30+ Beautiful Glitter Nail Art Designs

Nails are one of the most decorated areas of the human body. A beautifully designed nail is a woman’s proud makeup possession. In this article, we are showing to you 30 great glitter nail designs that can be used to enhance the beauty of your nails.

1. Silver Glitter Nail Design with Black and Red Nails

This beautiful silver glitter nail design matched with red and white is surely cool enough for you to try on your nails.

2. Glitter Overlay Nails

This design with Gold glitter overlay with a tip that is metallic is very great to try with any colour combination on your nails.

3. White Glitter Nail Design with Purple and Pink Nails

This bold design with combinations of purple and pink along with white glitter nails is that perfect design for your nails

4. Simple Gold Glitter Striped Nails

This simple but yet good looking golden glitter striped nails are really interesting and the varying strips in each nail gives it a different look altogether.

5. Light Purple with Silver Glitter Nail Design

This design with silver glitter on shades of white and light purple looks really magical and will be a great fit for any beauty intended nails.

6. Reverse French Metallic Nails

This interesting design has a reverse French nail with a metallic portion at the bottom of the nails which is an interesting idea.

7. Pink Glitter with Silver Glitter Nail Design

This contrast style of silver glitter nail in the midst of silver glitter nails is a design which is very straight and great to see in the nails.

8. Glitter Gradient Nails

This design is well suited if you don’t have time to make the designs look exactly the same in all the nails.

9. Nail Rhinestones with Pink Glitter Nails

This interesting idea with a shining rhinestone and a pink finish is surely sparkling and feminine all the way.

10. Under the Sea Glitter Nails

This bold blue sea jewel is a glittering masterpiece with some design to support the same on each of your nails.

11. French Manicure Glitter Nail Design

This bold and beautiful design is ready to stay in your nails all day long and give your hand a fitting look.

12. Bride Nails

This creative nail design form is just trying to include the bride and groom elements in the nail and we can not praise it enough for its unique and magical looks.

13. Pink Nails with Gold Glitter Design

This unique design of pink nails with gold glitter in various patterns on the nails is so magical and a great treat to the eyes.

14. Wacky Dotted Nails

This glittery piece of nail art has wacky glittering dots all over the base colour to give it a different and bold look.

15. Pink Nails with Red Glitter Design

This bold pink and red combination give a colourful finish to the tips of your fingers and is really attractive and captivating.

16. Dripping Gold Glitter Nails

This unique design has the looks of the gold glitter dripping from the usual color of the nail and is surely luxurious and attractive.

17. Purple Glitter with Light Purple Nails Design

This contrast and matching nail design have a perfect mix of light and dark purple with glitter to make your nails look just perfect.

18. Beam Me Up Nails

19. Light Glitter Purple Nail Design

These purple nails with a lot of contrast silver glitter is really beautiful and can be easily applied and tried-on in your nails.

20. Gilded Moon Nails

21. Glimmering Geometric Nails

22. Glitter Galaxy Nails

This really out of the world design is with a lot of glitter, beauty and detail that when applied on your nails can be claimed to be a design from out of the world.

23. Blue Moon Nails

24. Blue Glitz Nails

25. Sweet Sunset Nails

26. Flame Dipped Nails

27. Dotty Glitter Nails

28. Light Blue with Pink Glitter Design

29. White Nails with Gold Glitter Design

30. Gradient with Glitter Nails


A beautifully designed nail is a woman’s proud makeup possession. In this article, we presented to you 30 great glitter nail designs that can be used to enhance the beauty of your nails. You should try them at many occasions which reflect their bold, feminine, glittery and magical natures.


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