42+ Beautiful Foyer lighting ideas

1. What is a foyer in a house?

Foyer is easily the first area that a visitor glances upon his entry to a house. Therefore, it makes sense to decorate it adequately as it sets an impression of the entire house. Also a distinguishing feature of a well-crafted house, an architect once quoted ‘the difference between a rich man’s house and a poor man’s house is that the former has a foyer in theirs’.


2. How bright should a foyer light be?

A well-lit foyer creates a good impression of the overall household. Maximum sunlight should be allowed to enter the foyer.  Lamps and lights having a good CRI rating and between 2700K and 3000K should give enough brightness in your foyer area.


3. How big should my foyer light be?

This comes down to the size of the area, how high the ceiling is, and the light requirement of the foyer space. Chandeliers are often used for decorating the foyer area by placing them in the middle of the ceiling. From a designing perspective, for every inch of ceiling height, the selected lighting fixture has to be twice or thrice the height.


4. How low should foyer lights hang?

Depending on the type of lighting used in your foyer area, the height at which these lights should hang varies. Make sure that the lighting fixture is hanging at least eight feet above the floor. However, enough clearance shall be given below the chandelier in your foyer to avoid obstruction of passage.


5. How do you hang a foyer chandelier?

A foyer chandelier can be hung using a chain arrangement or be permanently fixed on the ceiling. Different types of chandeliers are readily available for hanging in your foyer. Some of them are listed as follows:

  •       Crystal type
  •       Glass type
  •       Beaded
  •       Candle shaped
  •       Lampshade shaped
  •       Caged
  •       Bowl
  •       Drum
  •       Rustic
  •       Romantic
  •       Vintage style
  •       Modern
  •       Antler


6. How many lumens does a foyer need?

This figure depends on the area of your foyer. To calculate the light requirement (or lumen requirement), find the total area of the foyer in terms of square feet. Next, determine the foot-candle measurement for a foyer. You can also refer to the local government standards for determining the lighting requirement for a foyer. Generally, 1,500 to 2,000 lumens are considered adequate for a foyer.


7. Foyer-lighting low ceiling ideas

Flush mounts, recessed lightings, LEDs, pendant lights, ceiling lamps, cluster lighting, cone-shaped and hanging lamps can be used in a low-ceiling foyer. Cloth based low hanging chandeliers and recessed lighting can also be used.


8. Multi pendant foyer light

Often referred to as cluster lighting, a multi pendant lighting consists of a multi-pendant lights hung together in a modern fashion, usually above a foyer, dining room or a study area. Some ideas include 3 pendant lighting, multi-color pendants, 6 color pendant, geometric shaped pendant, cascading light pendants, cylinder pendants, and globe-shaped pendants.


9. Small foyer lighting ideas

Using recessed lighting, wall scones, small globe chandeliers, pendant lighting, rectangle pendant, and 4 light foyer pendants are some of the ideas for lighting in a small foyer.


10. Coastal foyer lighting ideas

Those lighting fixtures designed with the theme of beach and elements from a seashore are often referred to as coastal designs. Table lamps, beach lamps, lanterns, contemporary table lamps, sconces, chandeliers, and pendants can be themed accordingly. Using sea-shells, pearl shapes, handcrafted net themed bulbs, lanterns in the shape of fish, and coconut tree-shaped lamps are all varieties that can be tried.


11. Farmhouse foyer lighting ideas

Farmhouse themed, lighting-on-the-floor, table lamps, pumpkin scones, and pendants are used for lighting up your farmhouse foyer. You can also experiment with metallic strips covered in cotton or rug with a light pendant at the end of it, to decorate the foyer.


12. Entryway foyer lighting ideas

Staircase tracking lights, using string lighting, single-piece horizontal globe chandeliers, ambiance lighting, smart lighting, and cluster lighting can be used for lighting an entryway foyer.


13. Front door foyer lighting ideas

Using contemporary designs such as wreath-lighting, tree lighting, and shrub-pot lighting can be used for lighting front door foyer.


 14. More foyer lighting ideas

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Foyer lighting is a key area while designing the entire aesthetic of your house. Care should be taken in such a way that this should complement the overall lighting of your living area.


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