29+ Clever and Easy Things To Do With Mason Jars

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Every sincere DIY enthusiast has to have that one moment of both epiphany and discovery as they lay their hands on a relatively less known object of diy experiments; a mason jar.

The possibilities are endless; however, we have packaged a list of fun and interesting things for you to try with mason jars! Happy crafting!

mason jar ideas

1. Hanging lights

1 cheap mason jar ideas

You can fill in these small pendant lights, or you can decorate these jars with tuni lights and hang them. It would look colorful and stylish.


2. Glass Lamp

2 cheap mason jar ideas

You can be very creative in this one. You can color your glass by whichever color your interior suits with. You can also stuff the jar with whatever you want.


3. Painted Jar Luminaries

3 cheap mason jar ideas

You can paint your jar with interesting designs and give them scary faces and then insert colorful lights into it to give it a scary look. You can use those on Halloween.


4. Lace Covered Candle Holders

4 cheap mason jar ideas

Do you want to make your old sweaters turn into something interesting? Well, here is a way out for you. You can cut laces from that sweater and use them to decorate your jar so that it turns into something beautiful. You can also fit little candles into it. It would give such a splendid look!

5. Mason Jar Techno Tiki Torch

5 cheap mason jar ideas

This decoration might be the perfect way to lit up your mood. It sets the mood with LED torches that can animate in any color. It is even perfect for indoors because it does not have any flames.


6. DIY Solar Jars

6 cheap mason jar ideas

If your electricity is out; this may be the best opportunity for you to recreate something with your jars. This can serve as a best alternative for electricity.

7. Tissue Paper Heart Luminary

7 cheap mason jar ideas

Well if you are looking for something beautiful and romantic to gift to your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, this might be the best way for you. This can be a very charming gift too.


8. Glass Jar Topography

8 cheap mason jar ideas

You can store your stationary or makeup items in little jars and decorate them; it would look beautiful. You can also keep spices in it and your other necessary items in it.


9. Metallic Vases

9 cheap mason jar ideas

It can be a very simple and easy way for you to use up those jars you stored instead of just saving them up. They can serve as vases where you can keep beautiful scented flowers.

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10. Glass Jar Frames

10 cheap mason jar ideas

This one is very simple. You just have to slide a photo in it and it turns into something interesting.


11. Glowing Firefly Jar

11 cheap mason jar ideas

This can be very beautiful. It will take a lot of patience though. Once the jar is filled with colorful fireflies, it would look so beautiful.


12. Grains and Beans as Fillers

12 cheap mason jar ideas

You can fill pebbles, marbles and sand rock in it. It can also contain grains and beans and other items too.


13. Bow Tie Jars

13 cheap mason jar ideas

This can serve as the best gift for a baby shower. It would look so adorable and beautiful.


14. Rainbow Cupcakes

14 cheap mason jar ideas

You can store small cupcakes or any eating items for your kids in it. Also if you tie a string around the jar, it can hold a spoon in it too. Kids would find it interesting to eat from them too.


15. Wedding Aisle Planter

15 cheap mason jar ideas

It would feel so much soothing to use this. You can hang the flower-filled jar in any place at the wedding, and it would look beautiful.


16. Soap Dispenser

16 cheap mason jar ideas

This looks perfectly indoors. You can put hand wash or liquid soap in it. Plus, it would also be easier for you to take out the liquid from it at any time.


17. Dream Jar

17 cheap mason jar ideas

You can use the jar for storing some positive ideas in it just by writing them out in a paper and then putting it in a jar. It would help you achieve your dreams and aims in life and would make you feel fresh and positive every day.


18. Mason Jar Aquarium

18 cheap mason jar ideas

If you are unable to acquire an aquarium for your fish, then you can create one yourself. To make it look colorful and beautiful, you could decorate the outside of the lamp with small lights. You can also fill a plant in it; the fish would enjoy it. This would look so much like a real aquarium.


19. Mason Jar Gifts

19 cheap mason jar ideas

You can make beautiful gifts and then put it inside the jar. You can however further decorate the jar with ribbons, twine, wash tape and maybe even with a twig.


20. DIY Oil Lamp

20 cheap mason jar ideas

If you are having a dirty jar, then you can perfectly reuse it and make something new out of it with a rusty canteen with flowers. Old canteens go a long way to hold small bouquet of flowers.


21. DIY cup cake in a jar

21 cheap mason jar ideas


22. Mason jar planter

22 cheap mason jar ideas

Source: buzzfeed, notjustahousewife

23. Recycled glass chandelier

23 cheap mason jar ideas


24. DIY chalkboard mason jar

24 cheap mason jar ideas


25. DIY snow globe

25 cheap mason jar ideas


26. DIY painted mason jar vases

26 cheap mason jar ideas


27. DIY mason jar bathroom storage

27 cheap mason jar ideas


28. Mason jar oil lamp

28 cheap mason jar ideas


29. Single serving pie in a jar

29 cheap mason jar ideas



What you do with a harmless and ordinary Mason jar is up to you, it can illuminate your home and it can also be a makeshift bank. However, one thing is certain, one glance at the diy mason jars and it will be in your memory for a long time!