A Complete Guide Towards Buying Extendable Dining Table

Last Updated on March 10, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Nowadays, homeowners focus a lot more on functionality and ensure they purchase furniture and organise their home, which would not only be aesthetic but efficient too. Whether you have limited living room space or kitchen space, an extendable dining table is the latest trend in the market.

If you are a social butterfly but do not have enough space in your home to set up a permanent elaborate dining table, extendable dining tables can be your solution. 

This way, you could host parties by expanding the table and collapsing it when not needed. If you are wondering about extendable tables and want some guidance, here is a complete guide that would help you understand the benefits, how to buy the right table, and the latest trends you must check out.

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What is an extendable dining table?

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An extendable dining table is a dining table that has an extendable leaf, also known as a folding section, which allows the user to enlarge or decrease the size of the table’s surface, depending on their needs.

The most common type of extendable dining tables is one with two sides and a centre base-unit. An extension system can either be mounted to the centre base-unit, which extends from either side of it, or two separate extensions can slide out from each side.

The majority of extendable dining tables have a mechanism that enables a person to lock the table into an extended size and then unlock it to return the table to its original size. This makes it easy for one person to set up and clear away the table.

There are also ‘drop leaf’ tables where one end of one of the narrower sides can be lowered so that it lies parallel with the main tabletop surface. When doing this, however, you will lose some of your dining table space as these drop leaves are not full-size surfaces.

Types of extendable dining tables

Traditional and Shaker

These types of tables have a conventional rectangular design, with four legs at the corners. The traditional dining table is wider than it is deep, while shaker dining tables are expected to be deeper than they are wide.


Gatelegs consist of two side mirrors (the side mirrors may also feature drop leaves) connected by one or two central pedestals.

The side mirrors are connected to one another at their ends when in use (typically via a joint that enables the end of each side mirror to fold up against the other), but when not in use may have an additional leg-support system which allows them to be placed further apart, making it easier for the table to be set up and stored away.


Drop-leaf tables usually consist of two separate panels that are hinged together, each of which is fastened to one side of the outer edge of the tabletop. The long sections can then be lowered so that they lie alongside the tabletop surface, thus creating a smaller surface area.

What Are The Benefits Of An Extendable Dining Table? 

This kind of dining table is exactly as the name suggests. The extensions make the tables larger, making them suitable for hosting large parties and get-togethers. One thing you have to be well aware of is that the table should fit your family without the leaves in.

The extensions are meant to be in use when you need extra dining space or have guests coming over. To use this kind of table, all you have to do is to pull the table from each side and then push the side to the top. 

You would get this kind of table in different styles, and whether you want a rustic or a modern style, the options are limitless. Make sure it is made of the right material to stand the test of time and for it to become an integral part of your home. Below find some of the notable benefits behind going for an extendable dining table. 

It Is Solid And Functional

A notable reason behind purchasing an extendable dining table would be how versatile it is. You could maximise the space available this way and expand it during your need. If you often host parties and celebrations, the worst thing you might have to do is limit the number of people. 

These kinds of tables are solid and durable. This could be a great investment for the future too, as keeping the design simple, you get to have a solid constriction that would go on for years. You, therefore, do not have to worry about changing tables even as you expand your family. 

Plethora Of Designs To Choose From

Nowadays, extendable tables are so much in trend that furniture designing companies are coming up with new designs and styles frequently. You could customise the tables as you like, matching the decor. Whether you want a rectangular, circle, or even a boat-shaped table, everything is available, making it a go-to choice for several homeowners. 

Almost all kinds of styles and designs could be customised into what you have been dreaming about. You get the advantage of choosing a table design that would match your cohesive home design scheme. Some companies and furniture makers often provide you with the advantage of selecting the base and material too. 

Choose A Style That Fits Your Interior

Extendable dining tables are meant to fit every kind of space, especially for small spaces. If you have a larger room, there is more room for you to organise and decorate your home in different ways, and if you have a small space, it is a great way to save space. The way you customise your table is completely dependent on the interior and design of your home. 

Tips On Selecting The Right Extendable Dining Table

For many homes, the dining table is where the family gathers after the whole day and spends quality time; it is also sometimes the centre of a get-together. Therefore, choosing the right extendable dining table is crucial, and for your ease, here are the top tips from the experts themselves. 

First Consider The Space

When it comes to buying the perfect dining table for your home, you have to consider the size of the room and the accurate size within which the table would fit perfectly. Will this table be used for hosting parties, or will you use it all the time as a workstation during work from home? 

Make sure the table you are going for has enough space left so that you can walk comfortably around it. Extendable tables can take up space when the extensions are pulled up; therefore, talk to an expert regarding this. 

The Kind Of Material You Want

When it comes to choosing an extendable dining table, what matters would be how and when you would be using it. Wood tables offer great warmth to your home and can be used for everyday purposes, and will not show any fingerprint or stains easily. 

You could also go for marble and bamboo tables which would help in elevating your home decor. You could even go for glass, although you have to be careful with extendable glass dining tables. 

Choosing The Right Dining Table Shape

The most common shape you would come across are rectangular tables that can easily accommodate a large number of guests. The design also allows you to walk around it without any hassle. Usually, most of the rectangular tables should be within 36” to 42” to allow enough space to walk freely. 

However, remember normal rectangular tables, once factored in with chairs, could take up huge space for which their extendable versions are a better choice. You could even opt for square dining tables if you require a small seating arrangement for everyday use. Round dining tables help you maximise the space to its fullest and are great for gatherings and hosting house parties. You could easily expand this kind of table with extensions. 

How To Take Care Of Your Extendable Dining Table? 

These kinds of table settings are sturdy; however, to make them last longer and to keep them looking brand new, here are some tips on how to maintain them.


Dusting is essential to keep away the dust particles and dirt from potentially scratching the table or being the reason behind the table losing its luster.

Use a microfiber cloth that would help you remove any kind of stagnant particle, and do not opt for cleaning products with silicone in it as the material; especially, wood could absorb it and will eventually destroy the finish. When using any lint-free cloth, you could lightly damp it to wipe away all the particles. 

Protect It From Humidity And Heat

Placing your wood extension dining table near a radiator could create problems. Make sure it is placed at an area where the temperature is consistent; otherwise, extensions would change as the wood contracts. Try and invest in a humidifier so that no seasonal cracks or swelling occur because the humidity levels should be lower than 45%. 

The Latest Trends In Extendable Dining Tables 

A dining table is a place where you gather around with your loved ones, have good times, laugh, make memories and is a staple that every home requires. However, nowadays, there are homes where because of space crunch, dining tables are non-existent or outdated. Extendable dining tables have changed the perception when it comes to utilising the dining space, and here are the latest designs and ideas you must check out.

White Gloss Extendable Ones

If you have a messy member in your family or would soon and have to clean up quite frequently, this would be the perfect one for you. Cleaning this one is easy. The glossy finish on the white extendable table would look great if you have white, modern interiors.

All-White Extendable Table

This is trending a lot and is bright, lightweight, and versatile. It is neutral enough that it would suit all kinds of home decor and could easily accommodate 4-8 people. 

Solid Wood

This is a time-tested design that would never get old. Solid wood extendable dining tables give your home warmth and charm. You could choose wood depending on the tone that would go well with the surroundings. It is versatile, and the intricacy of the knots and the wood grains is what makes this design stand out.  

Danish Style Extendable Dining Table

If you love Danish-style furniture, then this one’s for you. The soft aesthetic look is worth everything and would go perfectly if your home interior leans towards contemporary or Scandinavian design. Go for light chairs or maybe darker ones to create a contrast. 

Metal And Rustic Wood

A dynamic duo- hard to miss out on. Wood and metal create a rustic look and are perfect for an industrial vibe or farmhouse one. You could easily host a small group of friends without any space crunch. 

Square Dining Table

This kind of extendable dining table is versatile, homey, and will be quite within the budget. You could choose your own base, and it is a perfect option for intimate dinner parties alongside small gatherings. 

You could even go for glass top extendable dining tables. Wrapping up, extendable dining tables are available within every budget. You could right away talk to a professional, get your space measured, and get going by customising your own extendable dining table that would fit perfectly. 

Should I buy an extendable dining table?

The answer to this question will largely depend on your circumstances. If you have a small space that doesn’t have enough room for a large dining table, or if you need to frequently change the size of your dining surface due to fluctuations in the number of people eating at the table, then an extendable dining table is probably what you’re looking forj.

Many people also purchase extendable tables to save space in their home when they aren’t having guests over.

However, there are a few disadvantages to these types of tables. For example, in order for them to be folded up or down the mechanism will require access from underneath the table’s surface, so you can’t just lift up the tabletop to access the mechanism. Also, most extendable dining tables are quite delicate and aren’t designed to hold extremely bulky items, so you’ll need to be cautious when placing anything heavy on them.