20+ Best Repurposed Old Window Ideas

Last Updated on December 18, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

Wait, don’t ditch that old window, first take a look at these wonderful Repurposed Old Window Ideas

Whether you’re replacing your old windows, or have reclaimed some of your own, you should know that there are so many creative things that you can do with them. 

Repurposing old windows is a great way to add vintage character to your home. Create a unique look that your friends and family will admire.

Can Windows Be Recycled?

Many people wonder whether old windows can be recycled. 

Old windows can sometimes be recycled, but it’s not a simple process. Unlike glass bottles, the glass in windows is treated differently, making it very hard to recycle

Many recycling firms just can’t do it.

If you have the option, you shouldn’t leave old windows by the curbside for collection. 

Instead of recycling old windows, reuse them. It’s much more environmentally friendly and a great creative opportunity.

What Can You Use Old Windows For?

Old windows can be transformed into greenhouses, rustic headboards, beautiful decorative displays and even plant holders

You can also transform old windows into coffee tables and window chalkboards.

How To Decorate Old Window Panes

To decorate an old window pane consider hanging a wreath, adding pictures of your family, or even adding ambient lighting.

You can sand them down and add a lick of paint to match your new decor. 

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20 Best Repurposed Old Window Ideas 

Give your old windows a new chance at life with these 20 Best Repurposed Old Window Ideas

#1. Write Messages On A Chalkboard Window

1 repurposed old window ideas

Use chalk paint to transform your old window into a chalk message board. Window sills are great for storing chalk and erasers.


#2. Transform Your Window Into A Mirror

2 repurposed old window ideas

A splash of silver spray paint will turn your windows into wonderfully reflective mirrors.


#3. Make Your Own Window Frame Cabinet

3 repurposed old window ideas

The best way to display your possessions is through glass. That makes repurposed window frame cabinets brilliant.


#4. Create A Window Frame Headboard

4 repurposed old window ideas

Turn your windows into a bedroom feature by creating a brilliant Repurposed Window Frame Headboard.


#5. Make It Green With A Window Frame Plant Hanger

5 repurposed old window ideas

Repurposed old window frames make great hanging planters. This one hangs perfectly from a tree’s branch.


#6. Build Your Own Window Frame Coffee Table

6 repurposed old window ideas

Store your coffee books stylishly with this repurposed old window coffee table


#7. Get Creative With A Window Pane Fireplace Screen

7 repurposed old window ideas

Keep out cold draughts while maintaining a perfect view with this DIY Window Pane Fireplace Screen.


#8. Transform Your Window Frame Into A Picture Display

8 repurposed old window ideas

Turn your window frame into an exhibition, with pictures of your family and special places.


#9. Create Your Own Window Shadow Box

9 repurposed old window ideas

Old windows are easily repurposed into shadow boxes, helping you show off your treasures in the kitchen or living room.


#10. Grow Herbs With This Great Window Box Planter

10 repurposed old window ideas

Create an artistic backdrop for your flowers and herbs with this great window box planter.


#11. Unleash Your Style With A Groutless Mosaic Window

11 repurposed old window ideas

Mosaics don’t need to be difficult. An old window makes the perfect frame for an easy and stylish groutless mosaic display.


#12. Keep Coats Tidy With A Repurposed Window Rack

12 repurposed old window ideas

This repurposed window coat rack looks rustic and is an easy way to store your coats with vintage flair.


#13. Make Your Own Window Greenhouse

13 repurposed old window ideas

Have a lot of old windows? Why not build your very own repurposed old window greenhouse?


#14. DIY Bathroom Cabinet

14 repurposed old window ideas

Repurposed old windows make great DIY bathroom cabinets. Why hide your product’s pretty labels when you can put them safely on display?


#15. Extend Your Outdoor Space With A Window Garden Mirror

15 repurposed old window ideas

Enlarge your small garden with reflective surfaces. Repurposed old windows are durable and really add to the outdoor space.


#16. Hang Towels On Your Vintage Window Towel Rank

16 repurposed old window ideas

Nowhere to hang your towels? Make a vintage towel rack out of your old windows!


#17. Light Up The Night With A Repurposed Window Light

17 repurposed old window ideas

Add some fairy lights to create ambient, rustic nightlights with your repurposed windows.


#18. Create Stained Glass Window Art

18 repurposed old window ideas

Be creative and paint your old windows with patterns to create beautiful stained glass art that’s a fitting addition to your new windows.


#19. Never Get Lost With A Repurposed Window Map Display

19 repurposed old window ideas

Look out onto the open road by adding your favorite map to an old window.

#20. Small Window Greenhouse

20 repurposed old window ideas

Greenhouses don’t need to be large. Add one to the end of your house with a few repurposed windows.


Something New, Something Old

Give new life to your old windows by repurposing them into useful household features.

These great designs will help you make the most of your repurposed windows. Adding an authentic rustic feel to your home. 

Reusing is always better than recycling.