Dark and Light Blue Colors in Feng Shui

Last Updated on December 3, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

In Feng Shui both dark and light blue colors represent Feng Shui water element, and are good for decorating Bagua areas of knowledge.

In Feng Shui blue color represents the element of water and corresponds to the North. Being the color of the sea, blue is related to water and, consequently, carries the effects of deepness and coolness.

On the other hand, blue symbolizes the nourishing qualities of water – the element that brings life to everything on earth. In Europe this color is especially popular because there blue is considered to be the color of knowledge and wisdom.

Dark Blue Color in Feng Shui

Dark blue, as well as even more saturated indigo color, sharpens the intuition and stimulates spiritual development of people. These colors are good for decorating Bagua areas of family and knowledge.

In Feng Shui area of knowledge and wisdom blue, as the color of Feng Shui water element, will be helping to concentrate, study and explore new things. It is also the color of independence and thirst for adventures.

Light Blue Color in Feng Shui

Light blue is delicate and affectionate color of the sky, which has an ability of activate mental activity of people. This color is believed to cool and calm down the body and mind. For that reason light blue is not best color for decorating homes in cold climates.

The only rooms where blue color might appropriate is a bathroom and a rest room. In these premises the coldness of blue helps people to free the body form “energy litter”. Light blue clears thoughts, disperses negative energy received form other people, and helps to cope with negative emotional states.

Light blue is a very favorable color for children over 7. It helps them to discover and develop their natural talents and abilities.

Feng Shui Color Combinations with Blue

A color combination of light blue, blue, red and orange might be a very good choice for a kids’ room, because promotes a harmonious development of both physical and mental abilities of the children.

A good Feng Shui practice is to combine blue with green and white. This combination of colors can be used for different purposes. In a study or office, for instance, blue with green and white will be helping to maintain clearness of thoughts and stimulate the thinking process. In a children’s room this color combination will be calming down overactive kids.

Since these colors represent Feng Shui water element, they are appropriate for decorating rooms related to water. However, it’s better to avoid any excess of blue color in cold climates.