How To Add Small Yet Timeless Touches Of Luxury To Your Home

Last Updated on October 4, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Since we’re mostly stuck indoors these days, you may feel the need to refresh your living space. This need is quite natural and it can uplift your spirit while also making the home more welcoming for both residents and guests. 

Still, remodeling and updating furniture and appliances can be a costly endeavor. Not to mention that, if you go for a magazine look, you may have to hire a professional interior designer. Sadly, not everyone has the budget for this. 

Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade your living space!

The internet is filled with amazing ideas and how-to tutorials, so even someone with no experience can have a bit of fun with an interior design project. And, to give you a jumpstart, below you’ll find a wide range of ideas and tips on how to add a touch of luxury even when you’re on a budget.

How To Do Luxury on a Budget?

First and foremost, we have to mention that we’re not talking about opulence (this is for the truly rich and famous). Instead, we are talking about the small things and details that highlight the beauty of a room and help change the overall mood. 

Here are a few tips on how to make your home more luxurious without spending a fortune:

Declutter & Simplify

The first rule of a welcoming home is simplicity. 

The interior space needs to be harmonious, and nothing destroys this idea faster than clutter. So, the first thing you can do is get rid of the things that no longer serve you (and it won’t cost you any money). 

Decluttering may be difficult if you’ve grown emotionally attached to things, but it’s the first step towards a beautiful home. Moreover, you’re doing a good deed by donating the things and clothes you don’t need. 

Once this step is complete, you’ll notice the space in your home will feel more open and clean.

Play with the Lighting

luxury ceiling lamp lamp bulbs

Also known as statement lighting, bold lighting arrangements make for great focal points in any room. Invest in materials that look good and give the impression of a solid & simple design. Also, you can play with the design in each room, focusing on a combination of modern and classic. 

For instance, you can go with a pendant light shade in the entryway but install pendant light bulbs in the kitchen, above the dining area. Also, in the living room and bedroom, you can go with a chandelier type of lighting, to increase the level of elegance. 

Well-Placed Ornaments

well placed ornament

As we all know, the devil’s in the details so, if you want that extra touch of luxury, you have to invest in a few ornaments that hint towards a more expensive lifestyle. For instance, you could have a few of Versace’s designer pieces scattered around the house. The brand immediately makes visitors think about high quality and good taste, so it’s an effortless way to add that touch of luxury. 

Additionally, if you like to travel, it’s a good idea to bring something nice from each adventure. However, it’s important to find unique items such as paintings and/or statuettes (made by local artists), vases, wooden carvings, and more. This way, you will be surrounded by fond memories and you’ll have lots of stories to share with anyone interested. 

Display these items throughout the house by placing them on bookshelves, coffee tables, reading nooks, and so on. 

Mirrors and/or Photographs

add mirror to bedroom

Personal photos on the walls are a nice touch, but they should be done by a professional (especially large portraits) and properly framed in order to attract the eye and enrich the room. On the other hand, photos collages are also nice, especially if you use pictures of different shapes and sizes. Still, a collage in every room is a bit redundant. 

Therefore, it’s important to mix things up with mirrors. A statement mirror in your bedroom gives a certain note of elegance to the entire room. Even more, if placed opposite lights and windows, they give the illusion of a bigger space, with more light.

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How To Add Touches of Luxury in Every Room of the House

Now that we’ve provided you with a few pointers, let’s take it room by room and see what you can improve to make your home seem luxurious without spending a fortune on decor and furniture. 


entryway with chairs

This is the first contact your visitors have with the house, so it helps to make a strong statement from the beginning. Besides installing modern light fixtures (which we already mentioned), you may also want to add a unique piece of furniture. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it has to be eye-catching and impressive. 

Here are a few great examples:

  • An antique grandfather clock
  • A beautifully sculpted bench where guests can sit while they get off their coats and shoes
  • A reconditioned coat hanger 
  • A large, round mirror, to check your outfit one last time before leaving the house
  • Flowers (in a vase or potted)

Of course, you can mix and match any of these items, but make sure to avoid creating clutter (keep the area organized and simple).


Living Room

luxury livingroom

The living room is where most guests are received, so it’s just as important to create a strong visual impression. 

You can start with a chandelier as the focal point and a few task lamps spread throughout the room. Additionally, depending on the size of the room and your taste, you may want to create a statement wall, painted in a contrasting color compared to the other three. 

For instance, large living rooms look amazing with a black or charcoal grey wall opposite the door. Moreover, you can live it as is or you can decorate it with unique artworks that otherwise wouldn’t have become the center of attention.

Next, this room must have a sitting area, so you can play with textures, colors, and designs to achieve a harmonious ensemble. The sofa is usually at the center of the seating area, so take your time in choosing a new one (or you can reupholster the old one to get that fresh vibe). 

When you decorate the living room, it’s important to play with colors and textures in order to achieve harmonious visual contrasts. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Minimalist design with all-white furniture and a few colorful throw pillows and ottomans;
  • Taxicab yellow walls with cobalt blue sofa chairs, complemented by abstract artwork and an oversized floor lamp;
  • Combine light colors and textures with a well-lit room to create a bright and luxurious atmosphere.
  • Focus on wooden accents with natural textures for a rich and warm atmosphere. 


A Special Corner

armchair in corner

It’s important to give the living room a bit of a personal note; something that friends and family will recognize as part of your personality the moment they enter the house. 

For instance, if you love reading, get that comfortable armchair or sofa you’ve always wanted for your reading nook. Or, if you want a high-tech TV set, fitted with a gaming console and speakers, don’t hesitate to integrate them into the room.  

All these elements will add uniqueness to the living room and will disrupt the monotony in a perfectly arranged room.

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A Unique Coffee Table

living room with coffee table

Another element that’s central to the seating area is the coffee table. Now, you could go with the main design and choose a piece that fits the furniture and colors, or you could let your imagination run wild and create a unique design using the materials at hand.

You can find hundreds of DIY coffee tables projects online to browse as inspiration, and you will definitely value your seating area more if you invest time and effort into it. 

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Home Office

home office

As more people embrace the Work From Home lifestyle, the home office will become a normal occurrence in most homes. Now, depending on the space, the home office can be an entire room (which is ideal) or it can be a dedicated space somewhere in the house, away from foot traffic and noise. 

Regardless of the setting, it would be best to place the desk facing a window. This way, you get direct natural light during the day, which is healthier for the eyes. If this is not possible, place the desk against a white wall, which you can use as a board for notes, post-its, and more. 

Next, add a desk or an adjustable floor lamp that can be used in the evening or during cloudy days. Lighting is important for your productivity and motivation, so it’s best to invest a bit more into the right fixtures. 

Of course, it’s equally important to invest in a comfortable ergonomic chair, but if you expect to have in-person meetings with clients and coworkers, it’s best to arrange a seating area as well. To create a modern atmosphere with a touch of luxury, focus on modern textures, colors, and shapes while also trying to keep the space as organized and open as possible. 

Lastly, don’t forget about plants. They freshen up the room and help with focus and overall productivity. 



The kitchen is the heart of the house since this is where the food that feeds the entire family is made with love and care. It’s also the meeting place for the family in the morning and in the evening.

Now, a kitchen remodel can be quite expensive, but there are a  few tricks you can use to make it look a bit more modern and in tune with the trends. 

Eliminate the Clutter

kitchen declutter

As we’ve discussed, a cluttered area looks messy and doesn’t welcome people in. So, do a thorough cleaning of the countertop(s), cabinets, drawers, and pantry. Throw away or donate anything you haven’t used in the last year (including appliances, kitchenware, and more). 

Keep all the surfaces clean (when you’re not cooking) and put everything where it belongs. This way, it will be easier to find next time. 

Other Tricks:

  • Make sure the windows are not obstructed, so natural light can come in during the day.
  • Change the face of the cabinets – it will make you think your kitchen is new!
  • Install task lights to improve visibility in areas where the top lighting doesn’t reach.
  • Change the sink fixtures (you can install modern-looking ones that fit the overall color of the kitchen).
  • Change the knobs and handles on the drawers and cabinets.
  • Replace old appliances (if possible)



luxury bedroom

There are a lot of great ideas for bedroom decorations, but it’s important to keep your budget in mind as well. Therefore, it’s best to make small changes that have a real impact on the entire room and leave the more expensive ones for a future time.

One such small but impactful change is the lighting (or the fixtures). You should have a central light fixture and a few task lights distributed according to your needs (in the mirror area, on the desk, by your reading armchair, and so on).

Additionally, bedrooms also look amazing with a boldly colored wall (usually a navy blue or a deep grey) by the head of the bed. But, if you’re not in the mood to start painting walls, you can refresh the atmosphere with new linens and a few decorative pillows. For a stronger effect, you can replace the headboard (or its upholstery) with one that contrasts with the rest of the room. 

Next, pay attention to your curtains. During the day you want as much natural light inside as possible, but at night things change. So, to add a touch of luxury and improve your sleep, get some blackout curtains. These are thick and heavy enough to block out light and sound (partially) and look amazing! 

Quick tip: choose a color that fits well with the carpet or the bedspread.  

Another way to refresh the room is through small touches and details such as:

  • Fluffy tiny carpets by each side of the bed (so you won’t step directly on the floor in the morning).
  • Artwork on the walls 
  • Add an accent chair for an extra seat in the room (or temporary storage)
  • Buy a few colorful throw pillows and a nice-looking bed covering
  • Use a folding room divider to separate the bed from the other areas in the bedroom

Overall, the bedroom is the one room where you can go a little crazy with the rich and colorful textures. So, don’t hesitate to add whatever feels cozy and nice (as long as you keep the clutter away).



bathroom blue tile

This area should speak of relaxation and peace of mind, so regardless of size and build, you should find ways to make it welcoming. 

Now, modern bathrooms are all about open spaces, minimalistic designs, and large bathtubs, but you don’t have to demolish your current bathroom in order to upgrade it. Here are a few tricks you can try (besides clearing clutter and surfaces):

  • Clean the grout between the tiles
  • Install a large mirror above the sink (it will create the illusion of space)
  • Install light fixtures over the mirror and in other areas where you want more light
  • Use a glass divider for the shower area
  • Make sure the tub is sparkly clean at all times
  • Invest in some fancy towels (they look and feel really cool)
  • Change knobs and handles on drawers and cabinets
  • Change the faucets and fixtures on the sink, the shower, and the bathtub
  • Get a fancy soap dispenser 
  • Invest in a colorful shower curtain to brighten up the room
  • Install a contrasting backsplash
  • Get an interesting toilet paper holder

In the end, it’s important to keep the bathroom clean and simple, with a splash of color and a few refreshing elements. 

Patio & Garden

patio garden

Lastly, a good-looking home that’s inviting and welcoming must have a small garden area where you can enjoy the summer days protected by plants and spoiled by comfy chairs. 

To add a note of luxury, it’s best to invest in a few well-designed and durable patio furniture items (chairs and a table). Additionally, if you like gardening and plants, here is where you can go a bit overboard and add everything you like.

You can combine flowers and bushes of all kinds and types in order to create a green paradise that’s uniquely yours. 

In Summary

At the end of the day, a house becomes a welcoming home when you pay attention to the details but also add personal notes that are representative of your personality. So, before buying any expensive furniture or textiles, take a step back and think about the things you like in your house and the things you’d like to change. 

Also, it’s best to take a minimalist approach and focus on creating more space than clutter.