20+ Mantel Decor Ideas With Farmhouse Style

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Farmhouse mantel decor promise to give your house an upbeat and post-modern look due to the incorporation of farmhouse decor and modern fixtures such as TV sets or lighting.

Most mantels are found in the den or in the living room, a place where you and your family or friends come to relax or have a couple of drinks. Design it in a way that suits your needs and also appeals to an exterior viewer.

best farmhouse mantel decor

Modern farmhouse mantel décor

1 farmhouse mantel decor ideas

Place a farmhouse wreath made of Mongolia leads and white ribbons just above the fireplace mantel. You can also go ahead and place several lamps on either side of the mantel.

Between the lamps decorate with green vines that droop downwards towards the fireplace. At the bottom of the mantel, you can place pumpkin decorations or a bowl of fruit.


Farmhouse mantel decor with TV

2 farmhouse mantel decor ideas

Mount your TV set just above the mantel then proceed to place two clear vases of flowers beside the TV. Remember to use flowers that match the mantel color, for instance, use white or yellow roses for a white mantle. Consider placing a clock just above the TV for a perfect finish.


Farmhouse mantel decor with clock

3 farmhouse mantel decor ideas

Look for a large brown clock with large brown clock hands. The clock should also be fashioned with roman numbers. Use recycled wine bottles as your vases and insert several Olive branches in the vases. Place the vases on either side of the clock. Below the clock, you can also place, on the mantel, a small faux plant.


Country mantel décor

4 farmhouse mantel decor ideas

You will need Victorian era-like candle stands, preferably those that can hold two or more candles. Look for brown vases, preferably metallic, and place a bunch of long grass in the vases.

Mount the candle stands on the wall and place a horse or any other animal-like portrait between the candles. The vases can be placed on either side or just below the mantle on mounted fixtures.


Farmhouse mantel shelf

5 farmhouse mantel decor ideas

Wreaths made of eucalyptus figs will do the trick for this mantle. Place the wreath on the mantle and some candles beside the wreath. Further, place a brown wooden shelf just above the wreath and place a portrait of your choosing.

Rustic farmhouse mantel décor

6 farmhouse mantel decor ideas

Consider using as many indoor plants or vines as possible. The vines should primarily be green in color and drooping over the mantel.

Look for rusty canister used to transport milk in the fam. Two of them will be enough and place them at the bottom of the mantel on either side of the fireplace. A brown mat can also be placed a few meters from the fireplace for further decoration.


Farmhouse mantel with lanterns

7 farmhouse mantel decor ideas

Look for a round mirror and hang it above the mantel. Be sure to center the mirror with the mantel. On either side of the mirror mount two lamps that have a Victorian-era resemblance. Lanterns can also be installed in place of the fixtures.


Neutral Fall Mantel

8 farmhouse mantel decor ideas


Neutral mantel with fall sign

9 farmhouse mantel decor ideas


Rustic basket above fireplace

10 farmhouse mantel decor ideas


A chalk board sign

11 farmhouse mantel decor ideas


Spring matel with florals

12 farmhouse mantel decor ideas


Farmhouse Christmas mantel

18 farmhouse mantel decor ideas


White mantel

14 farmhouse mantel decor ideas


White pumpkin with large windmill

15 farmhouse mantel decor ideas


Vintage farmhouse Spring mantel

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Hello Spring sign

17 farmhouse mantel decor ideas



Your choice of farmhouse mantel décor depends on your preferences and also the color scheme of the mantle. As you place the accessories and other decorations, consider the color scheme.

For instance, for a mantle with a general white background and blacktop, use decors with brighter colors such as tallow or pink. For mantles with an earthy color scheme, use brown or beige decorations for it to stand out.

Also, be cautious when designing the mantle to prevent any fire hazards. Do not place any plants near open fires. Keep candles far from portraits as the portraits might easily catch fire.