12 Best Recliners for Seniors: Comfort and Support Essentials in 2024

Last Updated on February 2, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Recliners have become synonymous with comfort in the home, offering a place to relax and unwind after a long day. For seniors, the right recliner is not just about comfort but also about support and functionality. As we age, the ease of getting in and out of a chair, as well as the ability to adjust our seating position for optimal health, becomes increasingly important.

The best recliners for seniors are designed with these needs in mind, featuring lift functions, adjustable positions, and supportive cushioning to aid in reduced mobility or joint pain.

When considering a recliner for an older adult, several factors take precedence. The chair’s lifting mechanism should be smooth and easy to operate, ideally with a simple remote control that doesn’t require much dexterity.

The construction should be sturdy, providing excellent lumbar and neck support to ensure that sitting for extended periods doesn’t lead to discomfort.

Additionally, the fabric should be durable and easy to clean, while also soft to the touch. The size of the recliner must also fit the user’s body to offer maximum comfort and proper support.

When purchasing a recliner for a senior, it is vital to assess the ease of maintenance, the chair’s reclining angles, and the availability of extra features such as heating or massage options that can offer therapeutic benefits. Knowing that comfort is subjective, we’ve taken into account a range of preferences and requirements in our search for the best recliners.

With meticulous research and consideration of the features most beneficial to seniors, we have analyzed the market’s offerings to identify a selection of recliners that will enhance the well-being and comfort of older adults.

Our findings are based on evaluating user feedback, expert opinions, and our thorough understanding of what constitutes a superior quality recliner for senior users.

best recliners for seniors

Top Recliners for Seniors

We understand how crucial comfort and support are when it comes to selecting a recliner for older adults. With a focus on ergonomics, ease of use, and reliable functionality, we’ve meticulously curated a list of recliners that deliver comfort without compromising on style or quality.

Our selection promises to offer the support seniors need while providing a touch of luxury to their daily relaxation.

1. Weture Oversized Recliner

Weture Power Lift Recliner

In our experience, the Weture Oversized Recliner isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s a gateway to supreme comfort for seniors looking for that perfect supportive chair.


  • Effortless lift assists seniors or those with mobility difficulties.
  • Heated massage feature offers a spa-like relaxation.
  • Cup holder and USB port add a touch of convenience.


  • Assembly can be challenging and time-consuming.
  • Limited to low-power devices for USB charging.
  • The expanded design might be too large for smaller living spaces.

Settling into this Weture Oversized Recliner, we’re enveloped in its luxurious comfort. The widened seat cradles our frame, offering room to spare, and the thickened padding smoothes away the day’s stresses.

We’ve found the power lift feature to be impressively silent and smooth, providing seniors with a gentle and secure lift to a standing position. It takes away the concerns about strain on the back or knees, with the convenience of a remote control.

The massage and heating capabilities are a standout comfort. Selecting the intensity and mode of vibration lets us melt away discomfort and encourages relaxation. And for us, having personal items and a drink within reach while charging a device is the peak of leisurely living.

We understand that putting together furniture isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s worth noting that some patience is required when assembling—but the effort is rewarded tenfold with the wealth of features and comfort this recliner offers.

Be mindful of its size before purchasing to ensure it fits seamlessly into your desired space. Despite these points, we are confident you’ll appreciate the thoughtful design tailored for the ultimate in-home relaxation.

2. Korser Sleek Recliner

Korser Power Lift Recliner

We believe this Korser Power Lift Recliner merges comfort, functionality, and ease of use, making it a superb choice for any senior looking for a reliable relaxation spot.


  • Effortless power lift aid for standing up
  • Built-in massage and heat for relaxing the body
  • Convenient storage and cup holders for essentials


  • Heavier construction may need extra hands during setup
  • Additional cushioning on the leg rest might enhance comfort
  • Wiring requires cautious handling to avoid damage

The Korser provides an exceptional blend of luxury and aid, with its power lift assisting in transitioning from sitting to standing with ease. Recently, as we settled into this chair after a long day, we appreciated the subtle but firm support the premium sponge offers. The faux leather is not only stylish but also simplifies cleaning, ensuring lasting comfort.

Immersing ourselves in the built-in massage programs created an oasis of tranquillity right in our living room. We noticed how the lumbar heating element gently soothed away the day’s aches, with the remote control placing relaxation just at the tip of our fingers.

We found the practical design details quite thoughtful. The dual cup holders make enjoying a favorite drink effortlessly while relaxing, and the storage pockets serve brilliantly to keep everything from remotes to magazines neatly organized and close at hand. This is a recliner that understands the value of having essentials within easy reach.

3. Ariiles Recliner for Elders

Ariiles Lift Chairs Recliners

We found that the Ariiles Recliner with heat and massage is a noteworthy choice for seniors wanting comfort paired with convenience.


  • The power lift function is a boon for those with mobility challenges, gently easing users into a standing position.
  • Surprisingly relaxing, the 8-point massage and lumbar heating are features we can’t stop raving about—it truly unwinds the muscles.
  • Cup holders and storage pockets are handy, ensuring necessities are within arm’s reach, which we always appreciate.


  • With only two reviews, the testimonies of its benefits are limited.
  • Some may find the assembly slightly cumbersome despite the claim of easiness.
  • The chair’s bulkiness could be a challenge if space is a premium in one’s living area.

Settling into the Ariiles Recliner, we’re greeted by the pleasant touch of wear-resistant linen, which feels both comforting and durable. Its breathability is a subtle nod to thoughtful design, avoiding the discomfort that comes from longer periods of sitting.

Engaging the recline feature, we’re pleased to report a smooth and quiet transition from upright to fully relaxed—a seamless experience that lets us focus on enjoying a good read or a favorite show. The wired control is intuitively designed; we don’t need to fiddle around to find our sweet spot.

Lastly, when it comes to winding down, the massage function comes to the fore. Selecting from various modes and intensities, each of us can tailor the experience to our personal preference—a feature not often found in recliners at this price point. Whether for easing into the evening or a post-lunch siesta, this recliner doesn’t disappoint.

4. Irene House Dual Motor Recliner

Irene House Dual Motor Recliner

We recommend this chair for any senior seeking comfort with the added benefits of heat and massage functions.


  • Individually adjustable backrest and footrest for tailored comfort
  • Heat and massage functions for added relaxation
  • Has pockets and is made with plush chenille yarn for extra coziness


  • Might be heavy to move around at 148 pounds
  • Cannot operate without power supply
  • Massage and heat functions automatically stop after 15 minutes

Settling into the Irene House Dual Motor Recliner feels like a warm embrace after a long day. Its plush chenille fabric is both inviting and durable, and the thick cushioning hugs your body, providing a soft yet supportive seat.

Upon first using the dual-motor feature, the precision with which you can adjust the footrest and backrest becomes apparent; it’s a boon for finding that perfect spot for reading or napping. The lift function is smooth and gentle, which could be a significant aid for those with mobility concerns.

The built-in heat and massage offer a soothing experience. It’s like having a personal masseuse at your fingertips. While some might find the 15-minute automatic shutoff a tad short, it does ensure safety and the opportunity to take breaks during longer relaxation sessions. The side pockets are a thoughtful touch, perfect for stashing the remote or your latest read.

In a nutshell, our experience suggests that the Irene House Dual Motor Recliner is a solid choice for anyone looking for a reliable, comfortable, and therapeutic sitting experience.

5. MCombo Cozy Recliner

MCombo Recliner

We believe this MCombo recliner is a worthwhile investment for those needing extra assistance and comfort.


  • Easy to assemble without any tools needed
  • Integrated power lift for effortless standing
  • Handy USB ports and cup holders for convenience


  • Limited to a maximum reclining angle of 140 degrees
  • Designed for users within a specific height range
  • Only suitable for indoor use

Our experiences with this MCombo recliner have truly shown its value, especially for the elderly seeking comfort and ease of use. The power lift is an exceptional feature, offering gentle assistance to help you stand without putting strain on your knees or back.

With just the press of a button, reclining and lifting movements are smoothly executed, catering to your specific comfort needs.

We’ve found the built-in USB ports and cup holders extremely useful for keeping drinks safe and electronics within reach while lounging or watching TV. Such features contribute to its well-rounded design, ensuring our relaxation time is uninterrupted and more enjoyable.

The chair’s faux leather not only adds a touch of class to any living space but also promises easy cleaning – a quick wipe is all it takes to maintain its pristine look.

Despite the cozy comfort this MCombo recliner provides, it’s important to consider the limitations. The 140-degree reclining limit might not be enough for those who prefer a more horizontal resting position.

Moreover, taller individuals might want to look for a model that better suits their frame, as this recliner fits users between 5’1″ and 5’9″ most comfortably. Keep in mind, with its indoor-specific design, it’s not meant for outdoor lounging.

In our time with the MCombo recliner, we particularly appreciated the ease of assembly. Often, furniture setup can be daunting, but this chair proved straightforward, requiring no tools and taking minimal time to put together – even for novices.

6. MCombo Power Lift Recliner

MCombo Power Lift Recliner

We believe this MCombo Power Lift Recliner could be a game-changer for seniors who value comfort, independence, and convenience in their living space.


  • Effortless power lift for easy standing
  • USB ports and cup holders for convenience
  • Simple assembly process


  • Limited maximum reclining angle
  • Tailored more for those 5’1″-5’9″ in height
  • Fabric may require regular cleaning to maintain its appearance

Upon settling into the MCombo Power Lift Recliner, we were immediately struck by how the counter-balanced lift mechanism took the strain off our knees—it’s like having a helpful hand guiding you gently to your feet. For seniors with mobility issues, this smart feature could bring a significant sense of independence into their daily routines.

We also enjoyed the built-in amenities; the USB ports and cup holders meant we could charge our devices and enjoy a drink without ever needing to leave our cozy spot. It’s all about having those little luxuries at our fingertips, which makes our relaxation time feel all the more indulgent.

The setup was a breeze; we got the chair ready for its first trial in no time and without any extra tools. The soft navy fabric was not only gentle to the touch but also a breeze to clean. However, we noted that the recliner doesn’t go completely flat, so if you love a good stretch-out, this might be a tick against it.

Also, our taller friends might find the fit a bit snug, as it’s optimized for individuals within a specific height range.

In short, the MCombo Power Lift Recliner offers a blend of autonomy and comfort, tailored to make a senior’s life more relaxing and convenient.

7. MCombo Large Power Lift Recliner

MCombo Large Power Lift Recliner

We believe this chair is a solid choice for those in need of a supportive lift, combining comfort with convenience in a stylish package.


  • Effortless power lift assistance makes it easy for seniors to stand up from a seated position
  • Soothing full-body vibration and lumbar heating feature to relax and warm the muscles
  • Includes USB ports and cup holders for added convenience


  • The massage function is gentle and may not meet the needs of those who prefer a more robust massage
  • Faux leather, while easy to clean, may not appeal to everyone’s taste or comfort preference
  • Assembly is required, which might be challenging for some users

Upon sitting in the MCombo Large Power Lift Recliner, the first thing we noticed was its sturdy build, lending a secure feeling. The lift mechanism functioned smoothly, giving us an almost effortless transition from sitting to standing – a real knee-saver.

The addition of cup holders and USB ports is thoughtful, underscoring the chair’s design around user needs, allowing us to keep beverages close and devices charged during our relaxation time.

The chair’s massage feature, while on the gentler side, provided a relieving sensation to tired muscles, complemented effectively by the lumbar heating. The extended footrest came in handy, as it fully supported our legs, making lounging for extended periods quite comfortable for a person of average height.

In terms of aesthetics, the dark grey, high-quality faux leather looked sleek in the living room, blending in nicely with different decor styles. We found the surface to be easy to clean, which is a bonus for busy or less mobile individuals. While some may prefer the warm touch of genuine leather, this faux option is durable and presents a neater and more wood-friendly arrangement.

Assembling the recliner did require some attention but was ultimately straightforward. One might need an extra pair of hands, but once it’s set up, its ease of use makes it a forgotten chore.

The firmness of the padding is worth mentioning, as it could be a deciding factor for those who either prefer a firmer support or a more plush sitting experience. Overall, the MCombo recliner stands out for its functional design tailored to aid elderly individuals with a comfortable and accessible resting spot.

8. MCombo Power Lift Recliner

MCombo Recliner

If you’re searching for a blend of comfort and functionality for an elderly individual, this recliner deserves your consideration.


  • Provides independence with its smooth power lift feature
  • The extended footrest offers ample space to stretch out
  • Equipped with USB ports and cup holders for convenience


  • Heavier users may find the size limiting
  • Complexity may overwhelm some seniors
  • May require assistance to move and position due to weight

Our recent experience with the MCombo Power Lift Recliner has left us genuinely impressed by its convenience and comfort. The power lift function is a godsend, allowing seniors to stand up with ease, which greatly aids in promoting independence within the comfort of home.

The attached remote is simple to use, and the lift and recline functions operate effortlessly at the touch of a button.

What we’ve particularly enjoyed is the extended footrest, which provides the perfect amount of space to fully stretch our legs. Moreover, the faux leather not only looks sleek and stylish but also it’s incredibly easy to clean. This is a huge plus for us, ensuring the chair maintains its appeal over time without extra hassle.

Adding to our pleasant experience is the added convenience of having the USB ports and cup holders. It’s these thoughtful touches that allow us to charge devices and enjoy a beverage while we relax, read, or catch up on our favorite shows. Comfort and practicality were top of mind in this chair’s design.

9. Cinkehome Comfort Lift Chair

Cinkehome Lift Recliner

We believe this Cinkehome recliner is a solid choice for anyone in need of an easy-to-use lift chair that offers both comfort and quiet operation.


  • Effortless stand-up assist for seniors
  • Whisper-quiet and smooth lift mechanism
  • Dense foam padding for extended sitting comfort


  • Maybe on the pricey side for budget shoppers
  • Size may not be suitable for all spaces
  • Assembly guidance could be clearer

After spending some time with the Cinkehome Lift Recliner, we’ve found its power lift feature invaluable. It rises with such grace and is a real backsaver, effortlessly bringing you to a near-standing position. This is particularly beneficial for those with limited mobility or anyone who would otherwise struggle with getting up from a sitting position.

Settling into this chair is like a cozy embrace due to the generous cushioning. The high-density foam gives my grandmother the support she needs without compromising on comfort. Whether she’s reading or dozing off, this chair remains a haven of rest for hours. Additionally, its operation is virtually silent, which is a godsend in a shared living space, ensuring the peace isn’t disturbed.

We appreciated the ease of assembly; putting this chair together is straightforward, not requiring an engineering degree or an array of tools. However, be mindful; that the instructions could be clearer.

Despite this, even with minimal DIY talent, we had it ready for use in no time. The chair’s compact form fits snugly in the cozier corners of the room, and its sleek design blends seamlessly with various decors, making it both a practical and stylish addition to any home.

10. COMHOMA Recliner for Seniors

COMHOMA Recliner

After spending some quality time lounging in the COMHOMA Recliner, we can say it’s a solid investment for seniors seeking comfort and assistance.


  • Effortless assistance in standing up and sitting down
  • Personalized relaxation with infinite reclining positions
  • Soothing massage and heating features for full-body relaxation


  • Takes up a significant amount of space
  • Assembly can be time-consuming
  • Dual power outlets are needed, which might not be convenient for all spaces

Nestling into the COMHOMA Recliner, we immediately feel the support and comfort tailored for elderly individuals. The lifting function is a genuine aide, making it easier for our seniors with mobility issues to sit down or stand up. It exudes a sense of sturdy reliability that immediately instills confidence.

The personalization this recliner offers is top-notch; we can adjust our sitting angle from an upright lunchtime read position to a nearly flat nap-ready state. This flexibility ensures that we find our sweet spot for comfort every single time.

Then there’s the embellishment of luxury—massage and heating functions. We’re talking about easing into a heated seat with gentle vibrations melting away the stress of the day. It’s not just a chair; it’s a retreat.

However, we had to roll up our sleeves to assemble it, dedicating some time to put together this throne of comfort. Once set up, it becomes apparent that the chair requires a fair bit of room—and proximity to a couple of power outlets. So plan your space accordingly.

The COMHOMA Recliner proves to be an excellent companion for seniors. It harbors the perfect blend of assistive technology and comfort that we’ve come to appreciate for our leisurely moments. We’ve reclined, we’ve risen, and now, we’re refreshed and ready to share that this piece could be just what the doctor ordered for your living space.

11. CozyLift Power Recliner

CozyLift Power Recliner

We find this recliner offers a comfortable and supportive seating experience, making it a worthwhile investment for seniors in need of a lift chair with massage features.


  • The lift mechanism is smooth and quiet, adding no stress to the back or knees when getting up.
  • Vibration massage and heating functions promote relaxation and can help ease aches and pains.
  • Built-in cup holders and USB ports add convenience for daily use.


  • Some may find the seat cushion on the firmer side, which may not suit all comfort preferences.
  • The upholstery may show signs of wear with heavy use.
  • Assembly is required, although it is straightforward.

The CozyLift Power Recliner seamlessly blends comfort with functionality. Its non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials give us peace of mind, and we’re impressed by how the overstuffed backrest and seat cradle us in sheer comfort.

The chair’s heating and massage options are a godsend after a long day, providing soothing relief that feels tailor-made for our weary muscles.

Daily use is a breeze with the simple remote control, allowing us to adjust our position effortlessly or help us stand up without hassle. The addition of cup holders and a USB port means our favorite drinks and devices are always within easy reach as we unwind or catch up on our latest novel or TV show.

Though we love the ease of use and the extra features of the CozyLift Power Recliner, we acknowledge that nothing is perfect. The firmer seat cushion took a bit of time for us to get used to, and we’ll be keeping an eye on how the fabric holds up under frequent use. That said, we appreciated how straightforward it was to put together – we were ready to relax in our new favorite spot in no time at all.

12. Cfvyne Oversized Lift Recliner

Cfvyne Large Power Lift Chairs

After lounging in the Cfvyne Oversized Lift Recliner, it’s clear that it offers comfortable and accessible seating perfect for those in need of a little extra support.


  • Generous sizing provides ample space and comfort
  • Integrated heat and massage functions add to the relaxation
  • The power lift feature aids in standing up effortlessly


  • Bulkiness may not suit smaller living spaces
  • The higher price may not fit all budgets
  • Some users reported difficulty keeping the back in position over time

Curling up in this recliner presents an immediate feeling of relaxation. We’ve noticed the enhanced comfort due to the spacious cushion and longer backrest, distinguishing it from other models on the market.

The breathable leather not only feels luxurious but also makes maintenance a breeze. A warmth envelops your lumbar area, thanks to the heated features, while the eight-point massage function works to ease any muscle tensions, a treat after a long day.

Observing the lift mechanism, it operates smoothly, making it a boon for those with mobility issues. Transitioning from a seated position to standing is seamless, which can be a game-changer for seniors or anyone needing additional assistance. No tools were needed for assembly, and setting it up was straightforward.

Enjoying long hours of leisure or even a quick respite has never felt more comfortable. The USB ports and cup holder bring convenience, eliminating the need to reach too far for your devices or beverages.

Despite its larger footprint, we found that this chair fits well in most areas dedicated to relaxation. However, if space is a premium in your home, considering the chair’s dimensions before purchasing is advisable.

Buying Guide

Understanding Recliner Types

We need to decide which type of recliner suits our space and needs. There are different types, such as traditional two-position recliners, rocker recliners, and power lift recliners, each with their own set of features.

Recliner TypeIdeal for
Two-positionLimited space and budgets
RockerGentle rocking, soothing motion
Power liftMobility assistance

Essential Features

When shopping, we consider several key features that contribute to comfort and safety. Below are the crucial aspects we focus on:

  • Ease of Use: Look for simple controls and remote operation for power recliners.
  • Sturdy Frame: Ensure the construction is solid, typically hardwood or steel.
  • Supportive Cushioning: High-density foam or other supportive materials are vital.
  • Seat Width and Depth: Make sure that the seat dimensions match our body size for optimal comfort.
  • Recline Angle: A greater range of recline can offer more positions for comfort.

Material Quality

The durability of a recliner is often determined by the quality of materials used. We typically find options in leather, faux leather, or fabric upholstery. The table below outlines the key concerns:

LeatherDurable, easy to cleanHigher cost, requires maintenance
Faux LeatherLower cost, easy to cleanLess durable than real leather
FabricVariety of textures and colorsCan be challenging to clean

Space and Fitting

We ensure there’s adequate space around the recliner for full extension. Keep in mind the space that will be needed in the room once the recliner is fully extended, and measure our room accordingly.

Extra Features

Additional features can enhance the reclining experience:

  • Heating and Massage: Some models offer therapeutic benefits.
  • Swivel Base: For easy turning without moving the whole chair.
  • Storage Pockets: Convenient for keeping essentials within reach.

In summary, we look at the type of recliner, crucial features, material quality, and available space in our home to determine the best recliner for seniors.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing the best recliners for seniors, we consider a range of factors to ensure maximum comfort and usability. Our FAQ tackles top concerns, such as high-rated recliners, cost coverage options, and specific features tailored for senior use.

Which recliners have the highest ratings in consumer reports for senior comfort and usability?

Consumer reports often praise brands like La-Z-Boy, Catnapper, and Relaxonchair due to their ergonomic designs and ease of use, making them highly rated for senior comfort and usability.

What options are available for obtaining a recliner at no cost for seniors?

Seniors may acquire recliners at no cost through Medicaid Waiver Programs, non-profit organizations like the Assistive Technology Program, or local charitable organizations that offer assistance to the elderly.

What features should be looked for in a recliner designed specifically for elderly women?

Recliners for elderly women should offer lumbar support, comfortable cushioning, an easy-to-use control mechanism, and a gentle recline function to assist with sitting down and standing up easily.

Which recliner models are best suited for seniors to comfortably sleep in?

Recliner models with multiple reclining angles, supportive headrests, and generous padding, such as the Perfect Sleep Chair and the Med-Lift Sleep Chair, are ideal for seniors to sleep in comfortably.

Are there special lift recliner chairs that are recommended for the elderly, and what are their benefits?

Yes, lift recliner chairs like the Pride Mobility Heritage Collection and Golden Technologies’ MaxiComfort series are recommended as they help seniors stand up with ease and offer varying positions for maximum comfort.

Does health insurance, like Medicare, typically cover the cost of recliners for seniors?

Medicare Part B can cover the reimbursement for lift chairs as durable medical equipment (DME) under certain conditions, though the chair’s mechanical lifting mechanism is primarily what’s covered, not the full cost of the recliner.