27+ Awesome Farmhouse Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Last Updated on December 11, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

The design of the backyard for a farmhouse can be a tricky one; you would have to take into consideration your agricultural practices. You are in luck, we have some designs that you could choose from. Let’s walk you through it.

best farmhouse backyard ideas

1. Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Style


Farmhouses backyards are quite different from the modern house in style, the wood in making backyard sits, the colors of the lawns. All of these are integrated into the design for your backyards. Here is a simple sample to check out.

2. Gazebo Backyard Idea

Gazebo Backyard Idea

A gazebo design wouldn’t be so bad you know? After you could just chill out there. The flower around the gazebo improves the décor of the backyard and definitely catches the eye.

3. A sofa in the Backyard

A sofa in the Backyard

You would definitely like a sofa in the backyard like this. The sofas are made of cheap wood but sprayed to avoid the invasion of pests. Also, the caution here is to arrange the sofa in such a way that it is not packed up and there isn’t space for any other thing.

4. Little Flower Garden

Little Flower Garden

If you are thinking of a farmhouse idea, think of a mini flower garden somewhere in your backyard. It serves as a reminder of your appreciation of nature. But in thinking colors, think not too bright colors so that it fits your house designs.

5. Flower-Lined Staircase

Flower-Lined Staircase

If your backyard has a staircase here is what you can do, align some flowers along its path. As much as it adds beauty to the backyard, it would seem interesting to walk down. Try it to add some spice to your home.

6. Natural Garden Beds

Natural Garden Beds


Natural garden beds are basic and simple ideas for your backyard. It is simply maintained by watering it occasionally.

7. Wooden Plank Flooring

Wooden Plank Flooring


Your backyard can look this good with this design. All you need is to make a wooden floor, a little sofa also made of wood. Also, the wooden dining table color blends perfectly with the backyard.

8. Lawn in the Backyard

Lawn in the Backyard


This is a beautiful well grazed lawn that runs from one end to another. This property also has some shrubs and herbs amongst the lawn. This idea gives the perfect atmosphere for a serene environment.

9. Yellow Lights for Farmhouse

Yellow Lights for Farmhouse


Lights are beautiful ideas for your backyards. Colorful lawns are a great eye-catcher for guests and visitors. It is also rightly positioned. The lights also fit in the house.

10. Vintage Aluminum Double Decker Planter

Vintage Aluminum Double Decker Planter


This double-decker is just a simple flower planter. Although vintage is still relevant at this time. It is made by making an iron funnel and bowl and placing flowers of your choice in it.

11. Modern Farm House Landscape

Modern Farm House Landscape


This is a modern-day design for your backyard. The grasses are well lined and patterned to give your backyard look amazing. A sofa is also kept to relax and enjoy the view.

12. County Farmhouse

County Farmhouse

For this farm you can see the farmhouse at the far end, this is a typical countryside farmhouse. If you have a similar farmhouse here is what you can, line the plantings in such a way that a view from the house would be cool to behold.

13. Paleface Ranch

Paleface Ranch


If you have such a large space here is something for you, the backyard is grounded with stones as a way of improvising also the flower cases are also stoned. The design is made into a ranch like a form to help easy walk around.

14. Natural Stones & Paving

Natural Stones & Paving

You can make your backyard look better by giving it a natural look with green leaves, stone carvings, and trees. But stone pavers do the magic all the time, they can be made into different colors but make sure they match the color of the backyard.

15. Lawn Furniture

Lawn Furniture

Your backyard should be convenient enough to host your guests and visitors. Make the furniture that would make your guest feel comfortable and cast iron is just the right furniture material for this purpose.

16. Space to Play

Space to Play


Your backyard should have some form of space for running around and playing. The amount of space would determine the kind of game that would obtainable. For an environment like this disc golf and ladder ball can be considered.

17. Chill Out

Chill Out

The design is one for an evening spot. It has sufficient space for a table for three seat arrangements, grilling, and even a mini kitchen. Isn’t this amazing? The floor is filled with stones to prevent the rising of dust.

18. Large Family Design

Large Family Design

No one would guess that this is a low budget design; the flooring is done with little stones to prevent the rising of dust. Also, there is a long dining table to accommodate your big family dinner.

19. Water Feature Landscaping

Water Feature Landscaping


This is a better use of a water channel flowing around such an environment. The water is channeled such that it becomes the major view of this backyard. Every other feature of this backyard just aligns with this water feature.

20. Landscape Scenery

Landscape Scenery


This landscape does the magic but the lawn in this backyard just makes it exceptional. It is clean, nice and lovely to behold.

21. Contemporary Farmhouse

Contemporary Farmhouse


22. Chicken coop

Chicken coop


23. White farmhouse gate

White farmhouse gate


24. Outdoor shower

Outdoor shower


25. Relaxing partial sun backyard landscaping

Relaxing partial sun backyard landscaping


26. Brick garden path

Brick garden path


27. A retaining wall

A retaining wall