Best Glider Recliner for Nursery: Top 12 Comfort Choices for Parents in 2024

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Choosing the perfect furniture for a nursery is a task that requires careful consideration, not only for the design and theme of the room but also for comfort and functionality. When preparing for the arrival of a new baby, many parents look into purchasing a glider recliner.

Unlike traditional rocking chairs, glider recliners offer a smooth, back-and-forth gliding motion which can be soothing for both the baby and the parent. Additionally, the reclining feature allows for adjustable comfort levels, which can be a relief during those long nights of early infancy.

Glider recliners come in a variety of styles, materials, and functions, making it important to find one that meets the specific needs of your nursery. Comfort is paramount; look for padded armrests, a supportive back, and a soft yet durable fabric.

Ensure that the glider recliner also has a sturdy frame and a locking mechanism to maintain safety when not in use. Size is another critical factor, as the chair should fit comfortably in the room without overwhelming the space.

When shopping for a glider recliner, consider the longevity of the piece. Ideally, it should be versatile enough to transition from a nursery staple to a comfortable chair in another room once the child outgrows the nursery. Ease of cleaning is also significant since spills and stains are bound to happen around children. Many parents opt for models with removable, machine-washable covers.

Selecting the best glider recliner for a nursery involves balancing comfort, safety, and style to ensure it fits into the family’s life seamlessly. With countless hours spent feeding, reading, and rocking little ones to sleep, having a cozy spot that both parent and child can enjoy is essential.

Bearing in mind these key considerations can help pinpoint the glider recliner that stands out in terms of quality, comfort, and practicality.

top glider recliner for nursery

Top Glider Recliners for Nurseries

After extensive research and considering numerous factors essential for comfort and convenience, we’ve curated a list of the finest glider recliners for your nursery.

These selections are designed to offer you soothing motion, plush comfort, and reliable durability while you care for your little one.

Whether you’re feeding your baby, reading to them, or simply relaxing together, our picks cater to a variety of needs and preferences, making sure you find the perfect match for your peaceful nursery haven.

1. DaVinci Glider Recliner

DaVinci Carter's Arlo Recliner and Swivel Glider

In our nursery, this glider recliner became an oasis of comfort for us and our little one, with its smooth reclining and easy-to-clean surface being particularly noteworthy.


  • The fabric repels water and stains, which is a lifesaver for unexpected spills.
  • Aesthetically pleasing with a reclining mechanism that’s out of sight.
  • Certified for low chemical emissions, supporting both baby and environmental health.


  • Some may find the back height less ideal for taller individuals.
  • It’s on the heavier side, moving it between rooms can be a task.
  • The reclining function, while sleek, might require more force than expected for some.

Cradling our baby in the DaVinci Glider Recliner, we immediately noticed the comfort the plush seating provides. It’s a piece that blends functionality with comfort, providing a tranquil corner for feeding, reading, and precious cuddles. The high back and the smooth gliding motion made those midnight soothing sessions much more pleasant for both of us.

Over time, we’ve come to appreciate the water-repellent feature even more. Whether it was a spilled bottle of milk or drool during teething, the fabric withstood it all, making cleanup a breeze—a boon for any sleep-deprived parent.

The attention to safety and health is evident with its GREENGUARD Gold Certification. We could rest easy knowing that our choice contributes positively to the air quality in our nursery and that the materials around our newborn meet stringent testing for chemical emissions.

In all our hours spent in this glider recliner, we can say it’s not just a piece of furniture, but a supportive companion during the early stages of parenthood.

2. Evolur Harlow Glider

Evolur Harlow Deluxe Upholstered Plush Seating Glider

We think the Evolur Harlow Glider is a must-have for new parents seeking comfort during those precious nursery moments.


  • Effortless power reclining feature with a convenient USB port
  • Tool-free assembly offers a stress-free setup
  • Luxurious comfort with 275-degree swiveling and gentle gliding


  • Might be heavy for some to relocate
  • Takes up a considerable amount of space
  • On the higher end of the budget spectrum

After spending countless hours rocking little ones to sleep in the Evolur Harlow Glider, we’ve noticed the sheer advantage of the electronic push-button reclining mechanism. Its built-in USB port has been a lifesaver, allowing us to keep our devices charged without leaving the room.

Despite its weight, assembly was a breeze. We didn’t have to fumble with tools or complicated instructions, which was a huge relief. Once set up, our tired backs were grateful for the plush embrace of the ergonomic support that this glider offers.

What sets this glider apart is how it melds function with comfort. The smooth, controlled gliding motion and swiveling capability make it more than just a chair; it’s a welcome retreat in the nursery. However, we suggest measuring your space before purchasing, as its robust size requires ample room.

3. Evolur Raleigh Glider

Evolur Raleigh Upholstered Plush Seating Glider

We’ve found the Evolur Raleigh Glider to be a cozy and effortless addition to our nursery, making it a wise pick for parents.


  • Smooth gliding motion comfortable for both parent and child
  • No tools are required for an uncomplicated assembly process
  • Attractive finish fitting seamlessly into various room aesthetics


  • Footrest can be tough to retract, posing a challenge postpartum
  • A larger footprint may not be ideal for smaller rooms
  • Premium pricing may not fit every budget

Sitting in the Evolur Raleigh Glider, we immediately appreciate the soft embrace of the plush seating. The recliner’s glide is smooth, emulating a serene, rocking motion that has proven to be a godsend during those late-night feeding sessions. The multiple recline positions are accessible with a simple push against the backrest, which is beneficial when our hands are full with the little one.

As we look around our nursery, the sleek Fawn hue of this glider complements the room’s décor without effort. Despite the chair’s sturdy feel, we’re relieved it didn’t require an entire toolbox to assemble. The fact that the Glider is environmentally conscious is the cherry on top, aligning with our desire for sustainable products.

However, we notice that the footrest can be a bit stubborn at times, not exactly the feature to grapple with when recovering from childbirth. Those with snugger spaces might find Raleigh’s presence a bit imposing. And while we’re advocates for investing in quality, the price point could be a stretch for those working within a tight budget.

4. Angel Line Rebecca Glider

Angel Line Rebecca Glider

We believe this glider recliner is an excellent investment for any nursery due to its comfort and multipurpose functionality.


  • Effortless reclining and gliding mechanics
  • Modern design with attractive white piping
  • Substantial weight and build indicate durability


  • Assembly may require an extra pair of hands
  • The recliner mechanism can be challenging to use while holding a baby
  • Some users may find the seat depth a bit excessive

From the moment we eased into the cushy embrace of the Angel Line Rebecca Glider, its potential as a nursery staple was obvious. The gliding motion is smooth and soothing – exactly what you need when trying to calm a fussy baby in the wee hours.

Our afternoons have been transformed with this comfortable addition; it has become our go-to for serene moments of reading while gently rocking. It’s not just useful for the nursery; it fits seamlessly into any room, allowing this piece of furniture to grow with the family.

We understand the importance of low-maintenance furniture for busy parents. The wipe-clean fabric is a notable feature, easily handling the spills and messes that come with a new baby. Standing up from the recliner without disturbing a sleeping infant is a simple maneuver, despite the recline mechanism occasionally requiring some finesse.

5. Babyletto Kiwi Glider

Babyletto Kiwi Glider

We believe the Babyletto Kiwi Glider is a valuable addition to any nursery, thanks to its comfort, functionality, and eco-friendly design.


  • Sublime comfort with smooth gliding and electronic reclining features
  • An eco-conscious choice, incorporating recycled materials
  • Invaluable USB port to keep devices charged


  • Higher price point can be a stretch for some budgets
  • The electronic components may pose some reliability issues, based on user feedback
  • The light-colored fabric may require more frequent cleaning

As we nestled into the plush embrace of the Babyletto Kiwi Glider, we immediately appreciated the serene swivel and glide movements that soothed our baby with ease. The electronic recline function allowed us to adjust our position seamlessly, without waking our little one – a far cry from the manual recliners we’ve used in the past.

Considering our keen interest in sustainability, we were pleased to discover the eco-performance fabric, which not only felt luxurious but also gave us peace of mind knowing it’s partly made from recycled plastic bottles. The fabric’s water-repellent and stain-resistant features proved to be practical, handling the occasional spill effortlessly.

Another unexpected perk was the built-in USB port, ensuring our phone was always within reach and charged for capturing those candid moments or sending a quick text without leaving the comfort of the chair. While we were initially wary of the investment, the chair’s features and the serene environment it helped create in our nursery have proven worth the expense.

6. Sweetcrispy Glider Recliner

Sweetcrispy Glider Recliner

We find this glider recliner to be a cozy addition to any nursery, providing both comfort and functionality to soothe both parent and child.


  • Versatile motion with both swivel and recline
  • Comfortable and skin-friendly upholstery
  • Easy to assemble with minimal time commitment


  • May feel firm for those preferring softer seating
  • The footrest may require more effort to retract
  • May not suit all body types comfortably due to size

Coming home to the embrace of the Sweetcrispy Glider Recliner after a long day, we can’t help but appreciate its ease of use. The 360-degree swivel feature makes it a breeze to pivot around the room, and with a gentle push, the chair glides back soothingly—a motion perfect for lulling our little ones to sleep.

Despite the chair’s firmness, which we initially mistook for lack of comfort, hours of use have shown us its true charm. The strong support of the seat and backrest gives just enough without compromising on durability, making it well-suited for extended snuggle sessions.

One point of contention, however, is the height of the chair. We’ve noticed that shorter folks in our group have a tougher time resting their feet flat on the ground, which can lead to some discomfort during longer sits. But this hasn’t stopped us from enjoying our tranquil moments in this nursery staple.

The beauty of the Sweetcrispy Glider Recliner lies not just in the early days with our newborns but also in its potential longevity in our homes. It has swiftly become our go-to spot for a quiet read or a peaceful respite from the day’s hustle.

7. DaVinci Maddox Glider

DaVinci Maddox Recliner

After spending some quality time with the DaVinci Maddox Recliner, we find it to be an excellent choice for any nursery, providing comfort and ease for both parent and child.


  • Glides and swivels seamlessly for a soothing experience
  • The reclining mechanism is smooth, making it easy to relax
  • Non-toxic materials for a safer nursery environment


  • May be difficult for some to return to upright from reclining
  • Cushion firmness may not suit everyone’s preference
  • Requires space to swivel and glide without obstruction

Our time in the DaVinci Maddox Recliner was a revelation in nursery comfort. The chair’s gliding and swivel motions are particularly smooth, a feature that gently rocks the baby to sleep, which can be a godsend during those fussy nights.

We didn’t just rock and swivel; we also took advantage of the reclining function. The hidden mechanism maintained the chair’s sleek look while providing the necessary recline to kick up our feet and relax.

What made our experience even more comforting was the knowledge that we were sitting in a chair that had not been treated with harsh chemicals. As we leaned back, the high backrest provided adequate support for extended periods of rest—essential for those long nights. The plush leg rest was easily accessible, lifting our legs without a struggle.

Although the Maddox Recliner was mostly a delight, we noted that some individuals might find it challenging to push back to an upright position after reclining. This could be an issue when holding a sleeping child. The overall cushioning, while supporting and well-designed, might be on the firmer side for those who prefer a softer sit.

Lastly, when planning the nursery layout, it’s important to consider the space needed to fully utilize the recliner’s gliding and swivel features without bumping into other furniture.

8. Oxford Baby Swivel Glider Recliner

Oxford Baby Swivel Glider Recliner

Considering its balance of functionality and style, we find the Oxford Baby Swivel Glider Recliner to be a worthwhile choice for any nursery.


  • Effortless assembly with no tools needed
  • A seamless blend with most nursery decor due to its neutral boucle white color
  • Supportive and comfortable, with a smooth rocking and gliding motion


  • More substantial in size than expected which may not suit smaller spaces
  • The reclining mechanism can be stiff to operate
  • The cushioning, while comfortable, might not meet everyone’s plushness preference

Nestled in the plush embrace of the Oxford Baby Swivel Glider Recliner, we’ve found it to be a cozy retreat for those countless hours spent nursing or lulling our little ones to sleep. Its gentle motions are both soothing and relaxing, making it a nurturing addition to any nursery.

We’ve noticed how effortlessly it blends into our nursery’s aesthetic, the boucle white hue offering up a canvas that is both trendy and timeless. Its style has a chameleon-like quality, adapting to the varying decors as our baby grows.

While we appreciate the comprehensive functionality—from its smooth 360-degree swivel to the full recline feature—we do acknowledge the initial firmness of the reclining mechanism. However, this has not detracted from its overall comfort and usability in our experience.

9. Evolur Raleigh Glider

Evolur Raleigh Glider

If you’re seeking a triple-threat chair that glides, swivels and reclines without hassle, the Evolur Raleigh should be at the top of your list.


  • Effortless assembly with no tools needed
  • Luxe appearance that enhances any nursery decor
  • Multipurpose with gliding, swiveling, and reclining features


  • More substantial in weight, may be difficult to move
  • The seat may feel narrow, depending on your size
  • A higher price point could stretch your budget

Our nursery’s recent addition, the Evolur Raleigh Glider, has transformed feeding times and soothed our parental aches with its plush embrace. The gliding is seamless, and we appreciate the gentle swivel motion, especially during those late-night lulls. Its no-tool assembly was a breeze, letting us focus more on our baby and less on the setup.

The reclining function has been our savior for those on-the-brink-of-sleep moments, simply lean back, and voilà, instant relief for our tired arms. Plus, the side pockets are a godsend for stashing pacifiers, burp cloths, and our elusive TV remote.

Yet, we can’t help but notice it’s a bit of a space-eater in our cozy nursery. While it’s easy to overlook when you’re wrapped in comfort, those with smaller rooms might find it a tad bulky. The premium feel does come with a premium price, but for us, the cost has been justified by the comfort and convenience it provides day and night.

10. DaVinci Piper Recliner

DaVinci Piper Recliner

We found the DaVinci Piper Recliner to be a sound choice for comfort and peace of mind, keeping both parent and baby in mind.


  • Crafted for seamless movement and rest, offering a serene, toxin-free space
  • Style meets comfort in the unobtrusively integrated reclining mechanism
  • Gliding and swivel capabilities enhance the nurturing experience


  • Some may prefer a wider color selection
  • May not fit well in very small rooms due to its size
  • The durability of the recliner will be truly tested over time

Upon first taking a seat in the DaVinci Piper Recliner, one immediately notices the chair’s ability to envelop you in a gentle hug, perfect after a long day. Its silky-smooth glide had us swaying with ease—a rhythm that not only soothes babies but also offers parents a moment of well-deserved tranquility.

We appreciated how the recliner added an air of sophistication to the nursery, hiding its mechanisms beneath a sleek and stylish exterior.

In our time with this chair, it became clear how the thoughtful design caters to the need for comfort and utility. The high back is a nod to the often-overlooked detail of parental rest, allowing for a soft lean back as one’s hands cradle new life.

We took special note of the Greenguard Gold Certification, which brought a sigh of relief knowing our little ones were not exposed to harmful emissions.

As the weeks went by, we saw the recliner become a cornerstone of the nursery. Its robust and accommodating design made it a preferred spot not just for feeding times, but also for those quiet moments of bonding and precious naps. However, this piece does command its presence, and for those with spatial constraints, it could prove challenging to integrate flawlessly into the cozy corners of a compact room.

Concluding our experience with the DaVinci Piper Recliner, it’s clear this piece is not just about simple aesthetics. It’s a daily companion for parents and their cherished bundle of joy, crafted to safeguard and embrace the nurturing process. Keep in mind, that its longevity is something that only time will reveal, but all signs point to a lasting relationship between this recliner and our family’s daily rituals.

11. Sweetcrispy Glider Recliner

Sweetcrispy Glider Recliner

We found the Sweetcrispy recliner to be a cozy haven for those long nights and a charming addition to any nursery.


  • Swivels 360° for full-room engagement
  • Comfortable, breathable linen fabric
  • Simple assembly in under 15 minutes


  • May be too small for taller individuals
  • Has a weight limit of 250 lbs
  • Limited massage features

After spending some time with the Sweetcrispy Glider Recliner, it’s clear that it can be a game-changer for new parents. The chair’s 360° swivel feature allows us to turn with ease, which is particularly helpful when we need to reach for items without getting up—a lifesaver during those late-night feedings.

The linen fabric is not only soft to the touch but also provides the breathability needed when spending hours with our little one in our lap.

In terms of assembly, we breezed through the process. The well-illustrated instructions meant we went from unboxing to unwinding in less time than it takes to get a baby to sleep. We appreciated not having to fumble with too many parts, which left us more time to enjoy the new addition to our nursery.

However, while the recliner is indeed an inviting spot for relaxation, it may not be the perfect fit for everyone. For us parents on the taller side, it seemed a bit snug, and the support might not be sufficient for sustained comfort during those longer cuddle sessions. Also, bear in mind the 250-pound weight limit; it’s sturdy but not the most robust in the category.

The massage function, although a nice touch, didn’t offer a wide range of settings. It’s pleasant enough for a gentle soothe but don’t expect the robust capabilities of a dedicated massage chair.

In sum, the Sweetcrispy Glider Recliner emerges as a strong contender for those seeking a mix of comfort, function, and nursery chic. It could just be the partner we never knew we needed for those round-the-clock nursery duties.

12. Delta Children Glider Chair

Delta Children Blair Slim Nursery Glider Swivel Rocker Chair

We recommend this glider for its comfort and space-saving design that stands out in small nurseries.


  • Compact size fits well in limited spaces
  • Easy to clean, durable fabric maintains a fresh look
  • Smooth gliding and swivel action provide a soothing experience


  • Not as plush as some other models, which might affect long-term comfort
  • Some users report durability concerns with extended use
  • Assembly is required, which might not suit everyone

Sinking into the Delta Children Glider Chair after a long day, the first thing we notice is the ease of movement. The soft glide is perfect for soothing a restless baby, and the swivel feature comes in handy when reaching for items without having to get up. It’s the peace and quiet we appreciate the most during late-night feedings—the glider moves silently, ensuring our baby stays undisturbed.

Even in our snug nursery, this chair doesn’t cramp our style. It’s sized just right, leaving plenty of room for other essentials without feeling squeezed in. Plus, we’re not constantly worrying about spills or stains; a quick wipe-down is all it takes to keep this chair looking new. It suits our practical needs while also bringing a touch of elegance to the room with its sleek silhouette.

Yet, while comfort is key in a nursery glider, we do notice that this isn’t the most cushioned chair we’ve ever sat in. It’s comfortable enough for short periods, but we wonder about longer snuggle sessions. Also, we’ve read a few comments about the chair’s longevity, but for now, it feels sturdy enough.

All in all, for parents who value function and style within a small space, this Delta Children Glider Chair makes for an excellent pick.

Buying Guide

When we’re in the market for a glider recliner for our nursery, comfort, durability, and ease of cleaning are at the forefront of our considerations. It’s crucial to invest in a recliner that not only fits our space but also meets our functional needs. Below, we’ve broken down essential features we should focus on when selecting the best glider recliner for our nursery.

Comfort & Ergonomics

A vital feature we should look for is ergonomic support. Since we’ll be spending considerable time in the glider, especially during those late-night feeds, the chair must provide proper support for our back, neck, and arms.

  • Seat Cushion: Preferably thick and made of high-density foam.
  • Back Support: Should be tall enough to rest our head comfortably.
  • Armrests: Must be well-padded for comfort during extended use.

Construction & Durability

The construction of the glider recliner determines its durability and longevity. A sturdy frame and high-quality fabric can withstand the test of time and the demands of nursery use.

  • Frame Material: Hardwood is a robust option.
  • Fabric: Should be durable and easy to clean, such as microfiber or canvas.

Safety & Size

For a nursery, the safety features of the glider recliner are non-negotiable. Also, the size of the chair should fit well in our space without crowding the room.

  • Locking Mechanism: Ensures the chair stays in place when necessary.
  • Size: Measure our nursery space to confirm the glider fits comfortably.

Additional Features

While not essential, extra features may enhance the functionality of our glider recliner in the nursery.

  • Reclining Mechanism: Smooth and quiet to not disturb the baby.
  • Swivel Function: Allows us to turn without getting up.
  • Easy to Assemble: Ensuring we can put it together quickly and safely.

By considering these aspects thoughtfully, we set the stage for finding an ideal glider recliner that meets all of our nursery needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address the common inquiries regarding glider recliners for nurseries, focusing on features, benefits, and selections tailored to specific needs.

Which features are most important when choosing a glider recliner for a nursery?

When selecting a glider recliner for a nursery, comfort, durability, and ease of cleaning are paramount. Look for a sturdy frame, smooth gliding motion, and removable, washable cushions.

What are the benefits of having a glider over a traditional rocking chair in a nursery?

Gliders offer a smoother, more linear motion compared to the arcing movement of a rocking chair, which can be soothing for infants. They also tend to take up less space and have features such as built-in footrests.

How do I find a comfortable nursery glider suitable for tall parents?

For tall parents, a glider with a taller backrest and deeper seat is ideal. Adjustable footrests and a reclining function may also improve comfort. Test different models for the best fit.

What are some affordable yet high-quality gliders suitable for a nursery?

There are many budget-friendly options that don’t compromise on quality. Brands like Baby Relax and Storkcraft offer gliders with robust construction and comfort at a reasonable price point.

How can I choose a glider for a nursery that fits well in a small space?

Look for a compact glider with a narrower footprint. Some models are designed specifically for small spaces, maintaining comfort and functionality without occupying too much room.

Are there any nursery gliders that can still be comfortable and stylish as the baby grows?

Absolutely, some gliders have a timeless design and resilient materials that can transition to regular room decor. Brands like Dutailier and Babyletto craft gliders that are durable and adaptable for long-term use.