity or separate sinks.

This type of bathroom design is usually located in two adjoining bedrooms. Each of the rooms would have an interior door that connects them to the shared bathroom. 

It can also have an entrance by the hallway apart from the interior doors in the adjoining bedrooms. Master bedrooms cannot be installed with a jack and jill bathroom because it usually has its own bathroom. 


Why is it called a jack and jill bathroom? 

This is a valid question to ask because the name alone arouses wonder especially to those who are not familiar with this bathroom layout and design.

Inspired by the famous Jack and Jill brothers of the popular nursery rhyme, jack and jill bathrooms were originally used as a term to refer to a shared bathroom by siblings or those who share a room and a bathroom. 

Jack and jill bathroom dimensions

Always remember that jack and jill bathrooms are shared by two or more rooms. As such, it should be built with large space allocations. By standard, half of a jack and jill bathroom should at least have an 84-sq.ft. A whole jack and jill bathroom therefore, should have a dimension of 110-164-sq.ft. 

Pros and cons of Jack and Jill bathroom

With that general description, those who are not familiar with it would have a lot of questions at hand. Hence, we square here, once and for all, the pros, and cons of a jack and jill bathroom. 


  • Space saver: If you want all rooms to have a ‘private bathroom’, a jack and jill bathroom could be a real space saver as it could be used by two or more rooms. This also means that you can have more foot cover in each room or have more space for storage and other features. 

And since you are also using one bathroom space and shared amenities for two rooms, it would be safe to say that it is also a money saver. 

  • Built for a large crowd: If you have a lot of regular visitors or just have a large household, having a jack and jill bathroom can manage the bathroom needs of multiple people in a more efficient manner. If you are a frequent host to family gatherings and love friends coming over, having a jack and jill bathroom is also a practical choice. 
  • Privacy: Contrary to what most people would speculate, jack and jill bathrooms maintain a high level of privacy since both doors could be locked from the inside. Aside from that, these bathrooms are spacious enough so you can create privacy partitions between the sink and the shared bath/shower, and toilet area. 
  • Layout and design options: From two-piece to five-piece bathrooms, you can layout your jack and jill bathroom anyway you want it. You can install multiple locks, hang racks, mirrors, and art pieces, have a pocket or sliding door, and have a lot of storage stacked in. 


  • Accessibility: Because it joins two rooms, it can be isolated from the rest of the house and can be inaccessible to other members of the household. If there are a lot of guests who need a bathroom at once, it is not the best bathroom layout for you. 
  • Bathroom management: At some point, people in the adjoining room would develop different preferences when it comes to bathroom amenities, conflict in time of use as well as bathroom schedules. If you think that this could be a realistic problem sooner than later, a jack and jill bathroom is not for you. 
  • Long-term usefulness: Remember that the kids will grow into adults and would then move out. Along with that, the household always has the potential to grow larger in a short span of time. When these happen, the need for a jack and jill bathroom may not be the most practical in the long haul. 
  • Selling point: Jack and jill bathrooms are built for space saving and functionality. Even then, it does not strike as an upscale modification and real estate sites would concede that it does not add much value to the home should you decide to sell it later. If you are looking for figures, they say that you only get a 54% ROI when a home with a jack and jill bathroom is sold. 

25 Jack and jill bathroom ideas 

In this section, we present to you some of the most notable jack and jill bathroom ideas which you can draw inspiration from. Aesthetics, design, style, and arrangement are emphasized on these ideas, so you get a better visual idea of what to do if you ever build one for your home. 

Separate mirrors

Having separate sinks and mirrors in a jack and jill bathroom is a good way to still enforce a little privacy inside. 

1 jack and jill bathroom ideas

This one here features a neat, modern look with good play of lights and granite countertop for the sink. The shared toilet and bath might be glass, but it is still a sleek design to consider. 

Contemporary zen

2 jack and jill bathroom ideas

This one here just offers a comforting, peaceful vibe for a jack and jill bathroom. It follows an open floor plan, with a compact double sink atop a wood table-bench and a shared bust mirror by the entrance. 

The wood backsplash and flooring for the bath basin and the shutter style, retractable privacy panels add a fine touch to evoke a contemporary zen vibe. 

Mosaic walls on a compact attic bathroom

3 jack and jill bathroom ideas

This compact Jack and Jill bathroom is in an attic hallway of two adjoining rooms. Its geometric look is emphasized by the angled attic walls. 

But the natural light and illusion of space for this bathroom is owed to the mosaic walls for the two separate sinks and a large, trim-less mirror. The use of neutral colors in this one is just superb. 

4 jack and jill bathroom ideas

Geometric style

This one is a well-partitioned jack and jill bathroom. The geometric, dark gray wall divider is just stunning, featuring sleek, modern double sink, towel rack beneath, and a frameless, large mirror for more natural light. 

Just on the other side of the sink would be the bath and shower area as well as the toilet. A retractable enclosure gives a semi-private to private space for the bath space. 

5 jack and jill bathroom ideas

Warm and rustic

If you want to invoke the warm and cozy vibe of the rustic countryside, here is an open floor plan style jack and jill bathroom. 

The combo of brown, beige, natural stone floor and soft carpet could give the best barefoot experience. The double sink and cabinets are also very delicate and impressive. And a bathtub with a view? This one has it and more. 

Here is another warm and rustic design for you. The sink, dressers, drawer, and mirror section are all cramped up in one space. The rest of the space is allotted to wide bath and shower space and a shared toilet. 

6 jack and jill bathroom ideas

And for some Victorian opulence like you have never seen in a bathroom before, let alone in a jack and jill bathroom for that matter, here is a glamorous layout and style that you would never forget (and would greatly consider at some point). 

7 jack and jill bathroom ideas

Columned sinks

8 jack and jill bathroom ideas

This one really offers a change in scenery and redefines semi-private use of the two sinks with a classy touch of hardwood cabinets lined in between the sink for an air of separation. 

Aside from its out of the box beauty, you are also giving each user a sense of privacy by designating one drawer for each to keep their toiletries and personal bathroom supplies. 

And the granite countertop is just so polished and functional, you would not get enough of this jack and jill bathroom.  

Black and white contrast

9 jack and jill bathroom ideas

To satisfy a unique style and to respect the individuality of the users of a jack and jill bathroom, here is a black and white contrast that anyone would fall in love with. 

The yin and yang style of the marble walls, the natural light of the white corners and the circle mirrors, and the modern look of this one, overall, is just one for the books. 

This is another bold black and white color scheme that gives a sophisticated glow to this spacious jack and jill bathroom. The candle shaped sinks are superb and the metal towel rack airs minimalism. Everything is on its right fit, giving it a clean, modern look. 

10 jack and jill bathroom ideas

Although one could argue that white is the main theme here, the minimal use of black accents and this Moroccan, stenciled, black and white cement tile flooring make it a stylish jack and jill bathroom with a seamless layout. 

11 jack and jill bathroom ideas

Beige and white tones

12 jack and jill bathroom ideas

If you want a bright and airy jack and jill bathroom, the contrast of white, beige, and glass walls is a good fit for a compact bathroom. 

It looks like a modern design sauna room, with that double sink, an open toilet and bath area along with a semi-private shower room. 

You would not need a separate bust mirror in here anymore because you can use the mirrored top half of the walls anytime and at any angle. 

Stone extravagance

13 jack and jill bathroom ideas

If you want to make a statement out of your jack and jill bathroom, you can work on stone and wrought iron combination. This one here features not just two but three wrought iron framed mirrors. 

The double sink is adjoined by a stone tile countertop where the toiletries could be placed. The wood stool on one corner and the large bath area and toilet on the other lane is also a fine touch. 

Partitioned space

14 jack and jill bathroom ideas

This compact jack and jill bathroom does not look cramped up at all thanks to the marble wall divider in the middle and the bright glow of white walls and green tile flooring. 

On one side of the marble wall, the mirror and two sinks are installed which is a good use for space. 

On the opposite side, a modern toilet is installed in-wall too. The bath basin, the ladder style towel rack and the quilted couch bring in a lot of minimalist flair. 

Color pop

15 jack and jill bathroom ideas

This one is another attic jack and jill bathroom that is just popping with color, angle, and decorative elements. 

The red brick walls and two frameless mirrors that go up to the ceiling are already standouts on their own. Add that white splash for the modern style sink, walls, and bath basin are all in the right places. 

The dormer windows give a scenic view for this bathroom which is a big plus for its overall impact. 

His and hers 

16 jack and jill bathroom ideas

Having a his and hers toilet and separate sinks give a gendered privacy for a couple. The addition of this magenta wall is enough to give this jack and jill bathroom a standout look. 

On one end, large, white cabinetry is featured. On the other end, an all-glass shower area takes all the space. This one sports two doors which open on both sides. 

And if you want a more intimate flair to your shower space, here is a couple shower for you to consider for a his and hers jack and jill bathroom. The compact space and wall drawer adds intimacy to this look. 

17 jack and jill bathroom ideas

Mounted shelves

18 jack and jill bathroom ideas

One way of making the most out of a compact jack and jill bath would be having an open floor space. This means that you must extend the space allocation to the walls. 

Having in-wall shelves like this one is a good use for the wall space. The good contrast of the colors here gives it a contemporary coastal vibe for anyone to enjoy. 

Hotel vibe

19 jack and jill bathroom ideas

If you want an upscale, posh jack and jill vibe that looks like it was cut out from a hotel somewhere, clean lines, glass and wood are the best materials for you. 

Whichever side you open, you get to enjoy this well-lit bathroom with a neat, vertical layout. 

The uniformity, the width and size of the sliding glass door of the large bathtub and the frameless mirror give it an edgy, tropical look. 

All neutral

20 jack and jill bathroom ideas

Speaking of clean lines, modern vibe and minimalism, the use of black, white gray color schemes is always a go-to palette. Let us allow this jack and jill bathroom layout and design to speak for itself. 

Classic chic

21 jack and jill bathroom ideas

For a white overall that gives the right classic chic design, the use of herringbone marble tile on a contrast of white, concrete brick walls are just timeless looking. 

Here, you get two separate shower areas, a shared dresser, and a large bathtub on one side with a wide double sink in marble countertop. 

It passes for a highly elegant jack and jill bathroom. 

Asymmetrical layout

22 jack and jill bathroom ideas

This is an uncommon layout to bathrooms in general, but an angled look has its own out of the ox impact to a room. 

This one here has two separate countertop sinks placed in two different angled parts of the bathroom. 

In between them would be this small bathtub. Strategically placed in an equally angled window, you can have a scenic view while in the bath. 

23 jack and jill bathroom ideas

For a coastal chic look with the same asymmetrical layout, this is something that you can consider. It is built on whites and baby blue, a lot of natural light and neutral tones. 

Tile on tile effect

24 jack and jill bathroom ideas

This glamorous jack and jill bathroom features a good tile contrast between subway wall tiles and hexagonal mosaic tiles of neutral tones. 

No space is wasted in this compact bathroom. It is more of a shared amenities style with two doors on opposing sides. 

The addition of a simple, wooden couch is a thoughtful and intimate touch. 

Multifunctional layout

25 jack and jill bathroom ideas

For kids’ jack and jill bathrooms, laying it out into a utilitarian bathroom is exceptional. 

This large space here does not only open to two asymmetrically placed, separate sinks but also features a closet in the middle of the hallway.

On the rear end, the common toilet and shower area is located.  

10 Jack and Jill bathroom plans

As we have mentioned, there is an unlimited list of layouts that you can do with your jack and jill bathroom. If you are more of a raw floor plan before design kind of homeowner, here are some jack and jill bathroom plans that you can refer to. 

Compact floor plan

If you are working on a small bathroom floor area, you can allocate most of the floor to have a luxurious shower space or a shower and bath area. A shared sink and a toilet could fit in the remaining area like this one. 

1 jack and jill bathroom plans

You can also have one large bath basin and a separate shower area and then stick with the shared toilet. 

2 jack and jill bathroom plans

Larger open floor plan

To incorporate a large bath and shower area, double sink and vanity and a spacious toilet space, you can follow this large open floor plan. 

3 jack and jill bathroom plans

For a semi-private bath and shower area and double sink layout, here is a plan to consider if you have a large space to work on. 

4 jack and jill bathroom plans

Now imagine how gym and spa bathrooms look like. For this layout, you have a private shower room and toilet at the two corners of the bathroom. So, as you enter the jack and jill bathroom, you have the shared toilet on the right and the shower room on the left.

In the hallway, you would find two opposing sinks. With this layout, all the amenities could be used at once. 

5 jack and jill bathroom plans

Here is a more vertical layout for the same floor plan idea. 

6 jack and jill bathroom plans

And if you want to make two private toilets and sinks with a central section for the shared bath and shower area, here is the jack and jill bathroom floor plan for you. 

7 jack and jill bathroom plans

For better bathroom management, you might want to consider a jack and jill bathroom with the doors opening on the same side. This way, both users could immediately make way for each other. Here are some floor plans to consider. 

8 jack and jill bathroom plans
9 jack and jill bathroom plans
10 jack and jill bathroom plans

Is a jack and jill bathroom considered as two bathrooms? 

In real estate terminology, a jack and jill bathroom is technically called one full bath and a half bath. Drawing from this technicality, it is just one and a half bath and not two bathrooms. Plus, considering it as two bathrooms do not really fit considering the layout and shared amenities in a jack and jill bathroom. 

Are two sinks necessary for a jack and jill bathroom? 

Yes. The idea behind this is that there should be an ample, private space for not so private hygiene activities like brushing and for applying makeup and combing one’s hair. This way, a lot of time can be saved instead of waiting for each other’s turns. 


Jack and jill bathrooms are the perfect bathroom layout and design for adjoining rooms or for households with many kids. It is a good space saver for these types of homes and given the limitless opportunities to lay it out and design it, you can always get the best experience from it. 

However, you should also note its long-term function and how it will serve its purpose in the long run. Other than that, there should be no problem with building one for your home. With the list of jack and jill bathroom ideas that we narrowed down here, you can easily draw inspiration and start building one.