25+ Best Front Door Colors For A Blue House (Ideas and Designs)

The front door shades for a blue house are a significant aspect of the home’s external appearance. It is the initial impression that people have of you.

We’ll go through the ideal front door colors complementing your blue exterior, as well as some wonderful samples of our preferred front door colors, in this post.

front door colors for blue houses ideas designs

1. White

1 front door colors for blue house

A traditional color combination that works on any kind of home is a pristine white entry door adjacent to a blue house.

With blue, white columns or trimmings look great, and don’t forget about the porch plants or landscaping for extra charm. White is just a neutral color that goes with everything. 

The simplicity of this hue is what makes it so appealing. A white entrance door will set you apart from your neighbors.

To make an even bigger statement, add some black accessories. The white front entrance is enhanced with windows and a light gray frame in this example. This house has light blue siding, which gives it a beach feel.

2. Black

2 front door colors for blue house

Solid energy is represented by a black entrance door. Black is a sophisticated color that also serves as a strong, protective barrier.

As you’ll see in this picture, a matt black door looks wonderful when matched with a blue home. The extraordinary black door with white accents and elegant glass is one of our favorites.

The house’s dark blue façade does not overpower the black front door; instead, it complements the two color schemes. This is due to the sharp white trimmings, which brilliantly contrast the other two hues.

3. Dark Gray

3 front door colors for blue house

Gray is a tried-and-true neutral hue that is perfect for a blue house’s front entrance. This timeless hue sets the standard and may be used in a variety of ways to elevate your entryway.

Dark gray tones are all the rage right now, and they just so happen to look great with blue paneling.

The potential of making a property feel gloomy is perhaps the largest concern for homeowners who use grey for the front entrance.

A dark gray, on the other hand, may offer drama to any façade, and it can be enhanced by incorporating purple or azure undertones for extra warmth.

4. Bright Yellow

4 front door colors for blue house

Because yellow and blue are opposing hues, a blue home with yellow that is a bright front door is a striking combination.

Yellow is the shade to use if you really want your property to stand out. For light blue siding, use a gentle shade, and for a deeper shade of blue, use a bright yellow.

The bright yellow entrance door of this blue house with a vintage flair stands out. However, because to the white accents that soften the appearance, the vivid yellow doesn’t overpower the design.

5. Brown

5 front door colors for blue house

Brown is a timeless hue that will never go out of style. The natural tone, when mixed with blue, gives the entryway a warm and inviting feel.

A brown entrance door adjacent to lighter or darker blue siding, either painted or stained, is the prime option for people who wish to keep their homes seem classic.

Install some windows to the upper section of the door for a beautiful design that lets natural light into your home.

6. Natural wood

6 front door colors for blue house

Natural wood, either stained or unfinished, has a rich character to it. A rustic wooden door, when done correctly, gives drama to the entry.

Natural wood is preferred by most people as their front door, so if your siding is cold blue, it tends to make sense to introduce these organic ingredients for warmth.

It’s crucial to create a feeling of balance and contrast when utilizing genuine wood at the front entrance of an azure siding home. As a result, a variety of natural materials are needed. Wood, stone, and even marble can be used in this way.

7. Red

7 front door colors for blue house

The color red is rarely utilized for the front entrance of a house with blue siding. Although this is a strong option, when contrasted to other hues, it has the potential to make your entry stand out.

Combine a crimson front door with pastel blue cladding to show off your daring side. To make the entryway stand out, ensure both colors possess a monochromatic tone. 

The addition of glass, particularly when your front door has stained glass, can soften the harsh red.

Add some white components or trim to your red and light blue entryway to make it appear more better. The color palette of white, blue, and red will undoubtedly become outdated.

8. Blue

8 front door colors for blue house

Who says the front door can’t be painted the exact color as the siding? However, if you want to draw attention to your outside, avoid using the same tones of blue. To draw attention to your front entrance, adjust the tone by going one shade darker.

Because deep blue seems to have a lot of pigment, match it with light blue siding for a vibrant mix.

A blue front door adjacent to light blue siding will look great regardless of whether your living area’s exterior is made of vinyl, natural stone, oak floors, or any other material.

9. Espresso

9 front door colors for blue house

Here’s another property with a deep brown espresso front door that is stained, but with subdued light gray blue paneling this time. To provide contrast, this home also has white trim and pale colored marble, but the exterior is considerably lighter. 

The house demonstrates how stunning a dark wood entrance door with blue cladding can be. It doesn’t matter if you have dark or light siding; this stain color looks great either way.

10. Reddish brown

10 front door colors for blue house

The entrance door is a dark brown with a bunch of pigment and red overtones. The handrails and gutters were painted in the same color, which helped to bring the whole thing together.

If you glance at the color spectrum, you’ll see how well these hues complement each other. Even the granite is the perfect hue and complements the chestnut shingle roof perfectly. 

You’ll like how they incorporated both square and round columns in the landscaping and hardscaping. This house embodies everything people love about blue houses with solid wood front doors, and it’s a terrific example for anybody interested in doing something similar.

11. Orange

11 front door colors for blue house

When paired with blue siding, orange is a stunning modern hue that may help you reach your design goals.

The hue is considered to enhance overall well-being and may have both relaxing and stimulating properties, making it the ideal mood maker. It stands out and is nearly difficult to overlook.

It’s also a unique front door shade, so you’ll stick out and be remembered. When the assertiveness of red crosses the excitement of yellow, we get orange, a hue that is both adaptable and always stylish.

12. Deep blue

12 front door colors for blue house

A deep blue with plenty of pigment is a stunning hue. If you really want a home that is rich and vivid, we propose complementing this with a blue façade that is similarly vibrant.

Every part of the design in the sample home above employs a lot of colors. You will admire the designers’ devotion to using vivid blue hues throughout the house. 

Blue tones may be found in the marble veneer and pillars as well. Take note of how each piece has a unique value. This is an excellent example of defining components on the home with value variation.

13. Navy Blue

13 front door colors for blue house

If your house is pale or light blue, consider a navy blue entrance door. You could believe that mixing blue and blue will not really work, but the home in this shot shows you wrong.

Navy blue seems to be just deep enough to make any home stand out, yet it still has blue tones that blend well with the pale blue outer walls.

14. Bright Green

14 front door colors for blue house

A dark green entrance door may not be for everyone, but it may give a splash of brightness to an otherwise vibrant property.

In general, green and blue work well together. You might use dark green or forest green door color if you want something less vivid than the home in this shot.

Choosing bright green for your entrance door will surely create a striking statement for its boldness and uniqueness. And honestly, who doesn’t want their house to stand out? 

15. Pale Pink

15 front door colors for blue house

If you picture an entrance door for a blue house, pink is definitely not the first hue that springs to mind. A pale bubblegum or blush pink color, on the other hand, looks great with a sky blue home like in this picture. You’ll appreciate this combo if you like pastels.

This light pink front door is chic, stylish, and absolutely cute. It emanates serenity and excitement at the same time; two contradictory vibes that will intrigue you. 

16. Burgundy

16 front door colors for blue house

Burgundy is a combination of purple and red, with brown tints on occasion. It won’t be a perfect match for the house, but it’s a sophisticated approach to add a little color to the façade.

Burgundy is an unusual color but rest assured that it looks elegant and luxurious against a blue house. 

17. Maroon

17 front door colors for blue house

Maroon has a lot of similarities to burgundy, but it’s technically distinct because it’s a blend of brown and red.

You might be able to locate a deep enough hue that looks like a traditional brown door because it’s a brown-based shade. You may also choose for a more vibrant color that will stick out.

18. Light red

18 front door colors for blue house

When combined with blue, red may be a strong option. Consider choosing a soft red if you do not really want such a dramatic contrast.

It goes nicely with softer blues and creates a gentler shift from red to blue when used with darker blues. Light crimson will add a beautiful contrast to your blue home that you will love.

19. Dark Turquoise

19 front door colors for blue house

On a sky blue home, dark turquoise would look stunning. Because it’s a green-based tint of blue, it’s a stylish hue that will enable you to weave in accents like green to the exterior.

This hue is very stunning, and it will undoubtedly make your home stand out. It also helps that it has a luxurious and sophisticated appearance.

20. Off-white

20 front door colors for blue house

Off-white is a softer shade of white that leans towards grey, tan, or yellow. It may be most suited for light blues, but there are plenty of other possibilities to choose from.

This classic color is gorgeous against a blue house.

21. Door with a Glass Panel

21 front door colors for blue house

A glass panel is one of the door styles that you may utilize if you own a beach home. The primary material is still wood, but there is a large transparent section in the center.

This design will let additional natural light into the home, brightening the entire space.

22. Speakeasy

22 front door colors for blue house

Even though the style is modest, it has the ability to make the house appear lovely. This type is most commonly used for mountain residences.

You may decorate the upper half of the door in the same way as you can decorate genuine wood doors. As a result, it does not seem excessively substantial or monotonous.

23. Monochromatic

23 front door colors for blue house

There’s nothing wrong about matching the shade of your door to the color of your house’s exterior. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to emphasize the outside so that it does not appear to be completely blue.

Making trimmings on either side of the components is one thing you may do. Emphasize the wooden beams or poles in addition to the windows.

24. Light green

24 front door colors for blue house

This color is somewhat more relaxed than the last bright green sample. It’s an olive-toned color that looks great against the seafoam blue mansion in this shot.

If you own a bunch of green vegetation from your front lawn, this door can correspond exactly to your house for a warm, earthy effect.

25. Purple

25 front door colors for blue house

A light blue home, such as in this photo, looks great with purple. It’s a strong, serious shade that locks in the tenderness of the blue when combined with white accents from around the house’s frame and shutters.


It doesn’t have to be difficult to choose a door shade for your blue house. A simple baby blue house may be transformed with a red-colored door, or you can express your inner queen by coloring it deep purple. Have fun with it and let your imagination run wild. Don’t forget to tell us which item on this list is your favorite in the comments box below!