20+ Beautiful Farmhouse Front Door Decor Ideas

A front door is one of the first things that a visitor notices when he enters a house. A traditional farmhouse design calls for several of the below aesthetic options, which, when coupled together, can create a lasting impression on the visitor.

20 best Farmhouse Front Door Ideas

best farmhouse front door ideas

1. Traditional double doors

1 farmhouse front door ideas

This is a conventional design for the front door of a farmhouse. The material used is good quality wood and is polished brown.

2. Chic colored Dutch door

2 farmhouse front door ideas

This style pertains to a traditional Dutch household. Color it in a chic palette such as baby pink or light turquoise to match your farmhouse.

3. French door design

3 farmhouse front door ideas

This door design is commonly seen in a traditional French household. The signature feature of a French main door is the presence of glass panels on the doorframe.

4. Olive green door

4 farmhouse front door ideas

This front door design for your farmhouse follows a single panel approach. This design suits narrow doorways well. The color selected is matte olive green. Couple it with a floral wreath to complement the farmhouse style design.

5. White-colored metal and wood

5 farmhouse front door ideas

In this farmhouse front door design, a combination of wrought iron and teak wood is used. Paint the entire frame white and the design suits well to the structure of your house. A farmhouse styled wreath also complements the design element.

6. Pastel theme front door

6 farmhouse front door ideas

Original them of this front door is Parisian style. Color of the door panel can be chic green or turquoise blue. Texture can be of matte type. Complement the look with a farmhouse styled wreath made of hay or twigs. Matching doormat made of jute can add to the design aesthetic.


7. Thin wood panel and glass door

7 farmhouse front door ideas

In this design, the door panel is made from a stronger but lighter wood variety. Similar to the Dutch styled door, this style makes use of glass in its door-frame.


8. Sunshine yellow door!

8 farmhouse front door ideas

This pale yellow painted door can be matched with a farmhouse styled wreath made of yellow flowers. Couple it with a matching doormat made of jute or natural fiber.


9. Contemporary Dutch design

9 farmhouse front door ideas

This is a contemporary take on the traditional Dutch design. It features a single panel, however, the section is separated into two divisions. Color selected can be of matte texture.


10. Paint it Orange!

10 farmhouse front door ideas

The overall design element of this front door follows a matte textured orange color. The door has a single panel. The doorknob and keyhole area are jet black.


11. Rustic might!

11 farmhouse front door ideas

This single panel door appears robust and strong, owing to the good quality wood it is made of. Complement the look with a dark green farmhouse wreath.

12. Glass it up!

12 farmhouse front door ideas

In this front door design style, the single panel of the door contains a major portion of glass. Patterns can be as per personal preference. The color of the door can be matte white. You can also match the design with a suitable letterbox or farmhouse styled wreath.


13. Red and green Christmas

13 farmhouse front door ideas

The color palette used in this design is red and green. Matte red paint can be applied to the single-panel door. Complement the look with a green leaves-based farmhouse styled wreath. Black lanterns and other Christmas décor elements can be combined with this look.


14. Multi season approach

14 farmhouse front door ideas

In this design, décor elements from both the Autumn as well as the Winter season are included. The color palette used is grey and orange.

15. Rustic Mirror

15 farmhouse front door ideas

This design is made from polished teak or mahogany wood to bring forth the rustic look. Brown paint or varnish can be applied on the door. About three-quarters of the panel-frame is glass based. Couple the door with a brown colored wooden lantern in the front area, to complement the look.


16. Double Aqua

16 farmhouse front door ideas

This is a 2-panel design. The color palette followed is pale blue color signifying the ‘aqua’ theme. This design gives a modern look to the front door.

17. Bright blue door

17 farmhouse front door ideas

In this design, the single panel door is painted bright blue. Apart from the single panel, there is an additional frame after behind the door containing a glass portion.


18. Violet door

18 farmhouse front door ideas

In this design, the front door is painted in violet. You can complement the look with a dark green farmhouse styled wreath. The design also looks good against a cream-colored wall.

19. Sliding farmhouse style

19 farmhouse front door ideas

This is a contemporary approach to the traditional style front doors. The panels slide inwards to the wall. Brown colored wooden design aesthetic adds to the overall theme.

20. Arch shaped farmhouse front door

20 farmhouse front door ideas

In this design, the top portion of the front door is in the shape of an arch. This resembles the Victorian era. The material used can be hard-wood or wrought iron. The vintage design element can be complemented with a square-shaped farmhouse wreath.


Modern improvements in material science and interior design provides a wide variety of futuristic design options for the front door. One can couple these with the farmhouse style elements to develop an ordinary front door into a design masterpiece. Several ready-made options are also available in the market.

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